Cape Gun Works Brand Sponsorship

Get in on the ground floor of our brand sponsorship program

Cape Gun Works has a customer forward brand that is based on quality and integrity. Our brand is wildly popular with our audience, which is perfectly aligned with many who enjoy firearms and responsibility.  It doesn't just appeal to conservatives or liberals or people in Massachusetts or in the United States.  It resonates and appeals to a wide variety of people all over the world!
We have the potential to net tons of 1st time shooters, second amendment enthusiasts and people that enjoy responsible gun ownership. When you partner your brand with our brand, you have the ability to take off!  With your brand properly aligned, you have the potential to reach new customers.

What you get...

You can get tons of brand placement!

Our radio network is extensive and when you partner with us, we hitch our wagons to pull you through this complicated trail.  You get sponsorship on the WXTK and WCRN radio network that will add up to over 4.5 MILLION impression per year!  This includes live brand mentions during peak listening hours and commercials on Rapid Fire, our talkshow on the 2nd Amendment.

Our Point of Interaction(POI) are recorded in the hundreds per day.  As people come to visit our retail locations, both electronic and in-person, we will make sure that your brand seamlessly placed in that experience.  This includes strategic signage and promotions.

Our email network has over 20-thousand unique contacts. It is growing everyday.  We guard our email blasts, so that we do not dilute our brand essence.  For this special brand sponsorship we will send out one blast per month, that is based on tips, tricks, how-to's, advice, or substance based email.   Download Email One Sheet with Open/Clicks Rates

RapidFire Sponsor Pricing


Full sponsorship cost is $6000 for 26 weeks/shows. Includes full show sponsorship with "sponsored by" mention in live and promo radio commercials on WXTK and WCRN, :30 second commercials on RapidFire they are the first played during break, plus brand sponsorship in RapidFire email blasts with one substantive, brand exclusive email blast per month.


Gold sponsorship is $3000 for 26 weeks.  Includes 3x :30 second commercials on RapidFire played during breaks, plus brand sponsorship in RapidFire email blasts.


Silver sponsorship is $2000 for 26 weeks.  Includes 1x :30 second commercials on RapidFire, plus brand sponsorship in RapidFire email blasts


Bronze sponsorship starts a $100 per month.  Live show mention at the closing and brand sponsorship on the website.


If you want to run a :30 second commercial during RapidFire, just to try is or on a "non-bulk" basis the rate is $50/run.

Call 508.771.3600 and ask for Brendon Bricklin or Roy McKenzie.  We can explain all the details including our audience demographics and all the impressions that you will get when you sign up.  All commercials for broadcast must be provided by the contractee.  

Email Sponsor Pricing

SIX-MONTH Package $12,000

30 eBlasts over 24 weeks.  Spread them out you way

Three-Month Package $6000

15 eBlasts over 12 weeks. You pick the schedule


Five eMail blasts over four weeks. We blast one a day, so pick a Tuesday and a Friday one week and Thursday each week there after.

A-LA-CARTE eBlast $500/run

We do one exclusively sponsored email blast per day.  You design the email  Download Email One Sheet with Open/Clicks Rates

Exclusive Year-Round sponsor -CGW email Blasts - $15,000

You get year round placement at the bottom of all CGW email blasts like ammo blasts, gun blasts and other store related blasts, sponsored by placed at the bottom of the email.

All emails for eBlast must be created by the contractee, and be approved buy Cape Gun Works.  We suggest you create emails that are based on tips, tricks, how-to's, advice, or substance based email subjects.