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i'm toby leary from cape gun works i'm

passionate about all things second


well i love to shoot going hot

there is so much more to guns than just

pulling the trigger

a free and armed society is a

responsible and self-reliant

one join us to talk about all things


freedom and self-defense it isn't just

about being armed

it's about being responsibly learned

so load and make ready this is rapid


all right everybody welcome this is toby

leary your host

on 95.1 wxtk and we're glad you're here

this is our inaugural uh inaugural house

that for a term

uh our first episode of live

uh you know live on the air here for

rapid fire so

we're looking forward to talking all

things guns and freedom and second


and self-defense and all that good stuff

uh responsible gun ownership in america

and so if you want to be a part of the

conversation you can join us on our

uh live recording of this show um during

the week we will

broadcast that out via facebook and

instagram as to when we're going to be

doing it but we we broadcast live on a

weekly event

on uh youtube and facebook

and that's really what the genesis of

the show is all about we realize people

like to talk about guns

which i've known for a while and i've

tried to every time i'm on a local talk

radio show

i usually say hey guys we should do a

segment about guns because every time

i'm on

your boards light up and they're like

yeah we should and it just never

happens so whatever here we are um no

it's just fun

it's good to be on and uh talk all

things guns and second amendments so

go ahead and uh fire away

you're on rapid fire so david h is


what's rapid fire toby's new podcast and

kinda yeah that's kind of the thing so

it is a podcast but it's also

um gonna be broadcast on wxdk 95.1

on saturday evenings from seven to eight


be sure to tune in if you're local and

uh they are an iheart media

um station so you should be able to

download it as a podcast on their show

and uh or on their website if not we'll

post the link on our so

you'll be we are recording it so you'll

be able to find it after the fact but we

will be broadcasting

uh regularly on saturday nights so i'm

pretty happy from seven to eight

so it's going to be awesome and uh

diamond mind tattoo says i love guns and

i want them all so

join the club we all do so actually

there's a couple guns i could pass on


for the most part i like guns so

let's see here can i explain the

differences between gun sizes

compact subcompact full in terms of home

defense or concealed carry

applicability yeah sure steve um so


you know for the most part if you're

going to carry a gun you want a gun that

isn't going to print to the point where

you broadcast to the world that you have

a gun on you

so most people want to have a

sub-compact or a single stack gun

on their body concealed behind their

you know garments or clothing in a way

that people can't tell that you're

carrying that's the best

case scenario especially in state like

massachusetts where

we are not necessarily a concealed

only state you technically can open

carry but i would highly recommend

against it

number one it's a bad idea tactically

but also

uh you're probably not going to make

things better for the rest of us gun

loving community

uh by wearing your gun outside the hip

into the local you know food store

or walmart or kmart or whatever actually


banned them anyway so but you know

all i'm saying is you want to have

something that you can reasonably


and uh keep keep concealed if it's a gun

dedicated to home defense or

outside on the uh or range type

shooting then i would highly recommend

you get a full-size gun you can get a

little bit more

meat on the gun from your hands and you


can shoot it a little bit more

reasonably so

that's what i would recommend if you're

gonna get a gun for home defense i would

air towards the full size and

if it's for concealed carry you're going

to want a single stack or a sub compact

double stack or

one of the new stagger stacks like the

sig 365

hopefully that springfield armory

hellcat will become mass compliant that

would be awesome

because that's a real nice gun as well


yeah uh chevrolet we're not live

on wxdk but we will be rebroadcast on

saturday at seven so

that'll be good um matthew's saying

enjoyed a ltc class and waiting on your

ltc it's an mmp shield a good entry

handgun yes uh the mmp shield is a

phenomenal gun we've sold

probably more of that gun than any other

gun in the store

in the last six years and i believe it

was the quickest gun

by any manufacturer to sell a million

models uh a million versions of that gun

so uh

it's been a phenomenal gun for carrie

it's rugged it's reliable

it's accurate and uh i would get the one

without a thumb safety

the thumb safety on those are pathetic

and they're terrible

so um rodrigo is wondering when we're

getting more

365s and if i had the crystal ball

rodrigo i would i would put it to good

use right now and i would give you an

exact ship date but

unfortunately we don't know um the truth

of the matter is

uh sig is slow to ship right now and i

get onesie twozies

so um that's the way it is uh

you know we just don't get uh we don't


notice advance you know i get advance

shipping notice when they're

already on the way i get a tracking

number and then that day they usually

show up but

unfortunately we don't know and they are

that's what they're telling everybody if

you call

them say hey i want to get a 365 they're

going to say all right good luck get in


but i would still recommend if you want

one you call the store

and you prepay for one put a deposit

down and we will get you all squared

away so

all right uh has there been a noticeable

difference in the business as the result

of the election

uh not as a result i would say

but it's still on fire compared to

a year ago today you know what i mean so

david that's a good question

um but the answer is no it's still on


and it's not going to slow down anytime

soon so um

has the mossberg mc1 been replenished at

the shop no unfortunately it has not

uh that is uh a gun that we have on


we have lots of them on order and

hopefully we will see them soon

but like all guns it's tough to get so

david says what advocacy groups do we

recommend for mass gun owners

a lot of people unhappy with the nra i

would agree i think the nra needs a


dressing it needs some

housekeeping done and i would definitely

support local groups like gun owners

action league i would support

second amendment foundation i would

support um

the nssf if you can i don't even know if

you can if you're not an industry

uh group but you they do a ton of


and uh i believe that they do a lot of

really good work

also uh the

com2a is another local one that's worth

sending some money their way but

gun owners action league com2a are the

two big ones in massachusetts that do a

lot of a lot of good stuff

so yeah support them and

gun owners of america second amendment


are all really good groups to support so

what do i think about the canik tp9 sfx

i think they're awesome for the price so

you get a lot of bang for the buck out

of the

canik tp9 sf um and the sfx is no

you know no doubt an excellent gun as

well so

i would definitely recommend them for

the price they're awesome

uh great guns for the money also being

left-handed any difference in training

practicing new ownership so curious um

no there's no difference in the training

or practicing but make sure you get a

gun that

you can have an ambidextrous mag release

so like the fn 509s the fn 503s

those are guns you that some of them

come set up left or right

uh and you can just press on either side

of the gun and drop your magazine

others you have a little mag release

that you can switch around to the right

side of the gun so if you're left-handed

you can

depress the mag release with your thumb

instead of your

index finger or middle finger on the

left side of the gun so that's the only


excuse me just make sure that the uh

make sure you can work the controls of

the gun and then everything else is the

same other than you're wrong-handed

that's really the biggest difference so

nothing you can do about that though

so how's the ammo supply in the store

right now that's the question of the day

ammo bring hey you got any nine


question of the day um robin

we have most calibers in stock believe

it or not we have some 380 right now

we don't have nine millimeter uh we have

two two three we have 40 we have

380 we have 762 by 39

um so we have most everything i think we

have some 45 left as well

so that's the state of the ammo

situation at the store right at the

moment so

we'll get to more of your questions when

we come back from this quick break

so thanks for joining us you're

listening to rapid fire

we'll be right back

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welcome back this is toby leary from

