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RapidFire is a talk show about all things second amendment, guns and self-defense. RapidFire airs Saturdays at 7PM on WXTK 95.1 FM radio or streaming(Saturday Night) AND on WCRN AM830 or streamAM830(Saturday Night).  Plus we are distributed across many popular podcasting networks.  Join the conversation! Ask a question below or use the social links at the top of the page to follow us.  We stream live on youTube and Facebook. Join the email list to get emails alerts when we are Streaming Live!!

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50-rounds of 9MM - You will have time to enter the contest, we will draw the winner on 6/16/2021 live on the show. Good Luck.

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Join the conversation.  Ask a question and maybe we will address the question on our show.

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This is RapidFire, a talk show about all things Guns, 2nd Amendment and Self-Defense.

The public blaming the object and not the person, maybe we enforce the laws we have already
Back from ICE Training, Executive orders, un-rest, not to mention we are overdue for a new MA handgun roster
Talking about proposed gun control legislation
Howie calls in to tell a personal story about his days as a MARKED reporter, covering Whitey Bulger
New sponsor Vortex optics and Hornady, keeping skills sharp and great answers to tough questions.
Great inventory, constitutional carry and all the best gun questions.


RIP Rush, big shoes, and your 2nd amendment questions.
Remingtons and the shortages, then the questions start rolling in.
The constitution.