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Fast & Furious

The appointment of David Chipmen, Keith Langer calls in and we answer a ton of questions. RECORDED 07/07/2021 AIRED 07/10/2021. Download Episode

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as we go through so questions are

already streaming in pretty fast and

furious here

no pun intended speaking of fast and

furious some other

uh you know federal gun control

uh gone bad

uh you know all i can think of since

that press conference when we're gonna

have a zero tolerance and

uh like these sting operations against

ffl's and

those who sell guns illegally which

again if you're selling guns illegally

i'm 100 on board you know shut them down

but that fast and furious

plan by eric holder under the biden

administration was

i mean under the uh obama administration


designed to flood the

cartels in mexico with guns and then

blame it

on the texas gun stores

and of course all the guns came from the

federal government and

were used against border patrol agents

but this is

some of the nefarious dealings of uh

the government in its in its stretch to

paint gun dealers in a bad light or gun

owners in a bad light

and that's all i can think of whenever i

see a press conference where they say oh

we're gonna

go ahead and you know enact this uh

tactical team to you know go ahead and

shut down bad gun dealers and

you know zero tolerance so i want zero

tolerance and it's like

what does zero tolerance actually mean

when it gets into the minutia

of uh etf violations because

atf violation um we did a training

uh earlier in the week and in this


we had one of the lawyers say an atf

violation that comes up repeatedly

is when a customer puts abbreviates


city like phoenix they put ph x or

whatever or

la they put la you know los angeles they

put la

that's an atf violation so is that gonna


a you know revocable offense with zero


you know policy and especially when you

have someone like

david chipman up for uh proposed to be

the director of the atf and by the way

the former

director interim director mike sullivan

uh came out and

opposes his appointment saying he is way

too divisive

and also sat on boards for any town for


every town for gun violence and the

bloomberg group there

um and what not to try to

you know i know giffords and whatnot he

was a board member trying to

ban and restrict gun ownership in

america and i saw

an old uh

clip of him debating larry pratt from

gun owners of america on the

hardball with chris matthews show you

can google it and check it out

it's a pretty good little interaction

where um

it was right after sandy hook and chris

matthews had him both on the

on the show and he says how do we

prevent this stuff

and larry pratt says allow he didn't

come out and say arm teachers he said

allow teachers allow principles allow

janitors allow lunch ladies if they

want to be responsibly armed to be able

to carry a gun at

at school and it could prevent this type


activity or hire people who are armed

uh you know david chipman

went went on and said this is ridiculous

we got to keep guns out of the hands of

people who shouldn't have them

and even chris matthews sounded moderate

comparatively and said

well this kid shot his mother in the

face like to get her guns how do we

prevent that and he just kept saying oh

we got to keep guns out of the hands of

people who shouldn't have them we've got

to keep guns out

and then he goes on to make the most

ridiculous argument

he said the secret service very rarely

uses a firearm in protecting the

president because

they're armed and they don't need to use

their guns to protect the president so

why do we need to use guns to protect

kids at school

and i'm like here we go this is the

perfect logic where

you're making the exact point larry

pratt just made

by your dizzying intellect

you're saying because the secret service

is armed and protecting the president

they very rarely have to use guns to

protect the president

exactly that's what we're saying the

presence of guns in the hands of

responsible people and people who are

trained in the

safe and efficient use of those guns

de-escalate situations before they even


makes it less likely that you're going

to actually need that gun

than if you are unarmed and larry pratt

went on to point out that

uh i think up until that point every

single except for

one mass shooting in the last 10 years

had been done on gun-free zones

and so i think that is a perfect


for you know arming responsible people

or allowing responsible people to carry

a gun

so if the guy was a you know the janitor

at the school who's not allowed to bring

a gun

even though he lawfully and legally can

in any other

type of profession that he has if he's a

you know

if he works for the dpw or if he's

you know a taxi cab driver or a pizza

delivery guy or

some other job that he does a you know

lumber salesman or you know works at

home depot or whatever unless a store

has an official policy but

um the point is you're not

restricted by law from carrying a gun

in any other profession maybe tsa or

something like that other places where

guns aren't allowed to be carried

but frankly those places like airports

and courthouses and federal buildings

they have

a quite a quite a

procedure to get through right they have

security checks they have

you know take your shoes off checks

throw your bag through the metal

detector and the

the scanner check so there's a lot of

checks and balances

and i love what kentucky did a few years

ago they said if you're gonna say that

