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i'm toby leary from cape gunworks i'm

passionate about all things second


well i love to shoot going hot

there is so much more to guns than just

pulling the trigger

a free and armed society is a

responsible and self-reliant one

join us to talk all things guns freedom

and self-defense it isn't just about

being armed

it's about being responsibly armed

so load and make ready this is rapid


hey welcome everybody this is toby leary

your host of rapid fire the weekly show

where we talk all things guns

sometimes politics that you know revolve

around guns we talk about the second

amendment we talk about self-defense

and we talk about freedom america here

we go

so stay tuned we got another show on

hand for you today

and uh we're looking forward to it it's

gonna be a action-packed show we're

gonna talk a lot about um some of the


uh proposed uh rule changes to

quote-unquote ghost guns or 80

percenters or

uh you know homemade firearms we're

going to talk about

some of the stuff that david hogg was


on cnn the other day uh and it's kind of

funny david hogg has emerged as

the guy who's similar to like greta

thundberg the

what what greta thunberg is to the

environmentalist movement david hogg is

to the

gun control movement this uh kid who


from you know the parkland shooting um

there was obviously some controversy as

to whether he was actually there the day

of the shooting

but he certainly was on like every news


for like a year afterwards and it was

very interesting that there was a lot of

show prep

that took place in coaching by cnn and


uh some of the other networks that would

kind of coach them up as to what to say

and how to say it and they'd take

do rehearsals and whatnot so they very

much wanted him to become the

champion of the gun control movement on

the heels of a

another tragedy of where uh

you know our system broke down if you


and sold a gun to somebody who should

have been a prohibited person

and i don't know if you guys remember

when i had rob pincus on the show we

talked a lot about

um keeping some guns from

i'm sorry keeping all guns from some

people rather than keeping

some guns from all people we also saw


ted cruz interviewed david chipman

who is the nominee for the director of

the atf

by the biden administration and ted cruz

simply asked them so

from what i see you uh

would like to see a ban on the ar-15 and

my hat's off to david chipman for not

dancing around the question he

honestly answered and said yes i would

like to see a ban

on a total ban on the ar-15

and ted cruz just reiterated that

now you do realize this is the most

popular rifle in america

and he you know went on to

talk about it but he felt it should be a


weapon and should if not a total an

outright ban

so that is who has been nominated to run

the atf

is david chipman he is an activist he is

a board member member of every town for

gun safety

and you know obviously uh an outspoken

ad advocate of gun control and

said on the senate floor in the in the

hearing confirmation hearing that

he would like to see a ban on the a


and if they're the funniest thing is he

then goes on to make the argument

and says the ar-15 is what the rifle


the atf agents are issued

so he's saying that in a way that that's

why civilians shouldn't

be given them because the atf agents are

issued them because they're that good of

a rifle

that people shouldn't have them only atf

agents should

so i think his logic is uh going to


tremendously on him and i like how ted

cruz pointed out that

dianne feinstein's bill uh gun control


assault weapons ban bill names 2

000 rifles that would become banned

overnight in america

if it was to be passed

and the last time she uh brought a bill

like this on the floor in 2013

there were 40 senators who confirmed it

or voted for it out of the 100 so uh

it was a 40-60 split so i don't think it

has a chance

that's the good news the bad news is the

guy being nominated for the director of

the atf

is obviously a fan of that type of gun

control legislation so

we'll get to some of that as well later

we'll talk a little bit more about that

but one thing i want to do for you is

play that cut

um if i can find it yeah i got it right


on david hogue talking about

the mass shootings and and the

people buying guns and whatnot so he was

on cnn

and uh let's hear what he has to say

about this

in 2020 there were nearly 23 million

gun sales across the united states

that's up 65

over the year before and then in january

okay after the insurrection of the


there were two million gun sales and

that's up 75 compared to the january

