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CGW Turns 7 Years Old on July 4th

Special Birthday Episode with a funny story about our first days as a gun shop and what it took to get to where we are today. Plus Keith calls in and plenty of questions from you! Happy Fourth of July Everyone. RECORDED 06/30/2021 - AIR 07/03/2021 Download Episode

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uh our weekly recording time for rapid

fire we're going to be doing that


and uh we are happy you're gonna join us

and if you want your question to be

right on the air we're willing and able

so go ahead and type it into the chat


um we've got as always lots to talk


lots going on and we are really

excited about the next few weeks here we


july 4th and all kinds of good things

and today is the big day

it's the end of customer appreciation

week uh month i should say

yeah it's the end of the end so today is

the last day

um we're going to be giving away that

kimber rifle at the end of the day

uh that 84 m and 30 odd six with a

vortex scope

and box ammo it's awesome

in the warn mount so if you want to win

you got a couple hours left to come on

down and uh

get your tat name in the box so

in the ammo can but every day this month

we gave something away

whether it be a safe or some ammo

or some a cooler or whatever you know

hat cleaning kit we did tons of stuff

we've given away two guns

besides the giveaway today and we've

given away

ammo and thousands of dollars worth of

stuff so

uh it was our way of saying thank you to

our wonderful customers which we do not

take for granted

which are you guys out there listening

and arlo you okay over there bud

knocking down machine guns all right um

but yeah

and we also gave everybody this month i

didn't care who you were it could have

been your first time in the store

we gave you a five percent off and we

gave our wonderful members

10 off on anything they bought and

today's the last day to take advantage

of that

so you got two hours left to take full

advantage of that so

if you're within the sound of my voice

and frankly if you can't get down but

you know you want something call us

we'll honor that

for the next two hours so it's like uh

it's like that uh was that show

dialing for dollars you know operators

are standing by

um it's like the uh telethon you know

but yeah so if you can't make it down

you know you want something you want to

take advantage of that 5

discount or the 10 if you're a member


give us a call or just come down we'd

love to see you

wednesdays are a funny day because they

start off with a bang

tuesday and wednesday i mean monday and

tuesday can be a little slow

but wednesday it seems like the first

couple days of the week everyone's like

i gotta get back to work they're in work


after the weekend and then by wednesday

they're like

shoot i got to get to cape gunworks so

we have this mob of people

i don't think i should show it i don't

think i should show it

because they'll kick us off the air well

actually um

yeah as soon as you handle a gun on the

air with

youtube and all that yeah by the yeah go


yeah there you go stick it over there in

the corner maybe you can see it from the


um but we got a beautiful actually you

know what do me a favor

since no one can see it go put it back

in that case so people out there can see


until we give it away we'll do a

separate recording for that

i don't want gold coins i'm good they'll

melt don't melt i'm not a chocolate guy

but thank you whoever wants it can have

some gold coins

all right so let's uh

get to some of your questions before we

get on the show

and we will um

you know get right on it so

cool thing is we're quickly approaching

our anniversary

july 4th basically is our anniversary of

when we

opened up which was uh

in 2013 so

uh how is it seven years that should be

oh because you know why

because we we incorporated on uh

february of 2013. but did we really

run a whole year before we opened our

retail location

i know this might be our eighth


go ask brendan if it's our seventh or

all right

it's bad when you don't know this is

like not knowing my wife's birthday or

what's our anniversary you know i know

the anniversary date i just don't know

how many years we've been married

oh man oh man

and i have like two different

anniversaries because we opened

the gun range the gun range uh

so i know the anniversary date i just

don't know what year we got married

no like what we incorporated in 2013 but

did we open the retail location that

following july or was it like a year

plus yeah it was july of 2014 that's

where retail store

actually opened all right so i'm not

losing my money

mine so it is seven years yes so it took

for all of you who want to open a gun

store it took a year and a half

almost to get the ffls to get a location

to get our

business license to get our


and lots of planning background checks

and yeah all kinds of background checks


you know atf inspections and not to

mention the business plans that the

banks require

over and over again right and tweak it

and rehash it and recast your numbers

14 ways to sunday and oh you're a


and you're a startup in the gun industry

yeah we'll lend you some money uh

in 10 years after you've shown a profit

for four and a half

solid years with you know five years of

solid tax returns well

the good thing is they'll lend you a

million dollars as long as you have 10

million in the bank

right yeah so that's so easy to get yeah


it's like uh they'll give you a loan

when you don't need it

and that's how most banks are well

it's so easy i'm i'm wondering why

there's not a gun shop on every corner i

mean it's so easy to do

yeah i agree and you know what else was

pretty cool was

all the partners that we had at first

that were like

ready to stroke a check because they

loved our idea they're like

you guys are going to kill it this is

really needed

and we want to be a part of it and you

can count me in we had one guy who's

we were counting in actually we had two

different guys we were counting in

for like 400 000 investment

a lot of people talk a good game but

when it comes down to stroke and that


that's what separates the men from the

boys and so

yeah it was like awesome yeah we got all

these partners and that even helped our

like business plan like we got this

dude who's done it before one guy in

virginia who had a range and a retail

location he wants in he wants to be a

partner and blah blah

and he's all in here's the money and


you know it's like okay hey you know

we're we're

getting ready to uh we need that money

now and it's like

the number you have called is no longer

in service oh man

like i've never heard cricket so loud in

my life

it's like howie carly says when the

phone doesn't ring you'll know it's me


and everyone's like yeah that'll be

great and then we had the whole other

round where we

actually opened and now we're like we're

going to do

the guntree club it's going to have

lanes of shooting indoors we're gonna do

training and they're like yep okay

that's good

you realize you live on cape cod right

no i'm i'm serious we're gonna do it


they're like okay that's cool you'll

never do it and i'm like

but we will we will you never will no

sorry it's like yeah we will i promise

and then

we said well we need your help to do it

so let's sell pre-construction

memberships at a discount and then all

the debbie downers will say

well wait a minute this is a scam i'm

going to give you 200 of my hard-earned


and you're going to try to build this

thing maybe you'll build a quarter of it

or half of it and then you won't open so

what happens with my 200

and i say guess what you're going to

lose it

and you know what you're not gonna get

it back and you know what i'm gonna

lose a whole lot more toby and i are

gonna lose everything we've owned

because we put our whole life savings

behind this

and then they say you got a good point

i'm in here's my money

yeah that's pretty much how it went it

was like what happened yeah

they were like yeah they were like

where's the guarantee that my 300 bucks

or my 200 bucks will

come back to me if you don't i said

there is no guarantee in life my friend

if you want to guarantee you're in the

wrong area

and brendan was a lot more honest about

it than me not that i was

not honest i just said hey if you know

if we don't open and all the money

that's left over we'll return to you

guys before we

you know return to our bank account

how's that for a deal

all right that's a deal as long as

you're gonna give me my 300 bucks before

you lose

you know your entire life savings and

you're out on wealthflare living on the


okay that's cool i'm like all right yeah

but no

all kidding aside this wasn't done


those people who were willing to risk

early on on our dream and

you guys made it happen right they were

the big

they were a cornerstone of

the bank actually couldn't believe it

when we showed them how many people put

their money where their mouth was

we raised hundreds of thousands of

dollars right of people who

backed us ultimately so we've got to be

grateful for that or else we wouldn't be

here today

that's right so we're just two poor guys

trying to eat out a living you know

that's exactly what it is so

um yeah i kind of wish we had this on


rapid fire show but uh you guys might

have to listen to this again but

the problem is it was very spontaneous

so i don't know if we could replicate it

so but um you know what we'll get you on

the air today to

celebrate our anniversary show how's

that sounds good all right

we're gonna roll the opener guys cue up

your questions

and uh we will we will uh

get going here in a minute so stand by

i'm toby leary from cape gun works i'm

passionate about all things second


well i love to shoot going hot

there is so much more to guns than just

pulling the trigger

a free and armed society is a

responsible and self-reliant one

join us to talk all things guns freedom

and self-defense it isn't just about



it's about being responsibly armed

so load and make ready this is rapid


welcome everybody to another week of

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we have some great chairs and some


eaters and all that stuff to keep you

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and uh but anyway let's get right into

