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Perhaps they where just waiting for a more favorable administration toward gun control. Your thoughts, Keith's Law advice and your questions answered.  Air Date 05/15/2021 Recorded 05/10/2021 Download Episode

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i'm toby leary from cape gunworks i'm

passionate about all things second


well i love to shoot going hot

there is so much more to guns than just

pulling the trigger

a free and armed society is a

responsible and self-reliant one

join us to talk all things guns freedom

and self-defense it isn't just about

being armed


it's about being responsibly armed

so load and make ready this is rapid


welcome to rapid fire everybody this is

toby leary i'm your host

on this week every week show on wxdk


and am 830 on wcrn

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thanks for joining us

it's been a busy week already um

with all kinds of uh stuff in the news

about the etf releasing

you know all the regulations that they

plan to do next

you know in the next few months and

they've opened it up for public comment

and we hope that all all of you who are


to this broadcast you would go ahead and

make your voice be heard in a very


way but articulate a good

cognizant poignant uh

you know argument as to why

you feel all of these regulations and

rule changes would be infringements

and why they don't do anything to reduce

crime they only affect the

uh those of us who are you know

responsible gun owners to begin with so

that would be a a really good thing for

you guys to let your voices be heard

i would appreciate that and uh hopefully

you know we'll make a difference we

certainly made a difference the last


and uh i'm not sure if they were just

buying their time for

a more favorable administration to gun


but the last time the the

atf proposed changes they opened it up

for comment

and it was overwhelming the amount of

people who

commented and i still take credit for


the last time when it got shut down

because it was about

a minute or two after i posted my

comment so

you guys have me to thank no i'm just

kidding i'm sure it had nothing to do

with my comment but

don't just do a form letter you can use

a form letter from any gun

rights group and see what they say

that'll give you the high points but

then go ahead and you know

articulate a good argument for why

this type of regulation is in fact

an infringement and it's not going to go

ahead and

help help our law or help the law of the

land you know it's not going to

put criminals behind bars for a long

time let's put it that way

so anyway um we have some questions

already rolling in we'll get to those

soon and but i wanted to

you know reiterate the importance of

going and making your voice be heard on


atf uh website so

i had the great opportunity

um at the time of this recording i

haven't gone yet but i'm going to

nighthawk customs

down in berryville arkansas

and i am really looking forward to that

and they said

bring your trigger finger the only thing

you need to bring is your trigger finger


we have lots of ammo and i said oh so

you guys are the ones to blame for

where all the ammo is we were wondering

where it was

but uh so i'm going down there with

brendan and we're gonna

have a good time and shoot shoot some

guns but we're more importantly going to


a handle on their business plan and

everything with their

their business and how they uh build

guns and whatnot get a little bit

better educated in that regard so i'm

really looking forward to that

i'll certainly have an update for you

guys next year

and uh so anyway um it's gonna be a

a good time i'm sure and

it's been a while i've never been to

arkansas it's been a while since i've

been in

you know the south i've been to texas

i've been to florida and all that good

stuff but

never been to like arkansas louisiana

mississippi the whole that whole you


panhandle or you know deep south

part of the country so i'm really

looking forward to that so

hopefully um i'll be bringing home some


the only nighthawk custom gun we have in

the store right now is that beautiful

korth revolver so

if you haven't seen those korth

revolvers we got the korth super sport

stx in stock in 357 magnum and