before that

so what's that about to you

i think it's about fear i think it's

about the fact that

as a country often times we would rather

unfortunately turn on each other

and point to someone's skin color or

point to someone's immigration status or

their gender

or their sexual identity and claim

that's the threat when in reality

we should all be working together

against the sources of evil that are


this gun violence and the injustice that

promotes this gun violence and gun

purchases in the first place

because the reality is what's going to

help solve this situation is not

somebody buying

you know another ar-15 or another gun

it's going to be all of us working


to change the political system and the

corruption and system of loopholes that

has brought us to this place

where a corporate you know a a corporate

lobby essentially like the nra

is able to put such a a chokehold on our

elected officials that they're letting

thousands of americans die every year

simply because they are more afraid of

what the nra will do in their next


than whether or not there's going to be

another school shooting in their

community or an everyday act of gun

violence and that has to change

we have to come together as americans

and realize this isn't about

being democrats or republicans you know

that that six-year-old

that 14 year old that you know 12 year

old that die every day

they don't have a political affiliation

they're a kid that wants to grow up and

they deserve to grow up in peace and

security no matter their zip code no

matter the color of their skin or where

they come from or who they are

and we have a responsibility as older

people to act to protect them so that

no in the future they're able to be

college students and they don't have to

come on

cnn and talk about you know the fact

that we're the

a country that uniquely has to deal with

this situation because we don't have to

it absolutely does not have to be this

way david what do you say

to those groups all right

well obviously a lot to unpack there

and uh you know the funniest thing

for me whenever david hogue opens his

mouth is you know he's very

polished on a lot of the political

talking points as he says it's not a

democrat or republican thing but it's

obvious that he's being

coached along as to what the talking

points are

and uh you know he says oh we're the

only country that

has to deal with this and funny i do


just recently um in france at a

theater a mass shooting event that took


in a theater with ak-47s in a country

where all guns are banned um i just

some reason i i can remember that i can

recall that

even though he says we're the only

country that has to deal with something

like this

and you know there's uh so much to

to say with regards to what he what he

was talking about but

um it's funny how he identifies that


out of fear that people are buying guns

and i would almost

agree with that to a certain extent i

mean the people who've always bought

guns and it's a hobby in a way of life

don't go out and buy guns out of fear

other than the fear of politicians

taking their rights away but

other people who see a society

that when we have a pandemic

on our hand quote-unquote that they let

prisoners out of jail they threaten to

lock up people who want to go to church

they burn federal buildings

and police cars in

you know protest and then chuck rocks at


and then want to act they're actively

calling for the defunding

of police departments so they can't do

their job as effectively as their

as they have been which by the way as an


i say police departments are underfunded

when it comes to

training when it comes to real world

training they are

underfunded and i remember the year that

uh officer gannon got

shot that that year

the state cut firearms training and

training in general for police

departments in massachusetts by a

million dollars

and you know not to say that's that

could have or would have changed the

outcome of that but

let's put it this way that if you're

cutting a million dollars

in a in a year when you have a i think

it was a billion dollar

surplus it shows where your

where your loyalties lie and it's not in


policing safer and efficient

and a better having a better outcome for

all it's more for

casting and causing uh you know getting

political points out of it so

all right we'll be back after this

you're listening to rapid fire i'm toby


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all right welcome back this is toby

leary i'm your host of rapid fire join

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we'll get to some of your questions in a