someone can't carry a gun

then you have to have alternate

security you can't just say this is a

gun-free zone you have to have metal

detectors and people with wands and

you know patent people down and making

sure that

nobody is in fact carrying a gun

number two you also have to have an

alternate security team that can respond


if necessary so i think that's

a win you know go ahead and do that and

you know so they should be doing that in

school and if you look at

the southeastern uh i think it's called

southeastern or southwestern

um high school in

let me get this right i i should know

this but i think it's in like

indiana or something like that it's a


town and they they ran the flagship what

every school should have

security wise it has locking doors it


cameras it has um you know it's dialed

into the local

sheriff's department so that they can

look in and isolate

um someone in a hallway by locking doors

they can keep track of where they are

through movements and motion detectors

and whatnot and then they even have this

really cool

counter uh devices that blow smoke into


hallways and loud alarms and everything


it's a phenomenal thing and it cost i

think like

450 000 to equip this whole school

and people say oh there's no budget for

that and it's like wait a minute we just

built a new school in harwich

and it was 110 million dollars are you

saying you can't come up with an extra

450 000

to come up with this type of security

system that will keep students

or you know safer by deterring someone

from coming and attacking that school in

the first place

and then you look at what they'll spend


a football stadium and there's football


in high schools in america that have

cost upwards of six

million dollars so that's for us to go

watch our kids play sports and cheer

them on as they run down the field

with a ball but when we want to secure


in the school and deter by hardening the


that's too much 450 grams too much or

you know whatever so uh let's uh

pick this up on the other side um i

don't know how i got down this rabbit

hole but

usually when politicians start talking

gun control this is where it all heads


anyway we'll be right back you're

listening to rapid fire i'm toby leary

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whatever this is getting weird quick so

let's uh

let's let's uh get to some of your

questions here

actually let's look at something that's

going on out in

the people's republic of california so

you know massachusetts holds the title


the most stringent gun control in the

northeast i would say sometimes new

jersey or

new york one-ups us and calif i mean

connecticut sometimes tries to clamor

for the title but

i would say you know all in all

massachusetts still

kind of takes the crown and takes the

belt they're still the heavyweight

champion of the northeast of gun control

they're walking around with that belt

slung over their shoulder proudly and

you got people

like uh maura healey that you know

whenever they get a chance

they tout that they are the heavyweight

champ even though it makes us

the most violent state in

new england they don't really care about

that facts don't you know

don't matter in the you know narratives

a lot of times but

california not to be outdone hates

playing second fiddle to us so they they

do often one-up

us and then all of a sudden like the

ninth circuit will

do something crazy and vote some way

you know in gun rights favor and then

they'll like what did we do and then

they'll get the full board out to make

things better and so this is always


like back and forth between california

and massachusetts

but san jose comes out uh you know on


end of june and said um

you know we got a gun

tax because of the rising uh we're going

to talk

to keith langer about this next segment

but i just want to tee it up

get you guys thinking about it and uh so

san jose has come out and said due to

the rising gun crime

we are going to lay all the blame

squarely on the

feet at the feet of gun dealers

and gun owners

because it's way easier than

like us actually doing something about

crime so

we're going to impose on gun owners and

sales and gun stores attacks

on guns that is going to go to fund

fighting gun violence in our community


we're also going to make you get

insurance on your gun

so that you know if it's ever used in a

crime or whatever i don't know

the full story about the insurance part

of it but they're going to make you get

insurance which is again another tax

on it in the first place or the second


and then if you don't comply we will

confiscate your weapons

so they have like just

they've thrown the gauntlet they've

drawn the line in the sand whatever you

want to call it whatever cliche you want

to come up with

they have really taken it next level

where they've actually

talked about confiscation and

you know i i don't know about you but

this is still america and even if you

live in california

if you're a gun owner you're probably a

little bit more freedom oriented than

most people and the last time

government officials came for guns

was didn't end well for governor

government officials and it was in the


and it was in our local backyard here in

concord and lexington but

um yeah i don't think that's going to

end well if they go trying to round up

the guns in san jose because

you don't want to pay your tax on your

gun so let's see how that all plays out

we'll talk to keith about it next so

we'll be right back stay tuned you're

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all right welcome back to rapid fire