the show this is a really special show

for us because

it's celebrating our seventh anniversary

as cape gun works officially when we

first opened our retail

shop it was the week of july 4th in 2014

over on barnstable road and uh

and so we we opened up and you know

a couple of guys trying to figure out

how to run a retail shop i come from

construction brendan comes from finance


so between the two of us i knew there

was one thing we had to do

which is one most important thing which

is take care of the customer

that's that's what we based everything

off was good customer service and we

wanted to

take care of the customer and try to

offer the best customer service we could

and treat it like every other retail


is out there if you if you don't get

treated well as a

as a in a retail establishment you're

generally going to go find another place

to do business and

so we were just joking before we got on

the air um

but we were saying how uh you know we're

surprised there's not a gun store in

every corner and brendan's joining me


uh welcome brendan to the show and uh

yeah tell them why there isn't a gun

store in every corner it's too easy man

it's so easy to start a gun store it

just takes a little bit of money just

what maybe like 200 bucks or maybe maybe

400 bucks

yes they'll approve your ffl in a day or


your background check will take like a

minute insurances they don't even

require insurance these days

it's simple so we were looking through

the records and we

incorporated our company on

february 20th 2013

and we opened our retail location july


2014 14. so it was almost a year and a

half later

if you think about it so year and a half

to put all the ducks in a row right lots

of business planning and uh pulling our

hair out

rejiggering you know numbers and

forecasting and

not to mention i remember like

one of the guys who worked for us uh put

word out on northeast shooters that

there's a new gun store in town

and so there was some people really

curious and i was so nervous

because i think we pulled our life

savings together at that point

and i think we had three

glass cases on the counter that looked

like a 10 gallon fish tank you know each

one of them

and they had one shelf in there and we

had i think three or four guns in each

spread out

to make it look like the case was full


and i was like oh lord i'm just so

nervous and

you know i was just really worried

because we had like i don't know

a pathetic amount of inventory and we're

this new gun store in town

but guys i kid you not what we had in


the whole time was what we are at right

now at cape gun works on

96 airport road this was the goal this

was the end game we were already there

in our mind

and that barnstable road shop was the

stepping stone to

kind of sell the dream to you guys and

prove that we were

we were really in it for for the long

haul but

yeah we're chained to the ship chained

to the ship yes and

uh barnesville road was that stepping

stone to get us through it but

hey it's been a great seven years to

learn you know to meet everybody out

there and uh

i was telling them how we had a

financial guy and a construction guy

trying to figure out retail

and uh it was a lot of research and a

lot of uh

digging through the you know the meijer

and trying to figure out but the

the secret sauce was just take care of

the customer right i mean

absolutely yeah so if we're not doing

that you guys can keep us in check but

we are certainly trying

hard and so people come in every day and

say hey i love you shop and

you know the whole time i'm thinking

well if we die it isn't going to be for

lack of trying so

people vote with their feet and they're

still coming in yeah still coming in we

thank you guys so much it's been a

wonderful seven years and uh we couldn't

have done it without you and

frankly cape gun works would not exist

if it weren't for the people who put

their money where their mouth was and

they believed in the dream that we were


for them to see and it worked out so

congratulations buddy time flies huh it


seems like yesterday we were talking

about this amazing bang here we are

seven years later

yeah and so we really have two

anniversaries because we opened

uh the grand opening at this location


basically right around uh march 31st

of 2017 but we opened

the store in the first place july was it

july 4th or 5th

i can't remember what fourth was the

fourth right yeah i think we did

we had a jeep out front a military jeep

with a 1919 machine gun on top and

yeah it was pretty fun good stuff so i

remember uh

going out to the japanese hibachi that

night with my family to celebrate

opening a gun store and my daughter she


run around the store at like uh so this

was seven years ago so

she was four years old and she's like

gotta come to my daddy's gun store

it was pretty funny so anyway

anything you want to tell about that no

man so easy man let's let's do this


again and again speaking of which

are you trying to get me to reveal

something that i shouldn't be revealing


well i will say something's cooking in

the oven but we can't quite say what's

cooking yet

oh you're killing me you're killing me


all right well you're gonna have to keep

that under your hat you guys heard it

here first time i'm on a strict

gag order so yeah stay tuned folks oh


all right i'll see you around thanks all

right guys

um yeah brendan had to leak it out here

that there is something cooking

something in the works but

you'll have to wait i apologize i know

that's like

you know saying hey do you hear the

story oh never mind but anyway that's

the way it goes

so this is the uh last week of our

customer appreciation

week we've had and we've had a wonderful

week here

uh month here the month of june was

awesome and

every day we gave something away and

gave away

uh that kimber 84 rifle so

someone was very very happy uh at the

end of the month we gave away three guns

and a bunch of other stuff

it was pretty epic i will say it was fun

so we had a good we had a good time with

it and uh

we couldn't have done it without you

guys but uh sorry to

reminisce so much about the company but


it was it's always our you know special

time of year for us

as we approach our anniversary and uh we

love doing big things so on the other

side i'm going to tell you what we're

doing for july

because july doesn't want to be outdone

by june so

it's going to be awesome so stand by

we'll be right back you're listening to

rapid fire i'm toby leary

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all right welcome back everyone this is