bit but i just want to finish my

thoughts about

david hogue here or hogg however you say

his last name

um you know he he talks about the

sources of evil

uh that create gun violence and you know

while he's saying that he's got the law

abiding or the responsible gun owner

squarely in his sights

even though i agree with the sentiment

of what he says

and we do need to focus our efforts on

the criminal element

that is causing gun violence because

that is where the gun violence is

is happening it's happening in you know

inner cities

it's happening in uh some of the highly

gun controlled areas

of our country the ones that have some

of the most gun control

have some of the most violent crime and

you look just in the last

year in our cities around the country

the spike in violent uh

you know felonies or murder it's


it's up 20 30 40 in some cases

if you look at new york city it's up i


double or triple digits and it is

amazing how much

um how much you know crime has gone up

just since the whole defund the police


has has started so it is really

uh disheartening to see that and so i

agree with them that we need to

we need to focus our efforts on the true


of where this crime stems from

if you want to enforce

you want to try to reduce crime by

changing laws

and holding responsible gun owners


it's similar to trying to reduce drunk

driving by

making everybody out there have to go

through a seven day waiting period to

buy a car

or go through a background check to buy

a car making you

get uh you know do extra uh

jump through extra hoops on top of

what's already required to buy a car

it doesn't make sense you're not

targeting the group that needs to

be targeted which is the people causing

the problem in the first place

um but that's the answer to these people

is you know we got to reduce gun crime

by reducing guns

or reducing the responsible gun owners

access to guns or the type of gun that

the responsible gun owner

should have access to that's david

chipman's argument

that's david hogg's argument that's the

way people have been dealing with

uh you know the gun

crime if you want to call it epidemic in


select areas uh for years it's always

make it harder and harder to get guns

meanwhile he talks about the injustices

and he started that whole spiel out


uh the we shouldn't be

you know targeting groups of people like

and he goes on to mention race and uh

sexual preference and all that

but truly the injustice of of gun


is the people who need guns the most for

defensive purposes

are the ones that have the most limited

access to it so you look at chicago you

look at dc you look at new york city you

look at new jersey

some of these high crime areas these are

the places that it's hardest to obtain a

license to carry

in some cases flat out you can't obtain

a license to carry

like in places like new jersey or in

areas like new york city

so the fact is until we address

that problem and that is the true

injustice of it all is that

and in my opinion gun control is racist

because a lot of times it's minority

communities that need access to firearms

the most

because they're living in a violent

community in some cases

and not all but in some cases and those

people who want to protect themselves


they have to live in a you know a state

of fear of victimhood

and frankly there's other options out

there besides the gun i'm not going to

say the gun is the end-all be-all

and it's the only thing that stops a

threat but

it is certainly an equalizer it's how a

90-pound you know elderly woman can

can survive a violent encounter with a

felonious thug

so that's the way i see it but we gotta

end that we also

need to stop casting a spurgeon spawn

uh the lawful gun owner or the

responsible gun owner

and and saying that you know

to reduce crime we got to reduce uh gun

purchases or make it harder for people

to purchase guns

that isn't going to do a thing to reduce

crime um so

let's stop targeting responsible gun

owners and target the criminal

element that's it for my

rant okay i'll get off the soapbox but i

was on the reason i

went through all that is i was on the

grace curly show this week and

and that was one of the topics of

discussion and

and uh you know there's not enough

people out there

speaking the truth in a way that

people realize how nonsensical the whole

gun control argument really is

we don't hold any other right to the

same standard

and i've been through that a bunch of

times but anyway let's get to some of

your questions here

uh that are coming in on the stream john

solomon wants to know if there's any

vp9s coming in he's had one on back

order since february

thank you for your patience we do not

have any

eta on most guns most manufacturers are

not giving us etas

andy's wishing we could ship ammo in