is with us afternoon toby how are you

oh dazed and confused but what else is


yeah so you know before the break we

were talking about this uh

san jose gun grab that is you know being

proposed or floated out there and

you know i wonder if like california

if they're not in the headlines like

every single day

if they have to think of new sick and

perverse ways to

to grab those headlines and heaven

forbid like

massachusetts must like every once in a

while like get on a conference call or a

zoom call and maura healey walks around

with her

the big heavyweight title of you know

biggest gun grabbers in the

country and they like they can't sit

there idly by so they come up with

something new

and you know much to most of us you know

we're not surprised seeing it come out

of california but

this this whole thing coming out of san


where the the each time someone buys a

gun or ammunition they're going to be

required to pay an 11

tax plus a background check fee on ammo

and guns and uh

i just it's crazy it's just where does

it end it never seems to end

well there are politicians so that means

they are two things

scared and desperate they can't control

their cities they don't dare go after

the real criminals

they can't cope with the uh political

and social reproductions of any such


but they have to pretend they're

actually doing something

so what do they do they go after the

honest citizens because those are safe

targets and they go after firearms

owners because they are a minority

making them a very very safe target for


and then they wrap themselves in the

flag and say they're saving the children

however they're

calling it a tax there's not any sort of

fee we already have attacks on firearms

and ammunition it's called the

pittman-robertson act

and that's why we have as much natural

land and habitat for wild species as we


hunters pay for it even non-hunters if

you shoot if you

uh aren't a bowman

if all you do is shoot targets you're

still buying arrows bows

guns and ammo and you're still paying

for all that right

but what they're doing is claiming that

they're doing it to

remedy the harm caused by

guns but the people they're targeting

have nothing to do with that harm

they're not going after criminals

they're saying that

the guns in your safe and in my safe are


filling emergency rooms which is

complete mendacity

it's an utter fraud but it's the premise

they need the posture behind

the insurance you can get insurance

for your guns being stolen that's part

of your homeowner's policy

you cannot get insurance for the


use of guns by you or anyone else

insurance companies will not pay for

criminal action so they are requiring


to get an insurance policy you cannot

possibly obtain

and then because you can't get it

they're going to say well you can't own

guns then we're going to get them

right yeah and speaking of a quick

history lesson

did you forget katrina i did you forget

the police going door-to-door taking

guns from people and then lying about it

you're right i did and you you've

reminded me of that that

it's happened way too recently and uh

that didn't end well uh for either side

and i think the mayor what was it mayor

nagin at the time

yeah and uh they lied about taking the

guns and they lied about having the guns

they were sued by the nra

and finally admitted that they had the

guns and of course by that time they've

been stored in warehouses that were


so the guns were ruined people lost all

their value

not to mention the fact that they were

subject to invasion and confiscation by

state agents the police right and you


i don't remember hearing about that as

it was happening i only remember hearing

about that

well after the fact so

you know when when katrina happened i

just remember you know

seeing homeless not homeless camps but

these uh

you know camps at at the new orleans

superdome and stuff like that where

everyone was staying but no one was

talking about they're going around

rounding up guns because i think a lot

of people

might have you know stepped in or come

to the aid of some sort uh

or at least said hey what are you doing

don't willingly give your guns up but

when and again they were targeting the


the people who were hunkered down in

their houses not bothering anybody

merely hoping not to be molested and

protect themselves if they were

those were the targets those were the

people they were going after the people


put their belongings in boats and headed

out to try and find dry land they were

being interdicted

and having their guns confiscated when

they were in foot lockers

or cases in the bottom of the boat just

trying to get to some place dry

yeah it's crazy and uh you know you

think about

uh what does the civil disobedience to

that look like and number one

uh you know non-compliance but number


what in the world is going on with the

officers who are sworn to protect and

uphold and serve their communities by

you know complying with those obviously

unconstitutional orders i mean

it's it's mind-boggling that people will


willingly carry out orders that are

obviously unconstitutional i know it


all the time all across america but

on the other hand that's kind of a

slippery slope to you know even put your

people in that position to say all right

guys this guy didn't pay his tax and he

refuses to get insurance so you're gonna

have to

drive over to his house and round up his

guns i mean

aren't they asking for trouble well

depends on the population but

there is that because if you put

somebody in a corner

because they're in a corner they've got

no place else to go and nothing left to


right it's it's very unfortunate

and uh i hope that somebody steps in and

does something obviously this is a town

council that voted unanimously to impose

these new measures

and uh i hope that you know somebody

with some constitutional

you know legal knowledge would step in

and you know where's the town manager or

the town

attorney that would say hey guys this

might be a bad idea

you know but i mean they've been getting

away with so much gun control related


to this point that you know it goes back

to morton grove which decided that it

would somehow

ban firearms in its town magically

and more recently the city of newton

which shut down a nascent business by

deciding it wasn't good enough for


and changing the zoning regulations

while the

business was still uh being built out

yeah it's uh you know as as

uh i i mentioned it a lot about clarence

thomas calling

the second amendment a disfavored right


uh nothing could be you know shine that

spotlight so brightly upon it

as these type of actions because if you

were to try to restrict

abortion access or uh you know free


you know articles in a newspaper if you

were to try to

say that police can wander through your

door anytime they want

and ask to see papers or

whatever else you're hiding in your safe

or anything like that

people would say no and say no we have

rights but because

the closest equivalent would be for the

state to require you

to purchase a license and take a

test before you could write a letter to

the editor

or to your state representative

right you know to prove that you're


and educated enough to write a qualified


yeah and as long as it it stays within

the guidelines of what they deem you can

and can't say

in said letter you know that before you

opened the church

you had to prove your orders of


and your background and give the


of your belief to see if it was duly

approved by the state and worthy of

being deemed a church

right and so just because it's guns that

you know it's become the disfavored

right and doesn't get

its day in court as often as it should

and hopefully that has all changed and


will see you know some bill some

things taken on in this next session of

the supreme court

and we live in hope yes

love to see some good precedent set so

but anyway there's that and then there's

the whole i know i'm throwing you for a

loop here but

we got the um biden administration's new

zero tolerance policy for gun dealers

and the strike force that he'll be

launching to target uh gun dealers who

you know are bad actors or whatever the

word was that he put it

and you know i was just explaining in

the first segment about how what can

constitute a violation as a gun dealer

and there's

a million different violations like if

you don't pick up that the

customer filling out the 4473

abbreviates their town

if you live in la county and you you

know write la instead of los

angeles that's a violation and you can

get cited by the atf for that violation

so is that the type of zero tolerance

that this new

newly enacted strike force is going to

be going after

for for gun dealers you know that's well

you and i both know that the so-called

bad actor gun dealers are like the bad

actor liquor stores

where he gets out very quickly because

the people who utilize them can't keep

their mouth shut and because the people

utilize them are always getting arrested

so those type of organizations don't

last very long

right but this is what we're looking at

as a new program

to shut down a legitimate business under

any excuse

possible like abbreviating the county or

the state

on your 4-4-7-3

it's it's very technical as you know the

bound book

all the regulations but it's not going

to do anything to make the world safer

it's just a way that they can shut us

down what

obama tried to do with operation choke

point fiscally

biden is trying to do bureaucratically

right yeah

same game different actors yeah and that


you know having someone like david

chipman at the helm

would certainly make it a lot easier to

do those kind of shenanigans and games

and you know rule changes and we got

that going on too the whole

proposed rule changes for arm braces and

uh for quote-unquote ghost guns and

uh you know all that kind of stuff but


it's it's really interesting to see the

the level

of aggression that has come up against

guns in the la in the first six months


this administration it's it's

unbelievable but

well chipman's nomination should have

gone no further

than every senator seeing that picture

of him posing in the smoking rubble

of waco that should have been the whole

sum total and extent

of the analysis of his qualifications i

agree with that

uh-huh well thank you keith as always

it's always a pleasure to talk to you

and we will see you

soon and often i'm sure and i appreciate

you being on the show

and we will be right back you're

listening to rapid fire

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um yeah so it's always good to talk to