toby you're listening to rapid fire

and uh i appreciate you tuning in to our

weekly broadcast about guns freedom

second amendment self-defense and

anything else that we can talk about

sometimes we get into gear and nuance of

uh guns and gadgets and all that stuff


we also take your questions so if you

want to be a part of the discussion you

got to go to our website click on rapid fire and

you will be alerted

as to when we go live so

uh skunk work says i see that optic is

still behind you

lol love that optic yes i do too um

rob says hope all is well toby nice to

see you bud

and jeff good to see you as well and yes

we're trying to scare you off from being

a competitor we're really worried about

you opening up another

five-star indoor training facility with

a range of retail and a classroom so

we're nervous that someone's going to

move down the street but

if they do or if you decide to

give me a call i'll i'll help you out

any way i can

um and daniel's wondering how often do

people say i look like toby hawk

i mean tony hawk i wouldn't have had

that freudian slip if it wasn't

often uh in fun funny thing is i was at

uh i play hockey every once in a while

and so i was at

our hockey team's cookout you know a

couple weeks ago and one of the

players girlfriends or whatever couldn't

believe how much i look like tony hawk

so it happens a lot daniel so

there you have it um and davey's excited

about the legal battle to end the un

unconstitutional mass pistol roster that

it's begun by firearms policy coalition

and i am too that is wonderful news we

talked about it last week

that firearms policy coalition has filed

a lawsuit

challenging the unconstitutional

approved weapons roster and attorney

general's roster

i mean it is just unbelievable how they


look you in the eye and say yeah we're

not restricting your rights in any way

shape or form

can you buy an ar-15 no of course not

can you buy a glock pistol

no of course not well last time i looked

those are two of the most used

and owned guns in america period and

the heller decision refers to them as


and ordinary so these are the ones that

are in

everyday use they're the ones desired by

the people

and the people get to pick what guns

they can and can't own not government

gets to dictate

because of x but

i will say that the attorney general's

regulations and this mass approved

weapons roster has been

the law of the land here for a long time

and i know it went all the way back to

scott harshbarger i think it was even

before 98 if i'm not mistaken but i know

in 98 was a kind of a hard date but

they used the consumer protection act to

as a bludgeon

or as a backdoor gun ban for the second


and or as a ban on the second amendment

and further infringements of them

if you think about it it's brilliant on

their part

i'm not going to say it wasn't but on

the other hand

they took something and couldn't point


one case of

use as the way it was intended

that resulted in a fatality

and still managed to get this

legislation passed and these regulations


so in other words we need to use the

consumer protection act

to protect the citizens of america i

mean of massachusetts

against the evil gun manufacturers who

want everybody that touches their gun to


and we got to make sure that they're

safe enough for you to use them

and if they're not then they're not

going to be able to be sold

and we're going to give you some

arbitrary testing like

melt points and drop tests and

everything else

as the criteria or the litmus test and

you're going to send these guns to

independent labs at a great expense and

if the gun manufacturer doesn't want to

cooperate well they just can't then you

can't buy their guns and mass through a

licensed gun dealer

so this is the way we've been living in

massachusetts and nothing could be a

in bigger infringement upon our

constitutional rights and

frankly i want to see restitution made

for the last 20 odd whatever years we've

been living under this

to all of us who have had our civil

rights violated because

you know that's how strongly i feel

about it but

we'll see what the courts i i can't wait

to see

how that all progresses in court but um

yeah i'm i'm 100 there with you davey

and uh so before the break i alluded to

what we're doing in july

and we're kicking off our anniversary

with a bang

on july 9th we have grace curley and

howie carr here

broadcasting live from cape gunworks

they're going to be in our classroom

grace will be broadcasting from noon to


and then howie from three to six so

we're really excited about that

it's always a great time whenever

howie's here and this time grace will be

here as well the grace curly show

and if you missed it i was on the show

earlier in the week

and uh we did i think three segments on

our show

and we're going to be doing a new

segment on tuesdays called two a tuesday

or second amendment tuesday on the grace

curly show so

that'll be fun we're going to do a lot

of q a and talk about

uh what the you know issues of the day

are so

we got some great questions and i know

uh we posted the

audio to that on our facebook page and

our instagram page so you can listen to


um that'll be that'll be cool but you

can tune in next week next tuesday we'll

be on again

so that'll be a good time so anyway

um let's get to some of your questions


shoeman says with all this atf pistol

brace mumbo jumbo what

exactly does it mean for someone who has

an ar pistol

a mass compliant one well it all

remains to be seen i think it could go

the way of the bump stock where

if they come out with some new

regulation and that regulation is that

you need to

a take the pistol brace off

or b there's this checklist that you can

go through and it depends on the weight

of your gun what kind of optics are on

it does it have a

angled fore grip does it have a light


combo blah blah blah it's like i mean

it's a checklist that you've got to go

through and i think

gun owners of america have the mock

checklist on their website so you could

go check it out there

but frankly your gun is going to have to

meet a certain set of criteria

and i think it's very difficult to

actually get

a gun to meet the criteria where you

could have

a pistol brace on that gun so

you're going to have to jump through

hoops and whatever to comply with it

and but then what about the enforcement

of it

i just look at law enforcement that's

being tasked with

enforcing this regulation against pistol

braces and what are they going to have

to carry around a scale and a checklist

than a

you know have a flip chart like oh this

one has an optic this one doesn't this


is 48 ounces this one's 72 ounces

whatever the difference is

so this one you can have the brace on uh

this one you can't and you do

so there's a fine there's a penalty

there's a you know whatever

i'm just it's about as clear as mud as

if the thing isn't confusing enough

and as if atf hasn't flip-flopped enough

on this

whole issue the good news is 148

house members uh sent a letter to the


and to the biden administration saying

drop this foolishness

of right now just withdraw this

regulation change because it is just


and it is anything but a clarification

so i think frankly um i like

senator marjorie uh taylor green

or whatever uh her uh bill

was to abolish the atf and

you know i think we've reached that

point where like has the atf

just become a political arm of whatever

power you know

uh political powers in the in the white

house at this point

they can use them to wield a

hammer against whatever they don't like

at the time

and even trump did this you know trump

didn't like bump stocks after the

uh the shoot mass shootings in las vegas

and so he went after him but he he went

through all the

you know proper channels to do it to

create a new regulation

i think it was a mistake i took them to

task on it then

i still think it was a mistake and it

set bad precedent so now we got

more you know regulations by any

administration that comes down down the

pipe now if they don't like

oh i don't like uh optics on us on a


i don't like scopes on a rifle because

that makes it easier to hit your target

i mean we're going to create a

regulation now and it's more deadly or

i mean it gets to the point of

ridiculousness so

there you have it so what does it mean

for someone who has an ar pistol and


i would say worst case you're probably

gonna have to take the bump stock

i mean the bump stock the pistol brace


leave a pistol buffer on it or

the best case is nothing it won't change

anything and

we got everything in between so who


uh jeff was asking if the set mel had a

bolt hold open

on the last round and that is not the

case jeff

um it has a bolt hold open kind of like

where the rear sight is

you can pull the charging handle back

and pin it open

but it does not have a bolt hold open on

the last round i wish they did that

would be a phenomenal thing but none of


roller lock designs have that so um

let's see uh harry saying he saw a video

of a guy

concealing in a fanny pack not the most


but it didn't look like the worst option

well i don't know man

i'm not very judgmental about men in

fanny packs i think that was

a thing once upon a time but i think

people will be wondering if you just

stepped out of the delorean if you have

one on and be like

hey you from 1989 like what the heck

just happened man

if they'll be looking for your parachute

pants and your uh

adidas high tops with no laces but um

hey if that's your thing wear it and

wear it with pride but

it could be a good option there's some

people that you know

holsters on and belts aren't their thing

and if that's your thing go for the

fanny pack option

um who remembers back in like uh nine

early 90s

there was a thing called thunderwear

where you

it was pretty funny it was like this

giant fanny pack that you wore

underneath clothes like below the


and uh you could like undo your pants

and then there was your gun

and a lot of uh memes could be created

from that

but uh yeah so who remembers the

thunderwear it didn't

didn't stand the test of time for some

reason i don't know why

but maybe someone out there still

rocking the thunderwear

all right don't forget our contest we're

giving away stuff every week here on

rapid fire so go to and

click on rapid fire we'll be giving

something away today

and uh we'll have something else to give

away next week so uh we got lots of

classes coming in

ltc's ladies classes couples classes

date night ladies night

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hello this is attorney keith g langer