rapid fire here on wxdk

95.1 thanks for joining us

and we'll get to more of your questions

in a minute um

i don't know if any of you saw the

boston 25 news article that came out on

monday night

at 10 p.m but uh our range was featured

on it

and what's funny about it is the promo

had more of us talking than the actual

spot did you know the new spot but it

was funny it was you know

boston 25 investigates and the guy doing

the show

never even came in or called us or

whatever it was

you know we talked to the cameraman and

he gave us the interview and whatnot

but um i got some pushback on social


from people in this state who are

extremely s

extremely sensitive sorry i just read a

comment but um

are extremely sensitive to gun stores

doing news media presentations in

massachusetts because people are


that the reason we can't have ar-15s or

ak-47s in the state of massachusetts was

because mass firearms school and uh

did a did a news article prior to 7


you did it in june of 2016

and then lo and behold 720 rolls around


and ar-15s are banned and ak-47s and

everything else

so i tend to say like i don't think

the attorney general was watching the

news that night and

all of a sudden was taken off guard and

taken by surprise and said

holy smokes you know uh you know

ar-15s are still in the hands of the you

know the citizens here we got to do

something about this and then rolled up

their sleeves and got to work and a

month later

banned them all that's not how this

works media

is in concert with government and in

case you haven't noticed that in the

past few years

um you know they're really it's almost

like a state-run media at this point

i'm not conspiracy theorist guy this is

just the facts this is the truth

and uh so you see the um you know

basically what i'll call state-run media

uh put the message out there of how

confusing it is and how much

you know i can't believe these guns are

still on the streets of massachusetts

even though they've been banned and then

sure enough a month later uh the

attorney general springs into action so

i don't see the uh i don't think it was

the other way around that they did this

article and then

oh shoot ta-da you know let's we're

banning guns

so i got some pushback people saying oh

gun stores should never do

any any news article because that just

you know brings attention to guns in

massachusetts and

tees up legislation i'm not a believer

in that i don't believe that at all

um i do believe that uh putting a

responsible face of gun ownership uh in


in the limelight is a good thing and

that article was largely

very uh neutral it didn't

sway one way or the other and i think

when you

looked at the footage that they did

display there was

a lot of women shooting a lot of couples

in the in the store

there was a lot of people coming in to

to shoot i think it was really good

it was a really good uh article that


you know the face of responsible gun

ownership in massachusetts people

getting trained

people not only buying guns because

they're definitely

nervous and the whole thrust of the

article is what is causing this surge in

gun sales

but it was also a really good spotlight

on people

taking responsibility and then getting

trained in the safe and efficient use of

firearms so

i thought it was a pretty decent article

even though we had about 45 minutes of

video that

or interview that got edited down to

about a 10 second

promo but they largely you know


the store which is good you know you

know i used to be of the

opinion that there's no such thing as

bad press i do believe there is

when it comes to guns but um at the on

the other hand

uh i don't think that was it so

it was pretty good so uh this video is

brought to you by big seltzer absolutely

i don't even get paid to drink their

seltzer but it's delicious and i love it

so i'm

happy to uh throw their name out there

every once in a while good massachusetts


polar beverage makes the best seltzer on

earth so

excited to make your first purchase

matthew says just need to decide on what


well right now matthew that would be

real easy to do because we have about

three models of guns you can buy

no i'm just kidding uh we actually have

uh a lot of revolvers in the store we

just got some of the uh

shield easy nines that will go really


but smith and wesson products have been

shipping pretty regularly

so that's a good thing so hopefully

those will continue

thoughts on biden's gun policy you can't

imagine how much a pre-banned magazine

will end up costing

especially in mass with his 200 large

capacity tax

yeah i'm not a fan of any gun

restrictions whatsoever so

i think he's got a long

long road ahead of him if he wants to

ban you know guns the way that he wants


we'll see how it goes but i don't see

anything happening real quick

just anyway uh hopefully

you know it doesn't go

uh go south on us let's put it that way

um earl is saying you'd like to buy an

ar-15 for home defense what do you

recommend that you would be able to get

all right this is

one of the most asked questions on our

live show

and ar-15s are really hard to get in the

state of massachusetts

number one they have to be pre-94

or they have to be a

private transfer person-to-person

private transfer

that's the only way to get an ar-15 in


and unless you get a fixed magazine

ar-15 which isn't a bad way to go it's

not terrible

but there's other options out there like


robinson armament xcrl which takes ar-15


or the sig mcx if you can get one

they're just really hard to get right


and the kel-tec rdb

which is another good ar-15 you know

a gun that'll take an ar-15 or the tavor

x95 so

my initial thought earl would be to get

something other than an ar-15 because

you're going to pay a ton of money for

an ar-15 right now they're probably

starting at 2 grand maybe going up to 2


and then you know you're probably going

to dump another 500 bucks into them to

make it what you want

so that's what i would recommend get

look take a good hard look at those

robinson armament xcr

ls and the tavore

x95 hey francie how are you

and then people are commenting on you

know the

video in the back and behind me there's

some guns here with suppressors on them


saying what what the heck i thought

suppressors abandoned mass

and they are they are banned in

massachusetts and uh we have them for


as a manufacturer we can have them

because we are exempt from the

uh suppressor ban so sometimes

you know going to work is better than

others you know and that's one of the

day you know

whenever you get a suppressor and when

we we get one in for testing and shoot

it and whatnot it's

it's fun i will say i i got to admit

it's pretty fun but i also think it's

pretty ridiculous that we can't have it

in massachusetts

i had some guys asking me today in the


you know why can't we have them like

does it make him whisper quiet and i

said no

it's like putting on a pair of earmuffs

it reduces about 30 to 40

decibels and uh in inside in our range

it's not even hearing safe so

i would not put those i would not shoot

one inside without

uh without having you know muffs on so

depending on what caliber you're

shooting of course so

uh let's see


uh who gave me the dear mount on the

wall richard's wondering he sees my deer


i shot that buck in saskatchewan richard


that was uh my own doing i

i was fortunate enough to harvest that


but it was up in saskatchewan it wasn't


although i have shot a deer bigger than

that on cape cod believe it or not

hey chris good to see you um chris was

wondering uh

how the heck we had a can so on display

i have a couple of ar-15s behind me

which have cans on them i'm just

representing free state freedom for

those of us

caught behind enemy lines here in

afghanistan so

all right well i'll take some more of

your questions

on the other side like i said this is

rapid fire we only got an hour so we're

gonna cram it all in we're to answer

your questions we're going to

you know keep it rolling so keep it all

things second amendment

freedom and self-defense we'll be back

after this

did you know anyone can get a gun

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cape gun works is a gun range with