it is a work of art um i put it in

someone's hand today and he goes what do

you think is it me

and i said of course it's you what are

you crazy uh he already has a nighthawk


it's it's probably gonna rent some space

in his head today

and he picked up my favorite gun today

and got it away from me so i was

not tempted any further to buy it he got


hk p7m8 squeeze cocker which i have a

really soft spot in my heart

for so that's now gone unfortunately i

can't look at it anymore but

i know it went to a good home and i bet

you the course revolver

follows him home one day soon so

it'll probably be renting some space in

his head but that's the only gun i have

from nighthawk customs right now

and you know hopefully we'll see some


soon and my rep called me and said how

many do you have in stock

i said we don't have any in stock i even

sold the range gun

and he goes oh well we better get you

some guns i'm like hello that's what

i've been saying for like three months

where are they all

i got a lot on order but they have such

a backlog so

all right cool so let's get to some of

your questions here

really quick daryl is saying good

afternoon toby glad to see the show is

live and kicking

yes we are also glad to see that a pile

of 45 acp is sitting in there

you grabbed your case as soon as you

walked in great that's excellent daryl

and for those of you who don't know we


a pile of 45 a pile of nine millimeter

and a pile of

five five six set aside for

full auto friday and we had a lot of

people saying

how the heck are you doing fulato friday

and i said um

well we do it in a very thoughtful way


uh you know i believe we are 100

legal to do and that is that the uh gun


tethered to the bench you can't walk

away with it and

you know therefore i don't think you're

ever could be

considered in possession of it at that

point so

um the gun is you know under our direct


and possession by having it firmly

tethered to the bench but you're still

feeling the recoil of the gun and


and uh but you couldn't even turn it or

take it out of the booth it'd be

impossible so

we're really excited so we have a bunch

of ammo dedicated to that we have some


for the m16 the ump 45

which has been a total ball to shoot

and the mp5 so those are fun

um so that's happening and i love it

that a mother came in last week and

she's like you know

i waited till my kids got to like 20

years old and then i said

something i've always wanted to do is

shoot guns and i never

you know wanted to do it when they were

young in the house and stuff i just

didn't feel confident enough

and so i told them one day i'm going out

i'm getting my license to carry i'm

going to get a gun

and they're like yeah ma rock on

they're like i have the coolest mom ever

they were totally stoked

and so now she's wanting to bring him

with her when she comes shooting

and so she was in last week and she took

a ride on the mp5 and

had a great time and she she was like i

got to just take it home you know

i got to take home the picture and the

bragging rights to my kids and so

yeah it was it was awesome but she had a

good time and uh

she's doing the right thing and getting

responsibly trained and how to

safely and efficiently use a firearm so

that's what we love to see

and saturday was awesome last saturday

because we had women's

women's first shots by the nssf we did


sessions of that we also had a woman's

ltc class

on mother's day and we had some cool

mother's day

packages so it was just a great kick off


may is women's month at cape gun work so

that's what we're doing if you haven't

been down and you're a female come on

down for

women's month in may at cape cod works

there's all kinds of classes and intro

to pistol handling and all that stuff

so all right great we'll be right back

you're listening to rapid fire i'm toby

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it would probably work with like the tca

the tcr22s that thompson center arms


because i believe those are all based on

the ruger 1022 action so

i'm sure this uh hammer and trigger

would work with it as well so

i will check on that to be sure but we

had a great time with franklin armory

last week and they're

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when uh as soon as you can for the