keith and get some

clarification on the you know law and

the constitution and whatnot but

um it's just crazy times we live in

and hopefully that you know the court

systems will

speed up the process of suing and

you know trying to put down these

unconstitutional laws

so a couple questions here before we get

uh the next break um

we have john's asking if mass is going

to approve the hellcat

and um i've been told that they are in

the works

and i was hoping that they would be on

the last mass approved weapons roster

but i have not obviously it didn't come

out and i don't have any timeline of


and i even bought a bunch of hellcats

hoping that they would

become mass compliant but so if you're

in a free state you need a hellcat

i can hook you up but if uh you're in


you're out of luck for a little while

and this this one took

nine months to come out and they're

supposed to come out quarterly this list


i don't know who's clogging up the works

or if

gun dealers i mean gun manufacturers

just aren't sending their guns in for


or what but anyway you never know

um let's see steven has a great question

i wish i saw this when

keith was on the phone but uh if you sbr

a rifle or a pistol caliber carbine in


uh by doing a tax stamp does it forego

the folding collapsible stock rule or do

you still need to pin all that

it's my understanding stephen that there

is no exclusion

to the assault weapons ban even if it is


short-barreled rifle like just because

it's an nfa item doesn't mean

that it can forego all the other stuff

so that's my understanding i would love

to get keith's opinion of that but maybe

we'll hold that question until next week

for him

and um but yeah from what i can see in

the law and i'm no expert

um no lawyer i defer to teeth and i

don't even

pretend to play one on tv so um but i do

uh based on what i've seen up no one's

been able to show me that

yeah if you have an sbr you can have all

that other

stuff so there you have that um

and john is asking if not

what's a good alternative and i would

say that the

shield plus is a good alternative the

uh sig 365 is a phenomenal alternative

and they make the 365

xl and the regular one so the regular

one is just

you know a shorter barrel and a little

bit shorter grip the xl has a little bit

taller grip

and a little bit longer barrel and it'll

take the uh red

a red dot optic so those are both good


um even the taurus g3 compact is a cheap

cheap and cheerful alternative they're

299 we have a bunch in stock

and they come with three magazines

there's now

a optics ready version that is mass


so yeah that's uh that's good stuff

um james is saying great to meet you the

other day he snuck in during

uh work break and it was great to see

james from north carolina

he work brought him up to the northeast

he's been very loyal to us here and

i've sent him ammo and scopes and some

stuff down to his place in

north carolina and we appreciate the

business and

uh we we appreciate the far reach of

cape gun works all the way

down to north carolina and so it was

great to meet you in person the other


and thanks for coming in on your day off

i hey

um i my hat's off to you anyone who

wants to spend their day off at cape gun

works i am

i am a happy man so greatly uh

i i don't i don't take that for granted


um someone said they got a hellcat and

mass and love it

so that's a great good thing for you man

i'm i'm happy for you and people all the

time are like wait

what and the the truth of the matter is

there's no law that says you can't own

that hellcat

there's only a law that says i can't

sell it to you so if someone moved here

from out of state

or you know a dealer decided to sell it

the person who bought it

um you know is in the clear there's no

law that says you can't have it so

that's a great

pick up if i was able to buy one you

know i'd do the same thing

and i also picked up the 320 axg classic

last week awesome that's a good gun as


i was waiting for this question thoughts

on the rise of the moors

and uh you know massachusetts jumped

into the national spotlight again last

weekend when

um the this group the rise of the moors


i don't think there's many people who

even heard of them uh were

taking the taking a drive through

massachusetts on their way to some land


maine and they were loaded up and full

kit ready to

go do some training they had helmets and

plate carriers and

ar slung and pistols on their hips and

they were

driving through afghanistan and uh the

police didn't

they they pulled up and saw them like

that and said oh just

cool let me see your license to carry

when they couldn't produce them

it created a 11 hour standoff so we'll

talk about that on the other side so

i'll be right back uh you're listening

to rapid fire

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yeah all right the rise of the moors