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so go to and sign up

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alexander hamilton said those who stand

for nothing will fall for anything

this is toby from cape gun works when

our founding fathers drafted

the second amendment there was no

question of its meaning today if you

have questions come to cape gun works

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training or to send a few rounds

downrange we have a fully stocked pro

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all right welcome back thank you for

that word from our sponsor cape


big supporter of the show so if you want

to support the show

we can arrange for that too uh just

reach out to us at but

anyway i'm toby leary and thank you for

tuning in

this is rapid fire it's gonna be the

quickest hour on radio

on wxdk 95.1

and we're answering all your gun related

questions so if you want to join the

discussion you can get in on

facebook and youtube and today we're


on instagram so uh

yeah thanks for checking it out so

uh chatter says i just bought the cz

brand 2 it's

awesome alternative to an ar and i would

agree with you

diamond it is phenomenal it is a great

gun i am

really excited to have got a small batch

of those

in and uh we hopefully will get more

uh but the cz brand ii is right up there

with the

robinson xcr and the tavor

x95 so it's a really really cool

gun uh they fixed a lot from the s1

version of the brand

uh it no longer has a reciprocating

charging handle

it has a polymer lower which has shaved

a lot of the weight off

and it's it's just a great gun

ergonomically i think it

it performs very much like an ar it's


it's yeah it's pretty sweet so i haven't

shot one

so i'm hoping one of my customers who

bought one from us

will bring one in and say hey toby you

want to come shoot my cz brand

and i'll say yeah i do i'll take you up

on that

but anyway uh it's super accurate too

that's great

um i got a question about

someone saying what are my thoughts on

new gun owners not voting for trump and

it's to be expected i'm not surprised at


i think that that was to be expected if

they weren't going to be a

trump voter before

becoming a gun owner i didn't see them

as immediately

coming over but you never know with uh

you know

once they start to see how hard it is to


purchase guns and ammo and and whatnot

maybe they'll

start to support second amendment uh

candidate so

let's see

why do i think the ballot initiative on

suppressors failed

ignorance yeah it's definitely ignorance

i have a lot of people

who come in and say hey uh toby

you know those suppressors should be

banned because they're so quiet we you

know police won't be able to

tell where the gunshots are coming from

with that shot finder and whatnot

i say guys come come into the range

don't put on any hearing protection and

i will shoot

a suppressor and you'll uh you'll

you'll uh you'll regret that so anyway

alex i don't know when i'll get some

more 380 defensive ammo in

uh hopefully soon um but you know

there's no guarantees what we're gonna

get tomorrow or what

but um so that's that's that

uh jim says congrats on the new show

thank you you

your set needs some color though a

little red white and blue

no doubt about it we've already talked

about that and it's tinny in here

you know sound bounces off the walls in

my office so we're going to get

a nice flag roy's demonstrating where

the flag is going to go

and we will definitely get some stuff up

on the walls

it's a little spartan in here so um i

got the guns on the walls that was the

most important thing right away so

there's that and uh hopefully we'll get

some other

decorations but uh 357

mag ammo i think we're fresh out

uh and mark's wondering uh if he came in

to order the ruger pc40

it was a no-go you purchased the next

best the pc-9 we had on the floor

cool it's a sweet takedown rifle and it

takes glock mags can i run pre-bands


absolutely mark you can uh the pre-band

mag is the band thing i mean the

magazine is the band

item so you can run pre-band mags in a


and i just got a note that we do have

some 357

tumble on impact rounds verismo so the

fort scott munitions if you guys haven't


fort scott munitions you should check

them out they're awesome

we will uh maybe even one of these days

play one of their

ads during our break and

it is a tremendously effective round

it isn't like a traditional hollow point

that opens up what happens is the round

is a solid copper projectile

and when it goes into soft tissue it

begins to spin and tumble

and when it tumbles it you know creates

a huge

massive wound channel so that is

an awesome round for self-defense so

mark i'm glad you got uh that pc9

and by the way the pistol caliber

carbines are still

one of the hottest selling guns in the

store we

sell tons of kel-tec sub-2ks we sell the

ruger pc-9s when we get them we had a

tiny batch of

sig mpxs come in and we basically

fulfilled backorders with those

um we got those ptr 9r

uh carbines which are awesome they're

like the hk94

those are very popular so we sell a lot

of those

so pc carbines are all the rage and i

will tip you guys off to some little

insider pro tip

we have one of the original marlin camp

carbines in stock and it comes with

two pre-banned high cap mags it's 9 mil

and it's just a cool gun i mean this gun

was way ahead of its time

it just it was uh it was just a

you know i think it came out in the 90s

if i'm not mistaken it's got a woodstock

but it's a pistol caliber carbine

that just is awesome to shoot and

they're all the rage now but they were

kind of like

what's the point back then it was kind

of funny but

yeah it's a great gun in great shape and

it has the uh

cardboard box it came in still so the

marlin camp carving is in the house so

if you want a pc carbine but you can't

wait you might have to walk out with the

marlin camp carving so

and uh someone is saying random

and unrelated to anything useful i did

have a fun time with one of our

instructors who ran our trivia night

last week

can't remember his name sadly fun guy

though that would be eric

he's uh one of our range officers he is

a very

funny and obviously with trivia knight

he's very

interactive he's a dj and the man wears

many hats to cover that big bald head so

don't tell him i said that well you can

if you want

he probably will be hear it anyway so

someone's saying we should move to south

carolina you can have machine guns if

you have the money and the weather is

better stop dealing with the gun grabber


come on frank that's taking the easy way

out buddy see

i get at least twice a day people are

like what are you doing in massachusetts


you're nuts moved to a free state and

i'm like

that's taking the easy way out like come


it's ridiculous stay and fight that's

the way i see it

the birthplace of freedom in

massachusetts right

and you guys all just cut and run i

can't believe it the founding fathers

would be so ashamed

paul revere and his midnight rag would

you know

whatever don't get me off on that rant

no i'm just kidding

i have some deep roots here in


and you know to be honest with you

there's nothing that holds me to

massachusetts as far as the state

is concerned but i do it for the people

i'm here for you guys no that'd be

really uh i love you guys but

you don't keep me here either uh you

know i got family i got two businesses i


a lot going on so maybe someday i'll

retire to a free state but

those days are uh they're way up ahead

on the on the road i'm looking through

the windshield i can't even see those

days yet so

we're gonna be here for a while so

that's the way it goes

um i don't think rodrigo is wondering if

this will be

every week at this time we will

definitely be broadcasting

at 7 00 pm on saturday on wxdk every


and we will give you the alert ahead of

time during the week if you want to be a

part of the

live show and chat so um you're going to

have to stay tuned

and we'll get we'll get you some

advanced warning

so uh there's mo you can shoot paper

with the 357 tumble on impact round just

so you know

and he's saying we need to stay here and

arm the mass subjects so

all right guys we will be right back

this is rapid fire

and i'm toby leary

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amendment there was

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all right

all right welcome back toby leary here

from rapid fire

on wxdk and thank you for joining in on

the conversation

those of you on social media and uh

whatnot sending your

your rapid-fire questions they're coming

in fast and furious and if i don't get

to you i'm sorry i'll try to get them

next week for sure so obviously things