franklin armory

bfs 1022 trigger all right so we got a


on the phone jim you're next

on rapid fire how are you today hey jim

how are you

how you doing today i'm doing great

thanks thanks for calling in what was uh

what'd you have in mind today so um

i got a question about mountain a um a


or a laser or light laser combination

um to a everyday carry

weapon i'm wondering if it's a good idea

or a bad idea

uh i think from scoping it out it might

be an issue of trying to get a

uh from a holster for it

and uh in particular um

the smith and wesson 9 ez

myself and my wife were down there a

couple weeks ago and purchased a couple

of them from you guys

interestingly mine came in by my wife's

hasn't but whatever shipping and


that's my question and i just wonder

what you thought yeah so

the you know a laser

in particular is a tertiary

aiming device okay it's like your third

option if

the first two don't work so well so the

first option is always

good kinesthetic alignment with the

target uh what we call

kinesthetically aligned unsighted fire


if you're in a defensive situation um

just based on science and and the nature

of the beast your brain is going to


key in through uh you know your

your sight through the greater

amount of information you can take

through the center of your vision

that's what they call like tunnel vision

it's not it doesn't mean you actually

get tunnel vision it just means that you


more information coming in through the

center of your vision

and processing that information more


and your brain is going to be screaming

at you you know

hey threat like gun or whatever the heck

it is that's threatening you in that way

so you're most likely to have both eyes

open focused on the threat

which is one reason we teach

kinesthetically aligned unsighted fire

as our primary source of aim

there's going to come a point where you

can't hit what you're aiming at because

the target is either too small

or too far away you're going to need to

use an aid or a

crutch if you will for lack of a better

term and those are

typically sights so sites make a very

good tool

on the back and front of the gun for you

to line them up

focus hard on the front sight and get a


sight picture on the on the target and

then as long as you control your trigger

press and your

everything else um you should get the

hit that you're looking for

so those sights are what i consider the

the training wheels to the bike

if you only rely on the sights you don't

know how to shoot your gun

fundamentally or kinesthetically then

you're always going to rely on the

sights the third type of aiming device

would be a laser

so lasers come in handy

a lot if you can't get the gun out in

parallel with your line of sight

and maybe you're in the dark you

couldn't see your sights or whatever

or you're just in an unorthodox position

so you can't get

the gun out you're going to shoot from

maybe retention or

from some awkward position because of

whatever situation you find yourself in

that's the situation where a laser would

come in great

you know it'd be great but the mistake i

see from people all the time is that

they rely on the laser

as their primary source of aim

so they come to the range they turn the

laser on and they have horrible

fundamentals but they can still hit the

target because

they have this laser and so i like to

take the training wheels off the bikes

and send them down the driveway and

teach them how to shoot the gun without

the aid or the training wheels

once they get that down and they're good

fundamentally then we start layering on

the aid

so i would say i'm not opposed to lasers

i think they're great and

i don't think there's a problem with

them on a carry gun

and if you do get one i prefer the ones

that deploy

when you squeeze or grip the gun you

know some

something like the viridian or even

crimson trace makes a really good one


when you grip it it comes on so there's

grip lasers

so specifically with the smith wesson

nine there's some good options for that

so that

as soon as you grip the gun and get a

good one-handed grip on the gun the


turns on so that would be the way to do

it in my opinion

and you can get the laser light combos

flashlights i'm not so much on

being mounted to the gun unless you're

going to still use a primary

flashlight as your main uh

tool to light up you know and look or

search for the target or to safety on

your way to safety

i don't like using guns as your

flashlight so to speak

looking for an area to go to or looking

for a target

and inadvertently maybe pointing the gun

at things that don't need to be shot so

but either way you're gonna have to put

get a different holster uh jim so you're


you're gonna have to get a different