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all right welcome back everyone to rapid

fire i'm your host toby leary

and we are glad to have keith langer the

wonderful second amendment attorney here

in massachusetts with us

for a weekly segment and uh keith thanks

for joining us how you been

too bad toby busy but that's a good

thing and how are things down on the

cape are you drowning under the influx

of terestas

a little bit but that's okay we've come

to expect it we have a year-round

population of about

just under 200 000 and we some cases

some years we swell to a million

in the summertime so that's the bread

and butter i've never

tried to bite the hand that feeds us so

i don't begrudge

taurus it's a beautiful place to visit

and come on down to the cape that's all

i got to say about that

well if i do it'll be after labor day

i'm thinking about indulging in your

uh 9 11 shooting event

that would be great come on come with a

couple other ringers keith and uh

you what keith's referring to is our on

9 11 we have a shooting competition

called the top shot invitational and

it is a fundraiser for charity we just

gave two checks out this past week one


the nicolas xaros fund and one to heroes

in transition

and we gave away about seventeen

thousand dollars to these two great gold

star charities

and we're going to raise some more money

this september and we have a great

course of fire it's a lot of fun it's

going to be a huge epic

fun day at cape cod work so i would love

to see you down there

well if i read the description correctly

it sounds like we're shooting

four guns as fast we can put rounds down

range so it's a time and score event


well score doesn't come in so so much

with time

but you got ten two minutes to shoot the

ten rounds of each course of fire so

it's not necessarily

rapid fire oh two minutes for each gun

for each gun yes first oh well hell i

can pack a lunch

that's true yeah that's true ustsa

where stages are measured in like 30

seconds right

yeah so yeah no it's it's all slow fire

so not to intimidate anyone so time

doesn't really

although you know we might have to do

like an open class next year for that

and and make that the you know the

that would be a good way to go but um so

we could give your daughter a chance to

shine after she's been

trained by a lorry no doubt about it so

all right great well um

if you want to get signed up for that

tournament that keith's referring to go

to topshot

and get a foursome together and sign up

and they'll be great prizes and

giveaways it's going to be awesome i

can't wait

this will be our third year doing it and


getting bigger and better every year so

but hey

let's talk off for a minute i got i got

a good one for you here

um we had a question last year last week

on the

text line here on the chat and uh a


said i've already done four private


and i have a pre-healey

ar-15 that i want to sell to a buddy so

but i've already used my four private

transfers can i

have my wife sell my gun for me as one

of her private transfers

and i said well i'm not going to go out

on the limb i'm going to talk to the

expert so

figured we'd get you on the line tonight

and see see what you

say about that so

well it's very simple how can you

transfer something you don't own

therefore since the wife doesn't own the

gun she can't transfer it

when you go to the efa10 portal it wants

the information for both parties

she can put the stuff in but then you're

going to have a missing link how did it


from the wife to the buddy when it was

hubby's gun right

i mean that's the issue and

will he get away with it maybe

uh if they catch him will they do

anything well if it's only one gun

maybe not but then again why not just go

down to your friendly lg asset for

a 25 or 30 dollar fee have them do the


everybody's happy well but now really

the dealership should have no problem

so you're saying a licensed gun shop can

do a pre-healey transfer

of like an ar-15

it's in the state it's lawfully owned it

should go through but then again

she's generated so much fear and miasma

with her edict

that nobody's really sure but the bottom

line is

to the extent that her edict is even law

the guns that were

lawfully here prior to her little fiat

are of course grandfathered

but the other issue is check the


do you have four transfers in a calendar


or you just done four transfers in a

12-year period

12-month period because the statute is

four transfers a calendar year

so you've got from january 1st to

december 31st

you can do four transfers on christmas


and on january 1st you can do four more

you're blown for the rest of the year

but it's per calendar year

right so yeah that's that's what i was


the answer to be but i am a little

intrigued i'll be honest

about the whole uh pre-healey

post-healey situation

we have a policy at the store have made

it a policy based on what we were told


uh you know healey's office was if you

had them in your inventory you could

sell them

kind of grandfathered in if they were in

your inventory prior to

7 2016 but then anything after that

and i said well geez that's a backdoor

gun ban especially

if they ever do do away with private

transfers anyone who has

a gun like that in the state wouldn't be

able to bring them to a licensed gun

shop for transfer

or if they do they'd have to sell them

out of state so i was unaware

or i didn't think i could do a transfer

of a pre-healey

ar-15 but you know

i don't know if anyone's tested that or


and as far as i don't know if anybody's

tested it and if so what the results


logically it was legal when the person

bought it and

nothing made it illegal since then but

logic and firearms gun law in