are still

crazy in the gun sales world um it's

you don't have to unless you just

crawled out from under a rock

it doesn't take a you know rocket

scientist to know why

uh with all the uncertainty in the world

out there and with all the

um you know unrest politically

and on the streets and the rioting and

everything else and uh

yeah so people are are nervous people

are you know

ready to defend themselves they know

that police can't always be counted on

and there's an age-old saying that when

police are you know when you when when

you need

seconds they're minutes away you know

when seconds count they're minutes away

and not to say they won't rush to the

fight they will

we we support the blue back you know

support the thin blue line here in


locally and abroad and we love our

police officers lots of them come in and

frequent the shop and uh

you know they have a hard job a job that

you couldn't pay me enough to do

so my hat's off to the local law

enforcement and

all our enforcement throughout our our

country they have a tough job to do

right now so

and they're doing a fine job of it

obviously there's always some bad apples

in the

in the bushel but for the most part


you know stand-up guys through and

through and i know i'm fortunate to know

quite a few of them

so that's a good thing so is there a new

gun works location in the works someone

wants to know can you come to the north


please well we would love to

uh unfortunately at this time our

interests are still pretty local

uh but it is part of the big scheme of

things and if you know anything about us

um we when we put our minds to do

something like that

chances are it's gonna happen so a lot

of people said

even this location would never open

and here we are so it is part of the

business plan to expand beyond

the cape cod region and get over the

bridge so

where over the bridge remains to be seen

and i'm getting a lot of people asking

for us to come to worcester which i'm


because there's a lot of gun stores

around that area so

i'm actually flattered that you would

want another one up that way and our

store to be

thrown into the mix so anyway that's uh

that's a welcoming thought we would love


expand beyond uh get over the bridge

so we'll see how that shakes out and

when the time comes we will make the


so um do we allow test firing prior to

prior to purchase matthew wants to know

thinking of a shield or a walter p99

what if it does not feel right again

want to make an informed decision

you're on the right track matthew you

definitely want to uh

excuse me you definitely want to

try before you buy if you can and uh

what you do is what you're going to do


come to the store we have a try before

you buy option

where you can try out any of our rental


or if the gun is used you can try it and


10 bucks for 10 rounds and then you can

see how it feels with your hand

interact and you how you interact with

the gun can you reach all the controls

of the gun

but yeah you basically want to get the

gun that feels good in your hand

that you shoot well um they're all going

to probably

shoot about the same as far as recoil if

you're if you're looking at nine


all around the same size gun but

it's a really good idea to go ahead and

try them before you before you buy so

it eliminates the you know need to trade

it in in six months and whatnot so

that sounds expensive machine gun is fun

but you best be a millionaire william's

saying talking about

that prior comment now frank was

saying that we should come to south

carolina because you can have a machine


well guess what here's the dirty little

secret you can in massachusetts too

believe it or not it's amazing but you

can have a machine gun in massachusetts

so um that's the

you know that's surprising so um

people are going to ask how so that's

the tricky part

you got to prove that you are a bonafide

collector of firearms

and so um if you can prove that you're a

bonafide collector of firearms you're


to get a what they call a green card

and the green card is a machine gun


so you can't even hold a machine gun

unless you have one of those green cards


um so basically how do you

become a bona fide collector the best

bet is to become a class three gun

gun dealer so you get your type three


from the atf and how you do that is

i think it's all done online now i did

mine a few years ago but the

type 3 ffl is

basically for collecting purposes so any

curio and relic any gun that's over 50

years old

you can buy through the mail and have it

shipped right to your door you can

you know purchase stuff for collecting

purposes it's not you're not

in the business of buying and selling


you're in the business of collecting so

once you have that type 3 ffl that's

what your proof is that you're a bona

fide collector of firearms so you go

down to

your local chief and you apply just like

a license to carry

and then you can be prepared for a


sticker shock so

getting in the machine gun game right

now is a minimum of

six thousand bucks so six to seven

thousand bucks so

you know it's definitely not a poor man

sport and uh

but that's the way it goes but if you

get your green card

uh the machine gun license then at least

you can shoot them

legally so yeah

that's something worth doing right there

so a lot cheaper than owning one

so andrew's wondering

uh if i saw his question about how many

rounds does the 365

hold i did not so i'm glad you asked it

again so the 365 holds 10 rounds

in a free state they do make a 12 round

and a 15 round mag for it but

the 365 holds 10 rounds and it's a

really tiny magazine

it's amazing that they crammed 10 rounds

in so for those of you watching online

you can see this is a 365 and oh look

there's that fort scott munitions tumble

on impact round

and uh so it's ten rounds uh

of nine millimeter and it's in this tiny

little stagger stack magazine

it's it's really tiny so i

first time i saw one i could not believe

it with the flush mag

it's your pinky doesn't even get on the


and all the other uh single stacks out

there that are about the same size only

hold seven

you put a pinky extender and you only

get eight on those single stacks but

these stagger stack mags

pretty amazing getting that last round

in is a little bit tough i will say

it's uh tough to jam those in so

um let's see here we have uh

someone's really cracking up at the uh

big bald head comments so

um we have a championship belt to defend

you'll bring it up that's good

um thank you andrew he says he's

he appreciates us being here and uh

someone's asking can we imagine a future

with a cape gun works outdoor range

man in my dreams i see it but i don't

see it on cape cod happening


unless somebody knows of some old

cranberry bogs that are about to go

away or something like that but maybe we

could get incentive to help with the

nitrogen loading of our

aquifer and uh say hey

we got an idea donate that cranberry

blog that's

you know creating all this nitrates and

clogging up our

estuaries and our uh you know

our vernal pools with uh this

bloom this you know algae bloom and

causing all kinds of harmful things to

happen to our local aquifer

so donate it to cape gun works and we'll

make it an outdoor range

i think it's a perfect solution to the

contamination of our

our water supply so i don't know that

might be a stretch but

i'm all in so if you guys find me a

piece of property we will do it so

yeah absolutely keep your eyes peeled

for us but i would do it in a heartbeat

if we could get an outdoor range that

would be great

so all right guys stay tuned we will be

right back you're listening to rapid

fire this is toby leary

did you know anyone can get a gun

license guys

and girls and it only takes one class

you take your mass firearm safety course

at cape gun works

they even have live fire where you can

actually shoot a gun

then you use the certificate you get

after the class to apply for your


kate gunworks is a gun range with

archery stuff and a wicked cool staff

so go to and sign up

for a license to carry class today

alexander hamilton said those who stand

for nothing will fall for anything this

is toby from cape gun works when our

founding fathers drafted the second

amendment there was no question of its

meaning today

if you have questions come to cape gun

works for some advice

training or to send a few rounds down

range we have a fully stocked pro shop

with a huge

selection of guns crossbows archery

classes rentals a 15 lane range and a

friendly staff

come on down to cape gun works airport

road hyannis or

all right welcome back i'm toby leary

and you're listening to rapid fire

thanks for joining in on the discussion

we've had lots of

questions rolling in and uh as always