holster that'll accommodate the laser or

maybe not a different one because you

might not even have one yet so we just

have to special order you the holster

that'll accommodate that light laser

combo so

not a big deal um but yeah it's it's a

certainly if it's in the budget it's not

going to hurt you to get one you know it

doesn't affect the gun

the performance of the gun or the the

weight per se

so yeah it's it's certainly not a bad

option at all

um hopefully that helps you out does

that confuse you or make it feel better

make it any better for you

does that make sense

i think okay i can barely hear him so i

think he's on

like speaker or something but all right

well hey thanks for the call

and uh i appreciate it was a good

question and um

i hope that uh points them in the right

direction for some reason i lost you

there and

don't know why but anyway um

so let's get to some of the questions

rolling in on the stream

and uh so

daryl's questioning uh before the show

started i was teasing out to those who

were on the live stream

um that i have some ammo coming in and

you heard it here first

so uh so the um

i have a huge supply of nine mil coming

in and i'm

hoping to be able to sell nine mil in

bulk again by thousand round quantities

that's what i mean by bulk but um i'm


but don't hold me to that secondly

is i got a call from one of my reps

that i am getting probably the largest


shipment in the history of cape gunworks


i'm pretty excited about that at when

that shipment comes in we will have

more ammo than we have ever

had in the history of cape gun works

pre-pandemic or not so

we're post so um

yeah keith's on the phone too so why

don't we

go ahead and head over to keith uh

keith thanks for calling in how you

doing today not too badly sir yourself

i'm doing well thank you well i heard

your interesting discussion of uh

weapon mounted aids and

as is my want let me play devil's


and suggest a flashlight over a laser

let me tell you why a laser

properly sighted in only shows you where

you're going to hit

it doesn't tell you what which is sort

of a good thing to know

yes that's why i like a nice intensely


beam flashlight over the laser which is

what i have in the four end of my home

defense shotgun

i you know as i finished up with that um

uh i was commenting on how i

don't necessarily mind a weapon mounted


but i would consider it a good backup


because number one like i said i just

don't want to be

searching through let's put it this way

in my home which is the most likely

place i would need that

that flashlight on the weapon uh

i don't want to be searching my way

through my home as i go to my barricade

position of my bedroom and you know i


my door get 9-1-1 on the phone and i'm

waiting for 9-1-1 to come

take care of the bad guy as i'm going


and i'm gathering up my kids along the

way most likely or i'm even retreating

to the barricade position in the kid's


either way i don't want to be


sweeping kids with flashlights as i'm

looking my way so now the good news is

there's lights in my house

so i can throw the switch and turn the

lights on but if for some reason powers

out or something like that

in like some worst case zombie

apocalypse and now i have bad guys in

the house

and my family in the house i don't want

to inadvertently be

lighting up one of my family members as

i am trying to

you know get to a position of safety so

with that i advocate you know having a


light as my primary and then if i need

to shoot i drop the handheld or i use it

as a

you know some sort of like fbi harry's

hold or whatever but most likely i'm

dropping that and going to my weapons

mounted light because i do have a

weapons mounted light on one of my home

defense guns um and i hear what you're


for the same reason you don't want to

inadvertently sweep

the the good guy you also want to make

sure you see the bad guy when you're


and you want to have positively

identified that target

so i get the uh the thought process

behind that

and i'm not disagreeing with it i'm just


as an extra layer of protection i would


to make sure that i uh had a

you know handheld as my primary so yeah

i hear you

the only issue with the handheld is it

takes two hands

if you want to open a door if you're

sweeping up a kid you need a hand

free no i agree yep you definitely do

everybody has their tactical preferences


i understand but thank you that was good

input and uh i appreciate it i'm not

gonna say you're wrong in this case

because there's not

the the more most important thing is

making sure you critically think it

through have a plan all right we'll be

right back

thank you keith we'll be right back

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and may your aim always stay true