we're shipping ammo all over the country

right now and

massachusetts is one of those states

that does not allow ammo to be shipped


and i know there's companies that will

ship here

but we cannot ship to people in


and why you might ask because the law


that at the time of purchase the

the license to carry or fid card must be


in hand at the time of purchase so we

would love to

solve that problem one day but anyway we

we can't at this time uh richard lee

says what is my thoughts about texas

i think people need a little bit of

training okay

this is a great question because i agree

people need more than a little bit of

training but i don't believe they need


to exercise a right that's the

difference between a right and a


if you have a right to keep and bear


then it shouldn't be restricted by any

arbitrary or class that you can come up


or a set of standards i believe the onus

should be upon law abiding or

responsible citizens

to infer upon each other like

you didn't take a class on the safe and

responsible ownership of

the gun that you own shame on you like


definitely need to do that i mean if i

want to be proficient

at tennis if i go out there and smack a

ball against the wall yeah i'm going to


some stuff i'm going to do a lot of

stuff wrong but i'm not dealing with an

issue of life or death

if i really want to get really good at

tennis i'll probably hire a trainer or a

coach or

you know take some lessons same thing

with guns

now you are dealing with stuff that has

some consequence to it

if it's done wrong or negligently

you can harm or kill yourself or

somebody else it's the third rule of

gun safety the way we say it here in

um cape gun works as a result of our ice


it's you know you got to bear in mind

that you're in control of a weapon if

you use it negligently or maliciously

you can harm or kill somebody

or yourself period that's the big

picture rule

and so i do believe people need training

i don't believe they should have to go

through training in order to exercise

their right i believe

all states should be a constitutional

carry state

period nothing but and then i believe

that we could do a better job as a

society as responsible gun owners

to tell each other hey take this class

it's awesome it'll help you be a safe

and responsible gun owner

all right we will be back after this

more of your questions on the other side

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all right so before the break i was uh

talking about um you know some of your


and the training thing in texas or in

any state

uh again the responsibility should be

upon our gun owning community

not a government agency and i know that


uh that doesn't always resonate with all

gun owners

but that's just my personal opinion i

don't believe

that you know and i i benefit from the

system we have in massachusetts because

it's a major revenue stream for us to do

license to carry classes but i'm willing

to cut that income out of our bottom


to go to constitutional carry which i

think we should

i don't think we ever will in

massachusetts but frankly

my beliefs trump my pocketbook unlike a

lot of people in this day and

age that want uh want

you know they're driven by money for me

the second amendment is way more

important than the money that i can make


license to carry classes and i think it

should go back to the original intent

by the framers so matt asks

he thinks he already knows the answer to

this but

if a firearm is registered to me can my

wife who also has an ltc

do a personal transfer of the firearm

registered to me

um you probably could but

it's not the right way to do it i would


you know do a transfer to your wife

first and then

if your wife is selling it or giving it

to somebody else

um have her do the transfer then or

go straight from you to the end user or


the person at the end or if you're just

asking me in a roundabout way can you

transfer the gun to your wife um

absolutely yes you can do up to four

personal transfers a year

so if you've already used four then you

just do it through the gun store and

um you know we can facilitate that for


what did we get in for defensive nine

brendan wants to know we got

um i know we got a bunch of federal

product punch

we got uh some

oh boy i think we got some some federal


but you're kind of catching me off guard

here i should know but i don't

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yeah we have options in nine for the

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um yeah so is any of the defensive stuff

online to order i don't believe so matt


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bob and i don't know if it's still if we

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we had a ton of five seven ammo come in