i'm really excited to

and happy to answer them so this is the

last segment so if you have a question

fire away and we will get get to it

um one of the my passions as well as

guns is also

training so we just did a big uh class


some of our staff here at cape gumworx a

live fire class called

intuitive defensive shooting and we did

that last week

and trained eight new people and six of


are going through instructor development

so we can offer this class more often

it's going to be great it is a class

that's designed to work well with what

your body does naturally under stress

as far as a self-defense class so if you

haven't taken

a defensive firearms class we highly

recommend you do it

start off with the uh

intro to pistol handling if you're a new

gun owner so

we really highly recommend you just do

that get the basics down you get a

couple hours out on the range

and that would be a good place to start

then you can take the uscca concealed

carrying home defense class

that's a eight hour class with about six

hours of classroom and two hours of

range time

and that is a wonderful class because

it's all the stuff leading up to a

defensive shooting event

and after a defensive shooting event so

if you think about it pulling the

trigger in defense of yourself

is the easy part okay it's everything

else that goes along with it like

you know how to avoid the fight in the

first place how to

uh you know de-escalate the situation

the color codes of awareness

the legal implication of it the of the

legal use of force

uh the financial aftermath how are you

gonna pay for

your defense you know and all that so

it's a really

uh you know rich class you learn a lot


i highly recommend it so we have that

and then

you know there's kind of the crescendo

the intuitive defensive shooting class

which is our

bread and butter it's our eight hour

defensive shooting class you shoot about

400 rounds and work from the holster

we talk about the body's internal and

external natural reactions to stress

and shooting under stress and all the

mechanics of shooting your gun

in a safe and efficient manner while

under stress so

we highly recommend you take that class

as well so

those are our bread and butter classes

and someone's

recommending that they could take the

red dot class with ben dewalt we offer

that as well

so ben dewalt is a outside instructor

that comes in

and shoots you know does some classes

with us

and uh so yeah because chris was asking

the question is there a steep learning


when running a red dot on pistol on my


uh and my opinions on them do we have

any pistols with red dots to test in


i usually keep my i have one back here

actually a sig romeo 365

i'm sorry a sig uh 365 xl with a romeo

zero on top

and so if you want to try that out i'd

let you try that out chris

if you come to the shop but uh i have


started carrying a red dot pistol for

defensive purposes yet

i believe that kinesthetically aligning

with the target

with both eyes open focus on the threat

i can

actually acquire the target a lot

quicker than looking for the red dot

so yes there is a little bit of a

learning curve in acquiring that red dot

as you come up

and get the gun in in parallel with your

line of sight

jerry mitchulik and elena mitchell just

released the video on that

so you got to get the gun up in your

line of sight as you're driving the gun


so you can acquire that red dot a whole

lot quicker so or

acquire your sights quicker than just

punching straight out and getting the

gun into your line of sight

so i would say there's definitely a

little bit of a learning curve for that

people do it i personally feel that the

red dot sight

is most advantageous at distance

and at smaller targets so accuracy and


where you're shooting uh defensively 95

percent of

all gun fights take place from nine to

21 feet

you can probably kinesthetic well

certainly learn to kinesthetically punch


with your eye both eyes open focus on

the threat

and get the gun out in in parallel with

your line of sight

and fire a defensive group on the high

center chest

now if you're talking about like a

hostage situation where you have to

um you know shoot in the head or

that three-inch cranial ocular cavity

which is defined by below the brow line

above the palate and kind of between the


that's um that's a much tighter group

so yeah that would be a good place where

a red dot sight would come in

and work pretty good so i would i would


you get some reps in with both and uh

take a class

or two and seeing how you can get that


up in your line of sight and get firing

defensively accurate shots so

defensively accurate shots

it's a yes or no it's not 109 876

you know like the scoring rings on a

target it's a yes or no

it's either in there or it's out in a

defensively accurate shot

any of them count okay it's not five in

the middle count more than

you know five spread out and a hand size

group across the high center chest

the five spread out in a hand size group

across the

high center chest is probably better

because you could do it in less time

than it took to put five in the same


so that balance of speed and precision

is really important

so anyway there you go so take a class

we'll go over all this stuff in class

it's a good idea

and uh we got a question from kyle any

16-inch 556 uppers in store

yes i actually have several so

um yep come on down and uh

someone's telling me to hurry up it's

almost time for tucker all right

i hear you loud and clear earl but just

dvr the guy

i mean that's all you got to do is dvr

them that's what i do watch them when

i'm like standing in the shower when i

finally get home at midnight so

uh that's pretty

a little more information than you

needed to know so uh

maybe they'll let uh let's see uh how

many acres do you need to make it happen

for an outdoor range

well marty that that's a great question

if you got some land to donate

go ahead and type right into that chat

box no i'm just kidding but probably

i would say two or three acres anyway um


the most important thing is the backstop

so i know of a piece of property here in

hyannis where it's

i could probably get a 600 yard range in

but the local guy who owns it

you know who's a gazillionaire by the

way i tried to get him to donate i said


you got enough money come on it's time

to go ahead and

do the right thing for the second

amendment and donate this land and we'll

put in a beautiful outdoor range

we would have to jump through some

serious hoops probably have to put in a

no blue sky so i would say you're

probably in the

even if the land got donated we're

probably in the

million to two million dollar range to

build this thing to do it right

where it would actually get passed but


then again i'm i'm up for a challenge so

if you know someone who's got some land

that would be adequate let's do it

let's do it come on man let's do it

that's right conan

but yeah i would say you'd need at least


i mean a 200 yard range would be fine

and adequate even 100 shoot i'd take 100

yard range all day long

but it would be really really cool to

have a six or 800 yard range

and uh i would love that i mean that's

like fantasy camp stuff but

we'll do it if we can get the land we'll

do it but

tough finding that kind of land on cape

cod that's not gazillions of dollars so

if gun sales keep going the way they're

going you know

in about 10 years we'll have enough

money to do it so

go figure right is there still room in

the utah class

i don't know you'll have to check on the

website michael i apologize

um check right on

and uh that'll be good well like i said

this is the fastest hour in showbiz

it's rapid fire hour so

we are glad that you guys joined us for


uh inaugural maiden voyage here

into gun talk in afghanistan behind

enemy lines and we're gonna hold the

banner high for everybody in the state

i don't care who you voted for if you

believe in the second amendment

i'm here for you so we'll talk and we

will keep it going keep the conversation

going so

join us every week on wxdk from 7 to 8


join the conversation live on facebook

and youtube

and we will put out the word before

that time comes so you guys want uh to

keep the text going keep the chat going

we'll we'll get to your calls next week

and uh we're really glad to be here

there's so much to talk about this is

the tip of the

iceberg and we're gonna get going soon

so this is rapid fire and i'm toby leary

thanks for joining us we'll see you next



questions here on instagram we're still


okay so i can keep going yeah bob where

you been hiding man

we're going to be doing wxdk every

saturday from 7

8 and that was the show for it so

hopefully you guys had a good time

watching that