welcome to the next level welcome to the



all right welcome back you're listening

to rapid fire i'm toby leary your host

co-owner of cape gun works

and if you haven't been to cape cod

works come on down we'd love to have you

we have

inventory and in our little pre-show


we had a lot of people chiming in at

their local gun stores

and gun shops and whatnot even some of

the biggies like

uh you know up north and whatnot

didn't have any inventory to speak of so

we have ammo we have guns and we have

more ammo coming in

so i'm excited about that and uh

we have a question here um from

matt he i'm sorry from andy he says do i

think ammo prices will drop back down to

pre-covered or even close ever

again i wouldn't go out on a limb and

speculate but i definitely think ammo

prices will come down

at some point they always do this is

cyclic it happens

every time there's a crisis uh ammo goes

through the roof

and unfortunately the downward trend

is sometimes the most dangerous as it


a year or two ago people don't realize

when there's a

friendly gun administration in office

gun sales languish a little bit they end


we called it in the industry the trump

slump this last time so three years of

having trump in office which is good for

gun rights

was terrible for gun sales and

it just i know people just sometimes

aren't motivated

when there's not a proverbial gun to

their head

um so when they feel like their rights

are being threatened they get out

and they buy product when there's like

uh yeah maybe i'll get one oh that's a

cool gun i'll have to check out

sometime you know when i'm not at the

ball game when i'm not at

you know raking leaves when i'm not

going to the beach when i'm not out on

the boat

fishing i'll go get in there someday to

check that out that's just the way it is

and there's nothing wrong with that i'm

not like

crying about it it's just the way it is

it's the industry

as a whole this last trump slump was a

long one

basically sandy hook was the big

the last big you know scare by panic

buying event

and after that it took a little while to

tone down but there was people that were

over leveraged so they had bought big

containers of ammo at high prices and

then all of a sudden

no one was buying ammo as soon as 2016


it was very hard to get uh people to buy

and so the price just went down supply

went through the

roof and demand went down

and so you know we had a lot of


putting incentives out there get you

know a couple bucks off a box and

stuff like that and incentivizing us as

dealers to

to buy big loads and case i mean pallet

quantities or

truckload quantities and we were like

nah yeah okay

maybe i'll buy a pallet if you give me

extended terms or

you know you give me uh some

swag or something you know it's just one

of those times

and then you were really price shopping

like i remember walking by

the winchester booth or the federal

booth or whatever and

really price shopping for our customer

and making sure we were getting the best


nowadays it's like some turkish ammo

comes in

on a boat tomorrow with some box that

you've never seen

we're buying it you know what i mean

that's the way it is it just doesn't

there's just not enough in the industry

right now and so

do i think it'll ever come down to


levels i don't know not for a little


probably four or five years at least it

depends though i mean

i think the perfect storm would have to


for it to get down to that level again

in other words

we would have to have an administration

that isn't hostile to guns

we would have to have no

pandemic on the horizon or you know some

sort of

you know emergency there would have to


no riots in the streets and you know

people burning down federal buildings

and people

you know setting up traffic roadblocks

and all that stuff

and it would have to just go back to

normal as as it was the last few years

and if it gets to that level in the next

few years i'd be shocked

but if it does then yeah i think prices

are going to come down

if not i think this this train is going

to continue down the tracks for a while

and we're going to have some opportunity

buys here and there and maybe some price

breaks here and there

i would just like to see it that you

could buy

bulk again that's really my desire is to

be able to

sell it by the case again and we do have

a lot of

different ammo that is available by the

case right now

45 308 22 stuff like that but

anyway let's all hope and like

yeah andy's crossing his fingers that's

right um

and uh so yeah jay wants to know what

the best quick access safe is for home


and in my opinion it is

a vault-tec product i really like the

uh the biometric but

the hornaday products are phenomenal as

well with the rfid devices

so you can put like a a wristband on you


have a sticker on the back your cell

phone or a

credit card in the back of your wallet

that you can just wave over the device

and it'll open up so those rfid

safes that uh hornaday like the one

we're giving away this week the rapid


wallock is is pretty sweet uh you can do


i but i also really like the uh

vault-tec products

the biometric works really good they

have a bluetooth

function that'll sync with your phone

you could be at work and if someone's

tampering with the safe it'll alert you

if somebody

puts in the code too many times you can

lock them out and all that so

i really like those for quick access

safe so that's what i'd look into jay is


hornet a1s and the vault-tec

and hey both of them happen to sponsor

the show so there's no coincidence there

but i do like the fact that there are

products i believe in and personally use


there you have it john wants to know if

you can buy a sig mcx

as an sbr in massachusetts john

i don't see why not but my opinion of

the situation is

buy the standard mcx number one it'll