have very little overlap yeah well that

would be nice if we actually could do

transfers of pre-healey

ars it would take a little bit of the

pressure off but

um i guess we'll have to re-examine that

policy and maybe

hire you to do a legal opinion so

uh which you've done many for us so uh

never a dull moment right

no there's always things that keep

bubbling to the surface because they

always keep

creating new policies out of whole cloth

and posturing on it and just confusing

everybody which is really

a win for them they don't need to have

the policy actually

go into place if nobody knows what's

going on everybody ducks their heads

down and that's the next best thing for

the hoplophobes

one other question that just came in on

the chat is

and i'm not sure what the reason for the

question is but is there a list anywhere

of the guns that are used in a crime in

the last year or years do you know of

any database

that maybe the public could access that

would show

i don't know if the public could access

it of course the fbi has the uniform

crime statistics

and the atf runs traces

on guns taken

not necessarily a crime done

anything that goes to the police

department usually has an atf trace run

on it

but that doesn't mean the public

can get access to that information that


i know the fbi uniform crime statistics

does break

uh murders and adws down on the type of


so you see handguns shotguns rifles

knives etc

sure but it's it's more difficult to get

it broken down into

actual make and model right

yeah that'd probably be a a list that


i mean i'm sure there's some yeah it


i wonder how many of them are uh you


the quote-unquote saturday night

specials you know the cheap handguns

and uh not the 38 revolvers sat uh

saturday night special but the what they

referred to once upon a time as the


handgun you know the 100 or 200 dollar

star or astra or what were those the


ring of fire guns from out around l.a


exactly yep and i'm sure there was you

know a lot of those are

usually at the high points and the uh

and the

what were those ones that there was some

that were like

my cousin actually had one at once upon

a time this

little teeny like chrome plated

uh yeah jennings that's it

and uh it had like a button to take down

the gun in the back

or something and so his gun jammed and

he pressed the button once and the gun


it was such a piece of junk either it

was 25 jennings or the raven or whatever


they're made out of like pot metal yeah

they're all cast they're all flash

chrome plated and

they're all low caliber because they're

straight blow back design so it was 22

25 and 32 maybe maybe a 380.

yeah the good old days those those

beautiful now i mean

i guess not to sound like i'm a fan in

any way shape or form of the uh

consumer protection act uh you know drop

test and test and everything but frankly

those guns weren't very safe

you know what i mean those things were


in more ways than one well

they weren't exactly smiths or rugers

they'll say that

that's true all right man well hey we

appreciate you joining us again and uh

answering our questions i'm sure we'll

have some

some more for you next week and uh if

you guys

um tell tell everyone how to get a hold

of you if they have an issue and they


they want to ask you some questions or


go ahead and uh hire you to help them


well you can call the office which is


384 again 508-384-8692

or send me an email keith at

k-e-i-t-h at l-a-n-g-e-r

dot com and there i am awesome thanks so

much keith we'll see you next time

have a good one you too and guys there's

no one else you'd rather on your side

if you need them uh hopefully you never

need him but if you do

he's the guy you want and uh you know

interestingly enough

um mike one of the questions that came

in on the grace curly show the other day


um how do you a appeal and

and we had just asked keith that

question last week on the show

how do you appeal if you've been denied

your license to carry

and my my recommendation would be to

go ahead and give him a call and he'll

help you get your ducks in a row but

he had some great advice which is get

everything in writing so bring your


have a copy of it and get whatever the

status they tell you

is in writing so all right um a couple

more questions before the break here if

i can squeeze one more in

uh steve was wondering if we have any

ksgs and we do have them in stock

so come on down and

john wants to know if we have any 50

beowulf and i haven't seen 50 beowulf

in years we actually used to have a

range gun that shot 50 beowulf and i

ended up

converting it to a 450 bushmaster


i couldn't get the ammo so i'm sorry

john i don't know

where to point in what direction to get

50 beowulf ammo

especially in this ammo shortage right

now you might have to reload your own if


going to get into reloading and matt

jones is wondering

why not silencers in mass and that's a

great question matt

we need it the hearing protection act

was once upon a time on the docket here

in massachusetts and then a mass

shooting happened and everyone went soft

on it so

um love to see us become the 43rd

state to legalize suppressor ownership

that would be wonderful and it's

equivalent to putting on a set of

earmuffs that's about how much the


in sound is about 30 decibels 20 to 30


which isn't a lot you can still lose

your hearing if you use a suppressor

inside with a

high-powered rifle it hurts but

yeah it helps a lot if you can have a

suppressor on your gun so

go ahead and call your

senators and legislators we'll be right

back this is toby lyria like you're

listening to rapid fire

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all right welcome back you're listening