be taped and thank you guys sorry i'm


i'm like kermit the frog here

um you got a pretty good audience with

that too yeah and i appreciate everybody

chiming in that was really good thanks

so much

great questions by the way who decides

on the green card

is the local chief just like a license

to carry

but again if you can show that you're a

bona fide collector

you can go ahead and uh apply and as

long as they allow you to submit the

application you'll be uh good to go

do i think the hellcat will be mass

legal soon

unfortunately no i wish

um but probably not uh they can't even

keep up with demand for the rest of the

country so why would they go ahead and

test it

wait a minute let's pause the presses

we're gonna

yeah unfortunately not they don't even

make a 10 round mag as far as i know

so yeah it would be collabora it would

be a great collaboration with a local

existing range i agree

we would do it in a heartbeat uh

man shout out to arlo you stay quiet for

the whole show harlow is a good boy for

the whole show he's a good boy he wanted

to be a part at one point i had to stuff

him down

but anyway uh yeah we can help you do an


um not a problem uh don't hate the state

i hate the state too i gotta be honest

with you but that's the way it goes

um you know what it's really sad it it


it just uh goes to show that you know

where the birthplace of freedom is

um we uh freedom died also here so

that's too bad but uh let's see my uncle

is a real estate agent

he'll ask him if he has some open space

for sale all right marty that's that's


but you missed the part where i said

donate yeah

um honestly i don't think just buying

some land and building an outdoor

commercial range

is a i think it's a non-starter as far


uh profitability believe it or not i

know everybody thinks that's crazy talk

but uh you have to compete with

local gun clubs so a lot of people were

really shocked at the fact that they had

to spend 300 bucks on a membership or

500 bucks or 200 bucks a year on a

membership here at cape gun works

and it's like they're like well i can

get it for 100 bucks a year at the local


which is true and the local club owns

all its stuff outright because it's been

in existence since 1946 and they got a

cell phone tower on the property that's

bringing in 130 grand a year

for their slush fund and uh then they

can build

you know put up the backstops and then

they got to figure out what to spend the

money on so they give away donations and

stuff like that

because nobody gets paid so to keep a

staff of 25 people

employed costs a lot of money and not to

mention the real estate

and the cost of goods sold and the ammo

and the blah blah blah and the cleanup

and the maintenance just to set a set of

hepa filters for our roof

is uh i think it's 12 oh no i'm sorry


5 000 bucks so every time we got to

change the filters and that's the hepa

filters there's two sets of filters

so every time we change the hepa filters

it's 5 000 bucks

every time we change just the average

filters it's 1200 bucks

and then we have other filters for the

dcu and then we got lead cleanup costs

and blah blah blah so

there's a lot that goes into running a

commercial range so uh

you can't just you know throw up a back


a sand berm and call it good

in this day and age outdoor ranges will

probably go away

in the next 20 years i'm just saying

because what's happening is

uh you know they're they're

unless they're a really good like

country club type range

uh they're not gonna happen they're

gonna go away because they're just

charged uh you know there's legal

challenges to them that

you know drain down the coffers and

after a while they can't

keep it up so yeah unless you could put

like that uh catch like you did before

like the you know you put a bullet catch

yeah you can put bullet traps outside so

the other thing too is neighbors who are

an outsider

yeah you know long weapons bob we're on

wxdk on saturdays at seven

uh seven to eight it's a quick hour

that's why we call it rapid fire

and i gotta tip my hat to my buddy matt


i was sitting at dinner with a big group

of people and i'm like

yeah we just don't know what we're gonna

call the show and he goes rapid fire

i mean he said it like it was on the tip

of his tongue he's not even a gun guy i

go yeah

holy cow that's it man that's it rapid

fire yeah

it was perfect so yeah it was great um

someone's saying what if we dig an

underground range

that'd be cool but then it wouldn't be

outside well what's funny

funny you say that conan because uh the


building well not the first probably the

fourth building location i looked at

um this was actually the second or third

building location i looked at but the

fourth one i looked at

was actually where the original gun

store was that building came up for sale

i was i just had grandiose ideas so i'm


why don't we just nuke this whole


we'll put an underground range in and

it'll stretch out into the parking lot

under the parking lot and we could get a

25 yard or 30 yard underground range

and then build a triple or four decker

and have like office you know space

have an apartment no we were gonna have

an apartment on the top floor

like four apartments on the top floor

then the next level down was going to be

office space for rent or for lease and


we were gonna have the first floor be uh

cape gun works and then the basement

would be

the gun range so we looked at that and

then we realized

probably not gonna happen once we got

like a six million

dollar estimate to build never mind the

cost of the

you know to buy the place but i wonder

you know the first time you guys did

this you tried to

to sell the lifetime memberships and

everything like that i think that you've

primed the pump

i was talking to brendan about this

yesterday i won't reveal everything

obviously because we're still alive but

there's uh uh a way now to kind of you

know i wonder if people would

kind of dial into buying the lifetime


you know to uh kind of fund the project

yeah i mean if we could do it for real

it would be

amazing you know it would be a

epic epic uh you know

thing but i think the only way to do it

would be to get

you know if we could do two or three

hundred yards

haven't i have a public range that you

could shoot two or three hundred yards

yeah that would be ideal yeah to do that

indoors is insanity gosh yeah

it is so cost prohibitive it's you know

and to be honest with you like we have

25 yards

there's only 20 of the time

people actually put their targets all

the way down oh yeah you know most

people shoot

from it's only if you want to rain five

yards to

10 yards to 15 yards and most

indoor gun ranges are less than 50 feet

or 50 feet or less some of them are like

10 yards and all the new evolution of

gun range

is like 10 yards because they're putting

them in strict strip malls

and they're projecting the target on the


so you can pick the size of the target

so you can kind of

superimpose distance based on your

target size

the problem with that is and i go over

this in my intuitive defensive shooting


is distance has a greater psychological

effect on you than size of target so

if you can say this targets this size

and this is what it looks like at 50


and this is what it looks like at you


20 yards it's gonna be harder to it's

gonna and they look the same

at at this distance right it's still

gonna be harder to hit the further one

because psychologically the

uh it has a greater effect on you than

the size of target so

um i had another good idea for that if

we end up going somewhere else too that

i don't want to reveal

well then why do you keep saying that

you know like a really really good guy

that's like oh man you should have heard

the story i heard today i don't want

anybody to steal it

you should have heard the story i heard


on that guy yeah all right well

i guess i should have heard it but i

wasn't there and bob saying the cartels

could help us with designing the build

out for underground range

no doubt about it no doubt it would have

state-of-the-art ventilation and

lighting and be concrete and beautiful


it would be like a you know subway said

hey a subway system maybe an old subway

subway track new york problem is just

getting somebody in new york a good one

there's an outdoor range i can hear near

the canal you're right about that

and i'm a member of it yeah

i sure am sagamore rifle club it's a

great little range little

100 yard range so that's it

and uh yeah it's it's right off the


it's the best kept secret

so i shouldn't blew up so don't tell


no i'm just kidding i'm just kidding uh

the cape does need

you know outdoor ranges as well it needs


and clubs should definitely uh

you know support your local gun club i'm