probably be easier to find

and then do a form one and sbr

it i've had a lot of sbr

tax stamps approved and denied

i've seen some denied for arbitrary


and it's impossible to reinvent the

wheel and get the guy who denied it to

all of a sudden reverse his decision i

have not seen

any form ones get denied or heard of any

form ones get denied

recently so i would recommend you just

buy the mcx

and then do a form one and sbr is it

gonna cost you more money that way

yup it is but i'm sorry that's the way i

think it's

going to get done the best and that way

you know that's the most important thing

is if you want to sbr it to actually get


rather than spend all the money on an

sbr and then

get denied and have to get your money

back and blah blah blah so

all right um let's see

uh jay wanted to

store a full-size handgun and an extra

magazine yeah both of those safe options

that i talked about are plenty big

enough for that

matt says we the people holsters make

nice holsters for firearms plus laser

sight yeah

there's a bunch of good companies we

deal with 508

and a anr design

anr is up in new hampshire and 508's out

in western mass they both make great

holsters so

yeah we can definitely help you with


get the right one for you let's see

uh any lojack type safes well the one i

was talking about

uh the the vault techs definitely have


vault tech app that you can get on your

phone and it'll bluetooth to your phone

um you can add user ids from it you can

view the safe history of people who are

trying to get in

it'll tell you what the battery level is

and much more so

you want to make sure that if you get


vault-tec safe that you download their

app so that's the way

i'd work it because if you're at work

and someone's tampering with you safe

you just get on 9-1-1 and you can get it

taken care of you know what i mean

so i always say they're not long-term

safes they're not for

when i go away on vacation get a good

you know big heavy-duty fire-rated safe

for that

and we had a customer come in one day

after a

six-month stint in florida

who came back to find that someone had

broken into his house

and he didn't have his alarm set which

is crazy set your alarms

but he didn't set his alarm and uh this

these people had weeks really they

didn't know that but they had weeks to

try to get the guns out of the safe

and he had a really good fire rated


safe you know it was a three or four

thousand dollar safe

and they spent i don't know how much

time but they had sawzalls and

jackhammers and pry bars and

they never got into the safe they cut

the hinges right off the outside with a


and uh never got in so

yeah thank god for that so his guns

didn't walk the safe was junk but

but yeah so that's a that's important

i i have a nice heavy duty safe

that when i go away on vacation or

whatever all the guns go in that

and then um you know for home defense i

have some good biometric

uh safes that work really well so

check that out uh lori wants a honey

badger yeah

i teased her a couple of weeks ago or a

couple months ago now with

uh the q honey badger that we have here

at the shop

and it is a phenomenal sbr

um but it's a two-tack stamper so it'll

never fly in afghanistan so

it's a short-barreled rifle with a

intake it's integrally suppressed

um and it is a pretty cool gun made in

portsmouth new hampshire

and the atf tortured them over the whole


pistol brace thing and that's the one i

was alluding to earlier that

uh through the public opinion and public


um they were you know they backed off

the banning of the

arm braces so

i don't know if that's gonna rear its

ugly head again but

we'll see uh leighton wants to know

how do you get to purchase an ar lower

and are the

ar band in mass oh yes

that's a great topic so

yes the ar15 has been banned through

a regulation

by the attorney general and it's

actually a reinterpretation of an


law and basically she created a new

regulation that banned

it expanded on the definition of assault


not by the legislature not by you know

congress or

sign of signing into law by the governor

but by

her just one day waking up after 18

years of seeing

the law enforced a certain way

really twisting and manipulating it to

be what she wanted it to say

and then threatened all gun stores in

massachusetts with an

enforcement notice saying they will

bring down the hammer

on anyone who sells an ar-15 copy or


and along with six or seven other


weapons on there so the only way to get

an a or lower or

not necessarily an a are lower because a

lower is technically not regulated by

the state

even though in her enforcement notice

she says she

views the lower as

an assault weapon because it can be

readily assembled from

parts into an assault weapon

this has always been the case with a lot

of guns

and again after 18 years of

interpretation she is seeing that

as a an assault weapon even though

massachusetts doesn't recognize a lower

even if it's the serialized portion of

the gun

that the feds recognize as the gun

massachusetts doesn't recognize it as a


so she really doesn't have any

jurisdiction over the lower

because it is you know not a law

so because she feels it can be readily

converted into a gun

they have sent out an enforcement notice

that you can't sell it

or on her frequently asked questions but


so the long and short of it is if you

want an ar-15

right now in the state of massachusetts

you can

find one on the private for sale market


you can buy a pre-ban pre-bands are

going to cost you a lot of money

we actually have a pre-banned nine

millimeter in stock right now it's a


and it's a beautiful gun really good

shape and comes with three pre-banned

high cap mags but again you're going to

pay a premium these are 27 2800 bucks

excuse me um there is