to rapid fire i'm toby your host

and thanks for joining us if you want to

be a part of the discussion go to

click on rapid fire and get signed up so

that you can be

notified when we go live so we've got

lots of questions on the chat and on the

stream today so thank you for all those

and a couple more um that just came

in uh one is harry wants to know

if our gunsmith looks at p80s or are

they ex-communicato

the p80 for those of you who don't know

what that is it is a

polymer 80 is the brand name and it can

be a

ar or a pistol lower that

is sold in its 80 configuration

this is another thing that the atf is

looking at making a rule

change on and again it's ridiculous it

it comes down to the very core of our

second amendment

and that is can you manufacture your own


under the second amendment and the

obvious answer is absolutely politicians

don't like that because

they don't know about it and if they

don't know about it

then there's got to be something wrong

with that like i got to know everything

you do

and really the media has

worked overtime to

paint these guns as some sort of

nefarious activity

that is being done so that

they can be sold to cru criminals and


anything can be used for good or for


but the point is most of the time they

are being used by responsible gun owners

and government has no reason to

care if i'm not a prohibited person what

does it matter if i buy it at a gun


or i make it at home i'm not a

prohibited person

so this has really come into the sights

of the

doj and the atf and the biden

administration they want to do away with

what they've labeled ghost guns

now i don't know if anyone has seen the

video that

has been whipping around the internet

for a long time now

of the california politician who's

holding up this ar-15 that was

manufactured from uh

80 lower and he goes this is a ghost gun

this is capable of firing 30 rounds and

a half a second

a 30 caliber magazine clip in a half a


and you know he goes on and there's a

guy behind him

who uh i forget his name uh

someone will be able to tell me but he

was one of the politicians standing


coming down against ghost guns and guess

what like

a year later this guy's arrested for


illegal firearms on the black market a


yet here he is on the national stage in

front of a news organization and

press conference talking about how you

the people

the law-abiding responsible gun owner of


can't possess these ghost guns because

we don't know about them

and they can be manufactured at home and

they could be readily assembled by

parts that you can order from the

internet and it's like okay

and what's the problem with that we do

we still can own guns in this

country right oh yeah that's right we

can i forgot about that part

but again this is all stuff that's you

know bubbling on the surface coming to

the forefront

and they want to impose some sort of

you know untoward behavior and tie it

and associate it to

guns that can be manufactured at home at

some point

you're going to have to ban drills and

screwdrivers and files

and drill press and maybe

you know a shopsmith or a home milling

machine or hey

let's jump into the 21st century and

talk about laser

printers and laser engravers and and 3d


and milling machines like cnc milling

machines because

frankly you'll have to outlaw blocks of


so just because you block or outlaw

an 80 percent lower guess what

i don't care if you reduce it to 60 or

50 percent

or maybe if it's gun shaped it's a it's

a billet steel that looks

something like a gun and its intent is

to be built into a gun at some point

are you going to ban the iron ore in the

earth i mean

at what point do you does this just

reach the ridiculous

and i think the point is people are

going to come up

with a work around no matter what

because we love freedom

and freedom is the greatest of liberties

and frankly it's not something that's

endowed on us

by our government it's been endowed on

us by our

creator and so

the question was can we work on an 80

or a p80 gun and my answer is as long as

you were the builder of it

i don't have a problem you know with my


putting a trigger in it or something but

you manufactured the whole gun and you


did it you know and it's you're the

builder of it um

i'm not gonna finish an eighty percent

lower for anybody

so in other words if you buy it as an 80

percenter you're the

you're the builder of it so you got to

build it um

if you need us to replace a barrel or

you know

work with you on it no problem um but

that's the way it goes so um

yeah do that all right

we're gonna draw the winner in the next

segment of this week's giveaway

of the vault by pelican it's a pistol

case that we're giving away

and we're going to give it away in the

next segment don't forget to go to

rapidfire to get registered for that

contest and check out some of our


listen to the wonderfully crafted ads

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back we'll see on the other side

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legendary performance this

is hornady

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may the snow pile up and the elk come


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all right welcome back you're listening