okay with that i'm a member of two

uh i don't get there as much as i used

to but

and i've even been kicked out of some so

look at that

um we're

getting back to the machine gun topic no

i'm just kidding uh

have i ever thought of doing a utah

class on nantucket richard's wondering


we did one on nantucket a few years ago

i've done one on nantucket i've done one

on martha's vineyard and we've done the

ltc classes on both islands so we have

we could probably make that happen we're

gonna get the lowrider ice cream truck

going richard if you can help us we had

some people

coordinating that with us they found the


and you know spread the word and it all


but so uh

conan saying all you have to do is

commit a few felonies resist the rest

and get

roughed up by a cop to go start a gun

gofundme and we'll have

millions that's true that's true

uh next spring or late winter can you

pattern your shotgun for turkey while

here i'm a member if that makes any

difference yeah dave we'll let you

pattern your turkey gun

we do make the no birdshot

exception to people who are patterning

their turkey guns

because it has such a tight group i'm

not worried about it trashing the


you know trashing the target hangers and

all that yeah we made a video when you

got your exception steve you've been

patiently waiting and i will definitely

explain the ruger mini 14

situation so most ruger mini 14s are

legal in massachusetts and

they are like the ranch rifle and


are all legal because they

uh they don't meet the definition of

assault weapon

but uh if it has a folding stock

and a collapsible stock and a bayonet

plug and a threaded barrel and all that

good stuff

then it would be an assault weapon so

you'd have to

have one that was made prior to 94. so

if you get like the ruger

mini 14 with the factory folder which

are pretty sweet

that would work but yeah

sorry i made i gave myself a little too

much headroom there

but yeah that ruger mini 14 so most of

the ones

the ranch rifles the stainless the blue


the composite stock or the wood stock

they're all

they're all legal so

yep you can get them and there's some

pre-banned mags floating around so you

can get some of those

uh cool god forbid the military base

would have a machine gun range i know

isn't that ridiculous

so you know that's a perfect example of

why i don't think a new outdoor range

will ever happen on

cape cod not that i wouldn't try like

mad if i had the opportunity

but the the people are trying to stop

the military from having a machine gun


on camp edwards it's for the lead so no

i don't think so well that's what i

heard it was

it's because of the wood and if we had a

cap yeah that's why they had that


i happen to live right up behind that

well i grew up on there and they

they had that helicopter out there

searching for ordinances they just

didn't want anything else in the ground

they made them do

like a lead bullet and stuff well no so

what's really

funny about that is when we were looking


building cape gun works we

took a tour out there staff is a company


i think it's switzerland or sweden and


were hired to do the berms out on camp

edwards they have a

containment berm that fully contains the


so it's easy to mine the lead out of

every few years

is it like that it's a one heavy thick

rubber blanket that goes

on top of the rubber media and you can

put it indoors outdoors

and it extinguishes fire they've they

had 10 000 rounds

of sustained fire uh

from multiple machine guns so obviously

there's no

10 000 rounds it would melt barrels but

they had like four

m240 bravos that's awesome in texas

going like gangbusters

and they fired 10 000 rounds into one


to try to light it on fire and they

couldn't get it to light with tracers

and everything they couldn't get it lit

and uh so they put those in at

camp edwards and so they already solved

the lead problem so the people making

noise about lead

are uninformed and oh yeah they're

totally uninformed because that

that problem was solved six years ago

right and i don't know

i toured you wonder why they're making

because they're

the same people are making gun laws that

don't understand

guns like they just you know

if you don't understand guns why are you

making gun laws but

i grew up over by there man i i can

remember that when they had the impact

field open they're just here in the

yeah you could hear anywhere

so that's that what if you have a

flotilla range out on the water that'd

be cool that'd be a cool tourist


but that just makes it even harder to

make money with jump on our cigarette

boat which is whatever

and you'll get the shuttle out to the

range and uh that would be cool though

that would be

shoot balloons in the uh that would be

wicked cool yeah

shoot balloons in the ocean next thing

you know we'll have sea turtles with

balloons and

bullet holes in their head and we'll be

on the cover of the national awesome

videos i'm going to be on the cover of

national pornographic magazine in no

time you know

cape gun works is killing the sea life

you know fire and

lead into the sea yeah that'll go over

like a fart in church

um let's see shoot copper bullets on

joint base cop cape cod so it's a lead

issue at least that's

yeah that's what we were just talking

about so um

they're using copper bullets i guess on

joint base cape cod so

uh that's ridiculous because the

bullet traps that stap put in um

totally mitigate the lead issue so i

really think that system that you guys i

mean i haven't seen all the systems

obviously but that

catch with the auger at the end is

really the smartest because it's not

with the auger but with

barrels underneath is really a good good


so talking about our bullet trap they do

use these outside on military

installations and whatnot that makes


and uh yeah you just roll the barrels

away when they get full

bob's saying he misses the sound of

artillery in f-15s i do too

was the sound of freedom man it was yeah

sound of freedom so

i i always loved hearing it myself

actually one of the guys that comes in

here to um

max he uh he's over there on the base

and i said okay oh i heard you guys

i heard some shooting out in the fields

again i just happened to go to my

parents house

yeah that was us we were out there

exercising our machine guns

yeah well

we'll exercise some machine guns one of

these days here at cape cod

so yeah maybe to do a promotion for our

next rapid fire

yeah i don't know i don't know if that's

the right i don't know if that's the

right i don't know if that's the right

uh promo soundtrack for

wxdk like come listen to us we're going

to shoot machines

a little facebook facebooker

it'd be fun twitter uh promo to show up

and steve you're steve is saying proper

gold clubs are 30 000 a year

um i assume you mean those like country


like uh the preserve in rhode island and

i'd be shocked if it's that much but if

it is i'm not surprised

and let's let's you know compare it to


shooting's cheap you know we're 300

bucks and people are like what 300 bucks

i could join the local gun club for a

hundred bucks

like yeah you can't even join a

municipal golf course for under seven or

eight hundred bucks a year

yeah so it's always cheaper than golf so

go figure and then you shank your three

dollar golf ball in the woods you know

it's like

it's uh how many have done that you

crack open a fresh

oh v1 yeah pro v1 tee it up and boom

donate that one to the to the golf gods

it's like ah that guy that goes in the

woods and collects them yep

anyway uh david's saying he's looking to

build his first ar

any uh recommendation on what to look

for in pre-band lowers

and just try to find one that's the

biggest recommendation they're really

hard to

hard to get uh they're probably

somewhere in the vicinity

of fifteen hundred dollars for a


pre-band lower right now and so yeah

it's tough but um

thank you steve i appreciate it congrats

on running a terrific gun shop

always a great experience ever been to

the weapons museum at

shooter's outpost in hooksett if not i

should yes

i got a tour by uh the owner jim mccloud

of it when he was setting it up it was

pretty sweet it was pretty

you know i think he's the largest uh

he has the largest collection of uh

transferable machine guns on the east

coast for sure

so yeah it's pretty neat to see and i'm

glad he's displaying it's better than

sitting in a

locker somewhere so um

uh bob's dating himself the f-106 delta

wings were loud screaming over the beach


picasso over the 70s well i think when

you were growing up and they were

uh running those biplanes bob that was

that was uh

probably pretty interesting too right

the great baron was flying around and

stuff so

just kidding no that uh

