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This is RapidFire

RapidFire is a talk show about all things second amendment, guns and self-defense. RapidFire airs Saturdays at 7PM on WXTK 95.1 FM radio or streaming on their website https://95wxtk.iheart.com. Join the conversation! Ask a question below or use the social links at the top of the page to follow us.  We stream live on youTube and Facebook.

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Join the conversation.  Ask a question and maybe we will address the question on our show.

RapidFire Show Archive


This is our pilot episode!  You have firearms questions and we have firearms advice.

Special Guest Esther Leary

Toby's interviews Esther, his daughter.  She is an avid hunter and quite the little marks women!

Fields of Firearms

Esther stops by with a update.  Plus tons of questions and firearm suggestions.

Firearms Frenzy

Where is all the ammo?

Knocking on the Door

Talking about firearms legislation and and firearms questions du jour


Our heroes in blue, training, and all the firearms questions you can handle.

Ready Aim Fire

Talking recalls, firearm suggestions, and answering the people questions.

The Dynamic Critical Innocent

Being prepared, 2nd amendment rights, and a miss mash of gun questions.

Different Shops, Different Answers

What AR can I own, 1911's, and Keith Langer Attorney at Law calls in.

Perfect Storm

Guns and ammo supplies, plus your questions answered.

Silver Lining

More ammo shortages, the gun-shine state, your questions and answers

Passion for the 2nd Amendment

Talk about guns, self-defense and you questions about the second amendment

Stepping Up for the 2nd Amendment

Supporting legal groups in Mass and elsewhere that support gun rights, and plenty of questions

Shall Not Be Infringed

The constitution.

A Giant of the Industry

Remingtons and the shortages, then the questions start rolling in.

Equal Time

RIP Rush, big shoes, and your 2nd amendment questions.

Coooool Guns

Great inventory, constitutional carry and all the best gun questions.

Live from the Vortex Optics Broadcast Booth

New sponsor Vortex optics and Hornady, keeping skills sharp and great answers to tough questions.

Special Guest Howie Carr

Howie calls in to tell a personal story about his days as a MARKED reporter, covering Whitey Bulger