to toby leary here on rapid fire

and it's our weekly show about all

things guns second amendment

and freedom and before the break we were

talking about freedom

we're talking about uh you know homemade


and how the atf wants to regulate those


because they don't believe you should be

able to build your own guns

and uh frankly and then we had a

question roll in davey's wondering

he's seen completed p80 lowers at other


and you think they're from the p80

factory can i sell those and yes you're

absolutely right

that polymer 80 actually makes two

different things they make one that's an

80 lower and one that is already a

registered frame so it has a serial


and it's a frame that you can build into

a pistol

and we actually sell both here and both


very popular right now so and you know

everyone knows you can't walk into a gun

store and buy a glock pistol

if you're a civilian you've got to be

law enforcement

until hopefully that changes by the

firearms policy coalition's lawsuit

but as of right now you can't walk in

to a gun store and buy a glock but you

can buy a polymer 80 frame because those

are unregulated

and you do a background check

you fill out your federal form like you

would if you were buying a gun

and then when you're all done you buy

all the parts you need to build it into


pistol and when it's done you register

it and you're good to go it's just like

any other gun but you had the cool

little hobby of making it yourself

so i would recommend you get on that

bandwagon now

and those guns are here and available

for sale i say guns it's really a frame

massachusetts does not recognize it as a

gun until it goes bang

federal law recognizes it as a

frame when it's a serialized and you can

put it all together and it's

goes bang um but the 80 percenters are

not considered

firearms until some stuff is uh machined

on them and

some holes are drilled and then it's a


so anyway uh the p19

uh frames are like i think 149 bucks

davies so come on down and check them

out and uh

it's a good way to get a glock pistol in

massachusetts so

there you go um all right

we have a winner earl carter is the


of the vault by pelican it's an awesome

handgun case it is rugged you could

throw this thing off the roof

and let it skip across the front yard

and it'll keep your

gun safe it has steel reinforced corners

you can throw a padlock on it

and earl we'll give you a call and uh

you're gonna you're gonna love it it's

amazing so

um yeah so there you have it uh

don't forget to sign up for next week's

giveaway i don't even know what we're

going to give away next week but we'll

we'll come up with something cool we

always do

right what do you think roy should we

give away uh i don't know

ammo he always wants to give away ammo

every time i ask him

what are we giving away this week ammo


but we got some really cool stuff coming

up i can't even talk about some of it

but the stuff we can talk about is don't

forget howie carl be here on the ninth

friday the ninth big time

awesome shindig all weekend long uh but

howie and grace will be here on the


and then saturday we also have franklin


coming with some guns to shoot on the

range that'll be cool

we're going to have range experience


all weekend long so you can come in and

shoot a bunch of different guns

we got some shooting contest stuff

coming up which is going to be awesome

we got the top shot invitational that

keith was alluding to

in september and uh yeah it's going to

be awesome

so we're really excited by the way

we have a ton of inventory right now

and i get people come in from all over

the state and some people from all over

the country

that walk in and after they pick their

floor their jar up off the floor they go

i can't believe you have so much

inventory there's no other gun store

i've been to in a long time

that has as much as you as far as ammo

and guns are concerned

and that's true we've been you know

sourcing it

and kicking bushes until stuff uh

falls out so we do have it we have some

g3 compacts left aaron if you want to

come down

and keith wants us to give away a

cleaning kit and uh it's probably one of

the most under

you know giving away things we've given

some stuff away given some cleaning kits

away but

that'd be a good idea maybe we'll get

some cleanse oil stuff together and give

that away

and uh we're trying to get a cleaning

company to sponsor the show so

that might push them over the edge you

never know no uh

so yeah keep your guns clean don't be

like me and shoot dirty guns all the

time because that's a bad idea

if you see the uh video of my poor

daughter shooting at

the mass rifle and pistol club last week


she got some jams in her gun and i'm

like oh we probably should have cleaned

that gun before we went to a competition


the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

but she's 11 so i guess i can't fault

her for not cleaning her gun it's kind


my issue at this point but yeah

so make sure you uh keep them clean

that's a good

good policy to have so um

and what else we got going on we got all

all kinds of fun stuff going on this

summer so

you know lots of lots of stuff and uh

andy's wondering about the mark iv light

pistols we

just got three in and uh

we sold them pretty quick but i haven't

seen those ruger has been very very slow

to ship

smith and wesson slow down a little bit

but we're still getting guns from them

and uh we have the new shield plus now