some people who uh brandon is commenting

here that there's some ffls and mass

that sell stripped lowers but the

legality is questionable again

i think it's legal for them to sell the

strip lower but

i don't think under her definition

it's legal for you to might not be legal

or illegal

but they are going to come after you

know guns that are built in that manner


i don't know if it's legal or illegal

either but we'll talk about this again

on the other side of the break all right

i'll be right back you're listening to

rapid fire i'm toby leary stay tuned

made in america since 1949

family owned and operated

legendary performance this

is hornady

may your tag of a lifetime finally come


may the snow pile up and the elk come


may your socks always stay dry


may the herd bull finally break from the


and may your aim always stay true

welcome to the next level welcome to the


snap safe featuring a pry resistant 3 16

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shield protection

and a lifetime warranty snap safe a

modular safe

with welded safe security

all right welcome back you're listening

to rapid fire i'm your host toby leary

every week

same time same channel uh 7 p.m

on saturday evenings uh on wxdk

or wcrn or on the web or on the

iheartradio podcast

but anywhere you find your podcast now

you should be able to find

rapid fire and you can also see the

archives on our website

if you click on rapid fire so getting

back to what we were talking about

before the break um the ar15

and i wanna i wanted to bring this back

up because

it's important based on what's gonna

happen or

it depends when you're listening to this

broadcast it may have already happened

but as of wednesday

the 12th

there is a hearing on a lawsuit that we

are a party of

in federal court that challenged

maura healey's ban and said

you illegally made a regulation

you did it without due process and you

didn't follow

the you know customer i'm sorry the uh

the citizens input period and have

question and comment sessions and you

know there's a whole roll out

for new regulations in this state and so

you know we're challenging that she has


created a regulation and uh and is

enforcing it

without due process and so that

will have its day in court after a long

awaited time this is

goes back to 2016 is when the she did it

and you know the lawsuit started a

couple years ago and so

hopefully we'll see some good traction

on that front

the sad thing is you know even if she

they go oh yeah okay

and they just will go through the

process um so

i don't know that it'll solve all the

problems but really we need to see the


that the other lawsuit were a part of as

well which is

um to challenge the legality of the


ban itself after 18 years of precedent

changing the way we do things so and you

got to remember too the entire

country operated under the assault

weapons ban for 10 years

and not a single attorney general in any

state or

fed federal agency interpreted

the law the way that she does and

so anyway that that uh

that's the way that is obviously i think

she's got some gubernatorial

uh aspirations

and i hope that

the last year has really cemented the

importance of the second amendment

in most people's hearts and minds

throughout the country and in this state

because i know

we're getting tons of people every day

and in every class

that may not politically align with the

average gun owner

but they are in my opinion

having a huge awakening at the process

of what is required of them as law

abiding citizens

soon to be responsible gun owners at how

hard it is

and they've heard on the news hammered

into their you know brains for

forever and a day that it's easier to

buy a gun than take out a library book

at the local

library you know it's it's ridiculous

the rhetoric that has come and that news

agencies have put out there

but the bottom line is um

it's it's a extremely prohibitive


and it is an infringement on our second


and so the last time a gubernatorial


who was this anti-gun ran for office he


trounced and it was luther scott

harshbarger who

um who ran basically on a gun control

issue that was his main issue

and he didn't win thankfully so i'm


that the people in this state realize

and recognize

uh maura healey for you know the same

cut out of the same cloth and as


and really just look at what her

language was when they took the uh guns

gun shops off of the essential store

essential business list you know she

i mean it was just unbelievable how you


she cast the spurgeons on every single

law-abiding gun owner in the state or

responsible gun owner in the state

basically saying we need to protect uh

women and

you know police and everything else from


and then uh proceeded to use the

uh gun show loophole and the fact that

there's a walmart and western mass that

sold ammo

as the fact that they're not banning


or infringing upon our rights as their

legal argument so

anyway um so

someone's asking uh could this be poping

poking the bear

uh i don't think so um i mean shoot

the point is you know don't get into

politics if you're

afraid to have your feelings hurt you

know i'm not

i'm not i'm over that i'm not worrying

about that and

the point is uh the

you know we have rights and you violate

the constitution every day

in your office when you choose to


these arbitrary interpretations

of laws that don't exist and

you're the one who upheld your hand as a

and swore an oath to protect the


and i have a contract

with my you know from my government

called the bill of rights so there you

have it

and uh the difference between

pre-healing and pre-94

pre-ban is a date i'll get back to you

on that dave

we'll be right back you're listening to

rapid fire


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all right welcome back you're listening