these guys

were quoting you know us code section 18

and blah blah blah and all these chapter

and verse of law about

safe transport and travel all the ma all

the while saying they don't abide by

the laws of massachusetts because

they're not

a sovereign citizen but they're also not

i don't know what the heck they were

claiming but they were saying they're

not sovereign citizens who are


and don't abide by all laws they just

don't abide by some laws and they say

that they are

citizens of morocco and there's some

treaty out there that

morocco has with america that they use


justify their actions even though i

heard that that

treaty doesn't really exist and so


probably out there in the wind and

it appears to me that they've actually

you know renounced their citizenship

if they are claiming to be moorish

you know citizens of morocco so that's


i don't know confusing as all get out

but anyway they're relying on the u.s

chapter and verse of safe transport

and travel and it's my understanding

that those laws are

100 true you're allowed safe

transportation and travel

through any state in the union

as long as they're unloaded and locked

in a case

but these guys had rifles slung and

you know holstered so if that's the case

i don't know how they're going to beat

that chapter in burst then they violated

massachusetts law

by not having a license to carry and

whatnot so they had a plan to not need

to stop

for gas and i think they were coming

from rhode island so i don't know how

they couldn't have got through

massachusetts without

needing to stop for gas but they stopped

for gas on the side of the road at 1 30

in the morning

and when a trooper pulled up he called

for backup and the rest is history they

fled into the woods

and i don't think it's going to end well

for them but i'm

kind of cautiously optimistic that hey

yeah maybe

it will shed some light on what

laws can be enforced and what can't be

and whatnot but we'll see how it all

shakes out i don't know

and uh so matt wants to know if we have

any 15 22 mags and

that's a sore subject matt we don't have

any 10 round 15 22 mags right now we've

been we've had them on order for about

four or five months

so um i don't know when they'll

come back into stock but we will um

hopefully see it soon and bob is saying

what about mass

legal marijuana how is that involved so

if you have a medical marijuana card or

you participate

in marijuana through the state you know

that it's legal in the state

you do in fact disqualify yourself

federally from purchasing a firearm so

um yeah those two don't mix and uh

hopefully the government will

someday and frankly i'm not a

advocate for marijuana but i think it's

kind of hypocritical to say that

uh you know a grown person who

might smoke it you know has is any

different than a guy who goes to the bar

and you know has a few drinks so

also if if it's legal in certain states

it shouldn't disqualify you from

purchasing a firearm

so anyway uh the glial ace is available

mo and the price i believe is 1900 bucks

um so we got that all right we're ready

for the winner

winner is barry bell you won the darn

tough socks

and you're going to be a happy man when

your feet thank you when you slip

your feet into those uh bad larry so

they're the best socks on earth you're

gonna want a whole drawer full of them

if you're anything like me so

um so that's the way it goes um

and the state gestapo chief chris mason

said on tv

it was illegal to carry a rifle in your

car and on mass

highways that's not true because you can

again lock it in a case and and drive

through any state in the union so

but every state's going to enforce that

differently so you're always

rolling the dice and i call it a crap

show you know a crap shoot

i always recommend like whenever i

travel with firearms i

fuel up in massachusetts i pack all the


unlocked in cases and i run the gauntlet

all the way down to pennsylvania

if i can and i don't i try not to stop


you know if i got to stop maybe

connecticut or rhode island would be a

little bit more friendly than

new york new jersey so i i try to

stay out of those towns so anyway um

yeah it's a tough a tough thing but

there's some great guidance out there


transporting firearms in all you know

50 states and you are allowed safe

passage through all 50 states but just

make sure you got them locked in

in a case that's my only knowledge of

what's required of

of that so but the

interesting thing is if you do stop for

gas are you now

traveling through

i think that needs to be tested

and here's our test case so

it's a perfect example of what i've said

a lot

especially about massachusetts law is we

need a test case

you know this kind of thing hasn't been

tested in court yet

and so we need a test case and i guess

here it is

um it gets a little murky because again

they weren't

cased up and and locked so

anyhoo go figure um

james is saying pennsylvania is the

start and end of the free state region

all the way south

except for maryland that's true yep

that's true

and uh that's why i try to fuel up and

make it to pennsylvania before i have to


but there you go and bob is saying you

can stay in a motel overnight i'm not


um i i haven't you know again you're


have different states interpret this

different ways it's

like the you know leosa type of

thing where police can carry in any

state in the

union and they're legally able to carry

in any state

but then those police officers got all

jammed up in new jersey because they

were carrying with hollow points

so hollow points are not legal for

people to carry in the state of new


and so they they charged them even

though they were police in another state

it doesn't make sense uh but they they