so you want to check that out we have

one on our range

i just did a side-by-side comparison

between the g3 compact

and the shield plus they're both 10

round pistols and they're a great little


for concealed carry both of them are

great there one's a price point gun at


for that taurus g3 compact you can't

beat it

with three magazines and they're all

steel mags

so they're really really good quality

for the money uh aaron wants me to give

away a mossberg shotgun that would be

like giving away a unicorn right now

i can't even find one aaron so

we've given away the dickinson shotguns

i got plenty of those in stock those are

pretty sweet

and uh so anyway there it goes another


uh hour in the bag another show

uh rapid fire goes quick folks but uh

thanks for being a part of the show

every week we love you guys

and uh it's awesome you can also hear us


the grace curly show on tuesdays now

and we'll uh go ahead and

uh you know see you next time but

thanks for tuning in remember the show

is ending here but it'll go on a little


streaming online so tune in at click on rapid

fire join us on the range uh you can

hear the extended answers to your second

amendment questions

online so i'm toby leary

thanks for listening to rapid fire god

bless we'll see you next time

all right we're back michael if you

bought a nighthawk from us i'll get you

a hat how's that

this is the only one i got but we'll

find you one somehow

i'll kick the bushes for you by the way

if you haven't checked out the nighthawk

pistols that we have in stock right now

you're missing out there's

i got the agent too the president

and the chairman and they're awesome so

you got to come check them out so so i

didn't have anything

planned for the range today because eric

was in there but we could uh do one of

two things

one of three things we could sit here

and do nothing

you know we could go out and surprise

eric see what his class is up to at

range too

and just kind of step in and look around

oh and or we can uh did you get that

charger right i mean that uh

10 22 running no unfortunately

oh all right maybe that's not in the

that's not in the works today

sorry um well maybe just answer

questions yeah we'll just answer some


uh but all right michael i'll get you a


i'll reach out to my rep as soon as we

get off this show and i'll try to

try to get you one and uh you know how's

it shooting for you there's just such an

awesome gun i hope you're

getting a lot of use out of that and it

is literally

about 130 degrees in here right now so

i'm not going to be sitting here much

longer because i'm melting into my seat

so uh but yeah we'll we'll get you a hat

um nighthawk oh i'm sure send you one if

not i'll buy you one how's that

uh so roy just put the

the bat signal out he just shined the

light into the sky

and hopefully my uh my rep will find it


oh we gotta draw yeah that's gonna

happen later i'm not doing it right now

nope nope not doing it live we'll do it

live but not

live right now yeah we'll draw that

kimber rifle because i want to give

people another hour to get their butts

down here and get their name in the

can if they want to win the kimber rifle

before i no i'm not drawing your name

because you're an employee you can't win

and uh yeah i'm sure the other day i

heard one of our employees go oh yeah i

dropped the name in there

and i said wait a minute you put your

name in the ammo can and she goes

no no no no i drew one read it and then

i dropped it back in and before i

wrote down whose name oh okay so they

figured out who it was but

um yeah arlo is ready to go outside and

melt and chase a bunny or a squirrel but

we're not doing that either

i've been taking him for a swim every

day and he's loving that

he's loving life when i get him in the


so uh i i'm not going to reveal my


because there's not too many places you

can take your dog for a swim these days

uh but i have a little honey home you

have a private beach yeah well

not all of us are as lucky as you most


i was wondering if you were coming down

there oh yeah i should i should

all right um guys i appreciate all the

questions hopefully

uh i answered them all to the best of my


and uh if it wasn't so dang hot in this

office i'd stand and sit here and answer

some more

but yeah we got all kinds of stuff the

set me l rifles are

back in stock so if you've been waiting

for one of those we have them in

gray tan green and black

and they are awesome if you want a

modern sporting rifle

that takes ar-15 mags that you can

legally buy in massachusetts

and they're ready to rock and roll come

on down

maybe i'll do a little review of one

later i know we did one a while back but

we have one on the range too you can

shoot one on the range

well that that gun has never gone down


i have never had any issues do we have

one of those on the rental yeah wall i

thought so i was come try before you buy

it's a it's a great gun and uh yeah i

would love to see you down here

um don't forget all the good stuff

coming up and uh today's the last day

we're in the last

hour actually if you come to the range

you get an extra two hours but

um an extra 50 minutes in the shop of

5 off 10 off from members anything in

the store

so there you have it and uh we'll see

you guys around

soon and often i appreciate everybody

being there and

god bless have a good day take care


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