to rapid fire i'm your host toby leary

and join us every week on wxdk

95.1 or wcrn em

830 in the boston area metro west area

and uh we'll talk all things guns law

self-defense second amendment all that

good stuff

and freedom good old american freedom so

uh yeah so before the break we were

talking about

uh the the

edict by attorney general maura healey


uh dave was asking what the difference

was between pre-helium

pre-94 pre-band so the pre-94

pre-ban which is really the only pre-ban

there that there is is a

predates the federal assault weapons ban

which we live under now since 1998 well

actually since 94 because it never went

away for us but it went away for the

rest of the country

and if you have a pre-ban a true

pre-band you can have

all the evil features quote unquote i

love to

quote dianne feinstein's interpretation

of guns which is

evil features or military features

like bayonet lugs and flash hiders and

folding stocks or collapsible stocks or

pistol grips or detachable magazines

these are all evil features and so

you're allowed

two evil features on your quote-unquote

assault weapon or no i shouldn't say

that on your

weapon or else it's considered an

assault weapon if you have two or more


any type of modern sporting rifle

typically has a pistol grip

and a detachable magazine so those are

your two evil features

so you can't have the dreaded flash

hider or threaded muzzle or collapsible

stock or folding stock or

etc etc and

uh so if you have a post ban but

pre-healey ar15 it has to be in this

postband configuration it has to have no


muzzle or no flash hide or etc etc

and then if you have one of those you

can still legally transfer that gun to


and you know you got to do it through a

private trip transfer though you can't

do it through a gun store

so you got to do an ef-810

so that's that and keith

points out here the last four ag's have

all come from

middlesex da's office and pushed a

hypophobic agenda three ran for governor

and thankfully failed

maura timed her edict the first declared

as a letter to the globe

just before the democrat convention

hoping to be swept up in the hillary

ascension fortunately they both failed

and i hope her failures continue in

federal court

so um yes that is that is a 100 percent


and it was the harshbarger

and then tom riley and then uh maura

healey and i forget who the fourth one

was but duvall

had a pretty consistent message

when it came to what they think about us


legal gun owners and people who follow

the law and people who

do their thing so all right let's go

ahead and draw the winner for

this week's giveaway which is the ar

wallock rapid safe by hornaday and i'm

going to get this on the camera so those

of you

watching can see it hold on one sec

so this is it here and professor claus

is pulling from the barrel and he's got

peter barnard so peter barnard you are


winner of the rapid safe ar wall lock

and again this has

by rfid technology it comes with a

wristband a key fob

decals and a keypad so if all else fails

you can get in with your keypad if you

don't have the fob on you or whatever

and it also has the key backup if

all else fails in the and the uh

lock has the batteries have gone dead

so you can still get in with a key so

yeah peter

congratulations you'll be getting an

email from us and

from those of you who didn't win don't

fret we have them in stock down here at

cape gum works you can come and buy one

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i would highly recommend it and i

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and this week's giveaway is going to be

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so that's going to be awesome yeah so go

ahead and do that that's a 279 dollar

value so we want to thank franklin


for doing that and all our sponsors are

awesome so we're pretty

pretty pumped to have them on board and

it was coakley that's right

keith is chiming in it was martha

coakley who lost to scott brown in her

run for u.s senator

um so there you have it there's the

the four i hear some machine gun fire

here what's up with that

uh yeah lori wants a drawing for the

honey badger that

that's not gonna work um yeah

let's see uh oh

daryl saying rfid will work with all the

rapid safes that's cool

so once you have one you can program

them all uh let's see um

don't forget uh to check out the um

the bfs triggers here as well we have

them for the ar-15

and the uh the ruger 1022 and if you

haven't shot the ruger 1022 with the bfs

trigger it's out it's a hoot it's a lot

of fun

so uh layton wants to know what other

states except the mass carry permit

and does cape gun works no longer carry

many shells or mini slugs

i would carry many shells by the

truckload if i could get them right now


they are awesome i love them and uh i

think they're great in the home defense


if especially if you have like a ksg or

a ks7 the kel-tec products are designed


they were originally designed to run

those mini slugs

and now mossberg 500s and 530s

are pretty awesome too because you can

get a this op sol mini clip that goes in

right behind the uh ejection port i'm

sorry the loading gate

and it kind of shortens up your loading

gate area so that

it runs flawlessly with those mini

shells it runs really

really great and federal even makes the

mini shells too so i'm hoping in our

giant drop from federal in the next week

or two that we get some of those mini

shells because they're awesome

i love them i think they're great for

home defense so it's not that i

don't carry them it's that i haven't

been able to get them from the aguila


and what other states any state that's a

constitutional carry state will

recognize you

from massachusetts as long as you're not

a prohibited person and now there's 21


that are constitutional carry some will

offer you some reciprocity but you're

going to need to investigate that a

little more

and all the states to our north maine

new hampshire and vermont

are constitutional carry states


someday all states will be

constitutional carry states wouldn't

that be great

that'd be amazing if it was back to the

freedom we once had in this country

so let's work towards that that's what i

suggest but anyway

you guys hear the music i'm running out

of time my time is short here

on rapid fire so join us every week we'd

love to have you i love you guys

god bless and we'll see you next time i

am toby leary and this

is rapid fire

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