and yeah so

every state's gonna see it different

they did honor the fact that they

could legally carry they weren't happy

about it but

they charged him with the possession of

hollow points so

um let's see lawsuit

law school has the treaty info on the

website it does exist that said i'm a

proud american

and have nothing to do with these people

but on their info it did happen

um i yeah that's basically what i heard

that a treaty happened

but it isn't quite the way that they

portray it and they they manipulate that

to the um to the membership of their


so that they can basically you know it's

very cultish if you will

and uh i don't know what the treaty says

or doesn't say it i have to look it up


um and not that my pedestrian

knowledge of law would be able to cut

through the minutia of all that but

um so we'll see how it goes

uh and harry's saying most of the guys

are defending themselves in court

which might work in their favor it might

not uh

they say for lawyers who represent

themselves they have a fool for a client

but um sometimes you know the everyday

citizen or

you know joe you know does a pretty good

job as

as a you know private citizen and

they're not

obviously required to understand the law

in the same

way that a law school graduate is so


you know a court like i know that in

civil law

if you're enter into a contract

and you're just a layman you're not a

lawyer you're not required to understand

the minutia of that contract to the

extent that

a lawyer would so that's why it's always

recommended that you get a lawyer to

help write your contract but

if you are in a contract without having

gone through a lawyer um they might

look at you a little bit differently

than if you were a lawyer so

you never know but all i know is there's

way too many laws on the books that's

one thing i could

definitely say is they say like

ignorance is no excuse for not knowing

the law

but when there's like a million laws on

the books and the tax code and the

laws and everything else how is it not


you'd have to send every american

through law school to even begin to

grasp on it

so the point is especially when it comes

to firearms laws i think there's 30

000 laws on the books federally in state

and it's just ridiculous but guys i

can't believe another hour has

flown through so quick um it's

it's the fastest show around and uh

i want to thank you for tuning in and

remember this show is ending here but

the show goes on

so tune in at click

on rapid fire and join us

on the range or hear the extended

answers to some of your second amendment


um i'd love to see on the other side so

stay tuned if you're

online and if you're listening on the

radio we'll see you next week

same bat time same fat channel i'm toby

leary and you're listening to rapid fire

thanks so much and god bless

all right we are back so

um let's see

bubba says if this goes bad you know

what will hit the fan for us

what goes bad i'm not sure what what you

mean by that

but um yeah anyway

uh let's see if you guys have any other


just jump on uh and we'll we'll get into

it um

if you're still listening don't forget

we got grace

and howie on this friday from 12 to

six it's gonna be awesome they're gonna

do a live remote

we're gonna broadcast live here and uh

if you've never met howie it's a good

time to come

and you can get a book you'll get a free

book if you come

and we have a lot of cool stuff going on

that day

and we would love to have you so make

sure you come and

check it out and meet howie and grace

i've been on grace's show now for a

couple weeks straight on

tuesday afternoon we're doing a segment


second amendment tuesday and you know

it's been a lot of fun for me to jump on

our show and

get some exposure with some of our

listeners throughout the state

and answer their questions and it's been

a lot of

a lot of fun and we've gone through like

two or three segments so i'm on for


45 minutes sometimes and uh it's been

great because

you get a lot of a lot of people who


just don't know um what what's going on

in the world of guns and you know asking

questions how to get licensed what gun i

can and can't own blah blah blah

and so it's been it's been pretty good

so tune in to that give her a

follow and a like and you can listen on

the uh i heart radio app as well

dan wants to know if i sell complete

glock slides

and sometimes i do but right now i don't

have any complete

but i have a bunch of stripped ones so

you can get

some slides from us we have the pof ones

we have uh

that might be it right now it might be

down to pof ones

um which are a pretty cool slide

they call them the gentleman uh slide


patriot ordnance factory has them so uh

they're they're not complete but they

are stripped so we do we do sell them i

have a ton of 320 slides as well

in all different variations with uh

those are complete by the way you've got

to buy the barrel

and recoil springs separate but all the

internally parts like extractors and

firing pins are in it and we do have

them with

the red dot or without the red dot so

got a pretty good selection of those

and we have a ton of polymer 80 lowers

so i alluded to it in the show about the


ghost gun you know crackdown where they

even want to talk about

uh the first amendment rights of you

know 3d printed guns

and i think that was they tried to

ban the knowledge of and the information

of how to 3d print the gun and the

blueprint and the open source

uh cad files of them and whatnot and

which is just ridiculous if you think

about it that violates

not only the second amendment right but

the first amendment right and probably a

few other ones

but that got struck down in a lawsuit

with a

ghost gunner and they sell

a machine that finishes the machining