i don't i don't think i've ever heard

the f-106 delta wings but

i flew a uh f4 phantom simulator

i don't know if that counts but that was

cool uh the f4 phantoms were the big

vietnam jet and i flew one of those in a

flight simulator

at uh san diego at the uh the uss midway

they have a couple of flight simulators

in there it's pretty cool

and you have all the controls and the

you know the pedals and

rudder and thrust and all that stuff and

so we took off and i'm flying around and

i'm like now tell me

what would have been different had i

been doing this in a real jet

and the guy said nothing except g-force

and i'm like what you mean to tell me i

would have just

i would have just got a a jet up in the


and he said yep and i was flying it all

around it's pretty cool

so that was pretty neat but i'm sure

there's some other

technical stuff that i would have needed

to know had it been a real jet but

hey that's what the fun of the

simulators are

you know there aren't many cz-75s around

what about the tang

felinos i do have a tang felino

in my collection dave i don't see them

come through the store

much i had a couple from a big

collection we got

but that was pretty rare and those were

i think i had two of them one was in 45

and one was a nine and uh

i have a cz 75 right here on the back


i don't know if you'll see it if i move

out of the way

uh let's see if yeah probably not but

anyway um you got to get those on the

secondary market unfortunately

that's just the way it is um because

the uh they're

impossible to get through a dealer so

yeah flying is the easy part landing is

the trick we did find that out real

quick especially when we're trying to

land on a

aircraft carrier with the aircraft

carrier going like this and you're

coming in

and you burn into the side of it you

miss the hook and end up

rolling off the end all kinds of fun um

and when we were flying around we were

dog fighting with each other and stuff

and trying to shoot each other down and

it was just machine gun on the

on the simulator but what was really

funny is we're flying by and we were

there in san diego because my father won

tickets to the broncos chargers game in

san diego so

there was a bunch of broncos fans in san


so we're flying by and the flight

control guy goes

hey you just bombed uh you know

the charger stadium and the guy comes on

and goes

i know and so i flew over and sure

enough you just see it smoldering and

smoking it was pretty funny

and uh that was that was a pretty fun

part of the trip but

flying a flight simulator i did land a

couple times

successfully on the aircraft carrier and

i was pretty impressed with myself

but we landed on the tarmac no problem i

landed at san diego airport so

rodrigo your dream cz75 so

if you really want it that bad rodrigo i

might be persuaded out of this one i'm

not going to handle it because i'll get

kicked off youtube but

you might be able to persuade me out of

one so anyway

and bob says i crashed the fb-11

111 simulator in the ocean at pease air

force base with your dad

when your dad was commander of the 509th

bmw nice

yeah i've crashed a few of those in

myself in my day as well not those but

uh just the planes so that was not at

coronado it was on the uss

midway it was an aircraft carrier that

is now a floating museum

they have several different flight

simulators and one of them was the f4


and you sit in the fuselage and it's uh

it's pretty cool so come to the vineyard

hunt and have a utah class

i would love to let's figure out how to

get that done

uh marcetti di morales or

dimarese i would definitely do it if you

can set something up for me

let's do it um

if i've flown with my gun have i ever

been hassled no

i've never been oh that's a lie

i have been hassled but it was my fault

so i flew to alaska

and when i was leaving alaska i

failed to declare the gun in my luggage

when i was flying home

i totally spaced out i'm sitting in the

alaska airport having a

some fried halibut before i my flight

and then i i hate to get on flights

early so i just kind of

lingered in the la in the restaurant and

then finally i'm like well they're

boarding i better hurry up

so as i get there everybody's on the

plane and the lady's like are you toby


i'm like yeah she's like did you bring a

gun and i'm like

yeah and she's like did you declare it

and i went

i think so and so she's like get back

out through security you got to go to

clear the gun i'm like

oh i'm going to miss my plane so i go

running out

through security you know i go out

there's a policeman waiting the gun's

sitting there open out of my luggage and

everything i'm like oh crap

so i fill out the declaration card put

it back in and

he fingerprints me photographs me

dresses me down asks me all these


not really but uh he was pretty cool and

then they let me go and i'm doing the oj

through the airport jumping over you

know stuff and and running

talk about dating yourself um so i get

all the way back to the plane and i'm

getting on the plane and everyone's

looking at me like

really dude like really we just had to

hold this plane up for you and i'm like

sorry folks sorry folks sorry folks i'm

the idiot who brings a gun and forgets

to declare it so

yeah that was fun but

so that was the only time i was harassed

and then i got a ticket from the

tsa for 1500 bucks

and they said if you pay it we'll knock

it down at 750 bucks

but if you fight it and you lose you're

going to pay all 1500 and i'm like

oh my gosh this is ridiculous so

i called the tsa and i said look

here's the deal i wasn't trying to get

through a security line with my gun

that's how they wrote the letter it was


you recently tried to get through

security with a gun and i'm like

no i didn't and so the lady's like

well do you feel bad about what happened

i'm like i feel

terrible i held up the plane i i'll

never do it again

she's like all right as long as you're

contrite and you'll never do it again

we're gonna waive the feed this time

it's only

one time in your life you'll get this

fee waived and i said okay

thank you very much ma'am and so that

was it

that was it so i can't do that again i

already used that card get out of jail

free card once all right so i need to

use prices as times like on facebook no

i don't need to

um well maybe i do on youtube i don't


but i don't own facebook because we're a

bonafide business we can

talk price so no big deal

polymer 80s are like 100 bucks on gun

broker just need a drill press

yeah we've had the polymer 80s we got

some glock 26 size polymer 80s in stock


and uh you're imagining mario noises as

i jump through things at the airport

that's a good

analogy that's probably what i look like

here i am thinking i'm like oj

running and jumping over the things like

the hurts ran a car commercial

but it was probably more like you know

mario brothers

you know this little guy although i'm

not so little but anyway

all right i'm gonna shut up my wife

wants me home and i have some leftover

pheasant that i cooked last night and i

can't wait to

sink my teeth into that deliciousness

and it was wonderful i must say um

i cooked the legs of the pheasant and i

left the feet on them

so that made it really special give me a

little handle to eat the leg

my kids were like yeah i want one and my

wife so i get that off the plate my

daughter was kind of creeped out

i think it pays homage to the bird right

so we shot some pheasant this past

saturday arlo was a good boy he got some

birds up for me and uh

so i had this nice little handle to eat


pheasant leg and it was it was wonderful


fried it so uh conan's wondering if it

was grilled baked or fried so

i do this cool little schnitzel type

fried deep fry so i i flour it

put it in the egg wash and then the

panko uh

or i like to mix the panko breadcrumbs

with the

like the 3m italian breadcrumbs and mix

it up sometimes i make it with

ritz crackers and you know crunch all

that up

and then i mix it all up and bread it

and then drop it into the cast iron pan

with a little bit of

a little bit of oil in there fry it up


and i wish i had that video to show you

guys my little

doesn't leg but i don't so i'm going

home to leftovers

thank you guys for tuning in it was

awesome and i hope you appreci

you guys like the show and we'll keep it

going i can't really handle guns on

youtube anymore they kicked me off so

we made it a whole hour and maybe a half


and one gun to the wide game no we're

not gonna we're not gonna handle guns


anyway so uh we will

answer your questions next time so

thanks so much for joining in

and god bless you all and tune in

saturday and spread the word

thanks for rapid fire thank you so much

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