of your guns but at the root of it

being able to produce your own firearm


the fundamental i believe the


root of gun ownership in america

if you can't have a gun that the


doesn't know you have

then we don't have the true second


that shall not be infringed if


has to know about every gun you have

there's a there's a serious problem

there and

there's nothing nefarious about owning a


if you're a responsible gun owner and

you're not a prohibited person

there's nothing nefarious about that the

government doesn't need to know it it's

just like

do they need to know what artwork you

have on your wall do they need to know


color your carpet is do they need to

know what kind of car you drive oh yeah

there's registration blah blah i get it

and we can make the argument and see how

the slippery slope has gone so far down

the track so that

you know no matter what you plan on

doing or want to do in this country now

there's a permit or a license or a


or a law or a you know ordinance

that restricts or guides you in a

certain direction

of what you can and can't do and it's

unfortunate but

it's just the way we are the way it is


um so you know

having the ability to 3d print your gun


to make a polymer 80 lower or

you know make a gun and not have the

government know about it there's

not a big deal if you're not a

prohibited person

what's the big deal there's nothing

nefarious about it

so anyway um once we can

articulate that in a way that

people can understand and it's not

a you know it's not

there's no

no one can cast the spurgeons on it then

you know that's the fundamental root of

the second amendment in my opinion

everything else kind of comes after that

like suppressors or arm braces or

folding stocks or whatever

what say you be hey big t

what's up just uh living the dream and

talking the talk but

brendan just stepped in the room and

we're saying hello and uh what's going

on this week

anything good everything man yeah

shotgun city let's do it shotgun city

you ready to

blow them out all right well we'll come

up with some

blow em out prices for shotguns because

uh shotguns i think have a way of

reproducing themselves in the back room

and uh i think they're they might even


you know uh like jumping species so like

i think uh in one case a semi-auto

mated with a pump and now we have that

like knockoff of the

benelli m3 it's a pump and a semi-auto


uh yeah there's evolution evolution yeah

micro evolution

micro evolution yeah they're still guns

they haven't like completely jumped

species and become

like f-15s or nuclear weapons and

how's our supply of those holding up

they're on back order

yeah yeah big back order right

yeah special order list keeps growing

every day

and yeah it's also driving the price up

i bet those

tactical nukes are well over a billion

bucks now and

uh you probably can't get an f-15 for

under 87 million right now

but anyway harry wants to know if it's

easier to source ammo now than a month

ago uh

yes i would say that's a yes but i don't

know how long it'll last

and uh daniel's still waiting on his ltc


fall river the police are backed up and

they haven't got it to boston in a month

that's crazy and the detective is on


until august but thinking about coming

in for couples friday yep

um i would reach out to um

keith langer daniel get your ducks in

order because you don't want to

you don't want to mess around with that

so um

steve ordered a precision rimfire from


davidson's exclusive does that make it

any harder no

it just means it's coming from that

distributor and hopefully they'll get


product in and uh james is mentioning

that governor cuomo recently declared a


soe less than two weeks after getting

the covet soe

state of emergency i did see this today

and uh

you decided to read up on it and he's

using it as a gun grab via a health


so it's crazy if you think about it

cuomo said that

guns are now an epidemic and he's caught

declared a state of emergency

when it comes to guns now frankly i'm

glad he finally got his head out of his

butt and realized that

crime is up how high in his state but

you think it's going to help lower crime


making it harder for you to buy a gun

brendan it's insane you know they just

put a stranglehold on the good guy and

then that just empowers the thugs even


and switches the the balance of power

entirely it's

it's unbelievable in fact uh

it in fact it it is so

nonsensical you would never logically

make the argument to

in anything else right if you want to

reduce drunk driving you wouldn't say

you're going to have to go through a

background check and you know get

fingerprinted and photograph

it's like banning all ford f-150s

because there's too many drunk driving


right yeah does that make any sense


it's like banning trees because they

line our highways and most people

who go off the road hit a tree like that

doesn't make any sense

but making it i mean making it harder to


legally something that you have no

contribution of in the

crime world um wouldn't pass the sniff

test in anything else

but mike fontes said it here first he's

going to come up and pick up a

a shotgun and a case of 12 gauge

you demand we'll hook you up mike we got

a great selection so

uh dan i think keith can help you get

your ducks in a row because after 40


you've basically been told um you

are not getting your license it's a

denial it's a

it's a it's basically a denial even


i don't think anyone's issuing licenses

within 40 days

right now i've heard of a couple cases

where someone has got one

very quickly but um not

not often but um

yeah generally speaking the the pd has

has to submit it and you bring in the

whole package they fingerprint and

photograph you and you got your check

there's no reason they can't send it to

the state and i don't care if it is

detective so and so who's on vacation

until august

it doesn't matter there's admin people

in there they are you saying like

they're not going to process

anything else in the police department

when a per certain person goes

on vacation that's ridiculous the courts

summon people and get

you know prosecutor or the prosecuting

officer to come in and

you know give their side of the story

all the time this happens and there's

designated people for that role so if

one guy is doing all the

licensing then he's got to be available

and if

no one else can do it if they don't get

it done within 40 days they have to

respond of course there's no

teeth to that but anyway it's

frustrating all the same and

yeah a right delayed it is a right

denied i agree

hopefully we'll see some traction in

that firearms policy coalition

case uh on the mass

gun roster i'd love to see that

and then you know someone at some point

has to

has to challenge the unconstitutionality


making you jump through all the hoops

and i think the voter id

law is a perfect example of it if it's

racist or it's um

unconstitutional to require an id to

vote well then what the heck

is going on with the second amendment

because not only do you need to produce

an id sometimes you need to produce two

if the address doesn't match

and you gotta get fingerprinted


background checked jump through all

those hoops

pay fees take classes blah blah blah we

talked about that on the show so

anyway um yeah

i didn't set anything up on sorry i


set anything up on the range but i i

could oh if you want to go out we'll

go ahead and dub in one after the fact i

don't i hate to make everybody wait

so uh we're not gonna do that but have

me walking all through and everything

we'll we'll throw some video up there

did you ever get that uh ruger 10 20 10

22 working

no i think it's still intermittent

working i gotta i'm

that's still rolling around in my head

is that what that drum magazine's for

that's what the drum magazine's for yeah

once i get that thing going

it'll be fun we'll have some fun with it

sounds like fun

yeah who is the instructor seen in your

video showing choices shooters must make

was he a police officer what one was


they're probably talking about the new

simulator class uh yeah with glenn and

uh i put some videos up with adam in

these shoot

no shoot scenarios uh and they put up a

simulator class i think it's a really

really great class that anybody can come

down and take um

you know because the thing presents you

with like

hundreds of shoot no shoot scenarios

yeah like really fast too and you have

to kind of decide

yeah we have a new class coming up it's

going to be out next month i think

um and it's going to be the justified

use of force

law presented you know to you

through the lens of could verse should

um so just because you can doesn't mean


should in every case so uh

i'm always enamored by the fact that our

first our first

uh duty is to retreat as lawful gun

owners in massachusetts

well outside the house it is inside the

house you have castle doctrine but

i don't i think that's the duty as a

human being

if you think about it i don't need the

government to tell me that's my duty

if if someone wants my wallet or


you know and it's replaceable i've made

the decision that

okay here's the wallet fling it away let

him go

and if it escalates from there now you

know that's the end of it

but the point is

look through the law know where you

stand and then

you have to make decisions and act

accordingly according to what your

conscience and your core values are

if something can be easily replaced i'm

not willing to take a life over that

uh even if i can legally

i don't think it's smart you know for

where i

am in my life and if you do tr

shoot and end up having to shoot your

life has changed forever

um even if you're found not guilty even

if you go home with

every penny that was in your bank and

you know all the money stays where it

was which is highly unlikely

um unless you get like u.s law shield or

uscca but even then i'm sure

there's some other stuff um

but yeah so coming down to

scenario-based training

is a is a good way to learn where

does that line fall you know and

some people you know can really

mess that up if they're not trained

so you want to train and and know so

anyway uh yeah they are both

ex-police officers so they have the

intimate knowledge of what happens

in response to a uh shooting event

and um you'll get that side of it but

they'll also run you through the paces


see how you actually respond to it yeah

with the added value of what what they

do in this situation too is law

enforcement yeah it opens up to

discussion afterwards so

you get to see other people do it you

also get to do it and

then discuss it and see how things could

have gone differently

or you know what happened

it's like it's a neat it's a good place

to fail if you're going to fail

in that scenario so uh yeah there's a

class on the

on the web you can jump on harry i don't

know if it's up there

uh but it should be up here yeah if you

go to classes and you go to fob they put

it under firearms training yeah it's

under firearm string

and uh you can also do it as a private

lesson with one of those instructors but

um yeah yeah if you book glenn wilcox

um as a private lesson he's really uh

leading up that simulator from all right

cool guys well

arlo is ready to carry me out of here i

think he's telling me

i have to take him out but um i

appreciate you all listening and

coming in and uh we will see you next


and thanks so much god bless take care


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