so that was good

um and then uh andy says does that mean

a person can buy four guns via e

f810 and sell four guns no it's only on

the sale

so you can buy as many guns as you want

through the efa 10

but you can you can only sell

for so all right i heard we have

attorney keith langer on the line and uh

that's exciting

so this spot this segment is sponsored

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trusts and civil litigation

keith is available by appointment for

legal constant

consultation please call 508-384-8692

that's 508-384-8692 or visit uh

keith g langer is a gun owner and a gun

rights attorney

and thanks for coming on the show with

us today keith

it's always good to have you

can you hear me loud and clear

experiencing some technical difficulties

you there keith

i hear him like oh there he is all right

come on in can you hear me now can he

hear me that's the question

i don't think he can i hear you all


cool we got you

welcome um thanks for coming on and uh

you know i was talking earlier about the


proposed rule change with the uh atf

about quote-unquote ghost guns and

polymer 80s and 80

lowers and you know what constitutes a

firearm in this day and age

and uh we we thought we'd get your

opinion on it and are those guns legal

in this state you know is it legal to

take a polymer 80 glock frame and

and manufacture it into your own gun

number one and number two

what about 3d printed guns is that a

thing in this state

and what do you think about the atf

proposal i am losing you

ah we're losing them so

all right well we can hear you loud and

clear keith so

give us some give us some insight as to

whether or not you can

actually print a 3d gun here in

massachusetts is that legal

we're having technical difficulties i

think we lost them

we'll get them back yep we'll get you

back keith uh

call back to the show it's always fun


technology cooperates but when it

doesn't it's uh

yeah all right we'll

we'll hold off on that conversation for

a minute and

maybe we'll get them on the other side

of the break so that we have some time

uh to talk about them but uh let's see

oh it's interesting dave is saying when

you get to questions what's my take on


ar lowers in massachusetts

well my take is that it's perfectly

legal to have an 80 percent ar

lower in mass or any lower in mass but

the question is can you manufacture it

into a weapon

or into a fully functioning firearm so

i don't know that's probably

a good question for keith when we can

finally get him on

matt wants to know if that strike eagle

box behind me is empty

and yes it is because it is on one of my


so uh it's a great optic though the

strike eagle one to eight

is phenomenal it's a uh illuminated

optic um

one to eight power has bullet drop

compensator built into it and

all that good stuff so um

and bob saying speaking of felonious

thugs why is it easy for 18 year old


to acquire ar-15s and ammo and make rap

videos well

and what bob is talking about is a

local story here in hyannis that

we had a felony stop over on barnstable

road right near our old shop

where uh they arrested an 18 year old


on three felony charges one of which was

aggravated rape another one was like

indecent assault on a 14 year old and

another one was

a uh i believe um

i don't know if that's 100 correct but

it was one of those

charges and then i think another one was


inside of a store but he had been posing

in social media with ar-15s and the

question was

whether or not they were real or not but


when they had this felony stop

the mother recorded the whole

interaction with police basically

crying the victim the whole time like

what is going on why is this happening

and the police handled it well with

overwhelming force

yep guns were drawn because of the

nature of the

crime and then the nature of the

possibility that guns could be in the


and um i think the barnstable pd handled

it well nobody got hurt

and uh yeah it's scary it's scary for

everybody the police who want to go home

at the end of the day

it's scary for them when they think that

guns might be involved

and it's scary for the people on the

other side

when police officers have guns drawn but

how about i got a great idea

and that is like don't rape

people or don't commit other now granted

he's innocent until proven guilty but

don't commit felonies and then

pose in videos apparently

with with ar-15s and make it look like

you're there to use them so that's just

a suggestion

a lot of people posing with ar 15s even

youth in a sporting manner on range and

and not trying to threaten or intimidate

and i haven't seen the video but it was

enough to get the police to do a felony

police stop

in broad daylight on a busy road so

there you have it

all right we'll be right back you're

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family owned and operated


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all right welcome back and we have


been able to get

attorney keith langer back on the phone

here and so we are going to jump right

into it because this is a short

segment uh but we want to get as much of

keith as we can so keith

tell us about those 3d printed guns can

you do it in massachusetts or is that

no go well there is absolutely

nothing illegal about making your own


whether it's a 3d printer buying an 80

lower or carving it out of a block of

metal uh at least until atf

issues another aberration and it's

dictates and unilaterally declares them

to be illegal like it did bump stocks

but the bottom line is there is nothing

illegal about

making your own firearm per se

where people get into trouble is they

make it and they do not

register it once it becomes functional


they make them and then start selling


which is a whole different operation

than simply making one for your own

use right so

the only problem with 3ds is uh

you're not sure what the the quality is

compared to buying

an 80 frame and finishing it out with

your own component

but the legality is that

you can do it so long as you comply with

the law which is

that you register it when it is


now what about um as far as 80

ars we have a question on the chat uh

if you had a 80 ar lower that you

you know owned and you milled it out

could you then build that into a

complete gun and register it at that

point or is that

well then the issue is not the 80


it's not the fact that you built it

yourself but that is an ar

and mora declared that

the ars are even the compliant ones

magically non-compliant plus one that

you're building now

clearly was not a firearm in existence

in 1998

and unless you built it in mass

compliant form it would not be compliant

at all

so that brings us back as we are so


forced to do with dealing with the


of healey's 2016 did todd

theoretically if you built the ar and

you built it without threaded barrels

and that

you know in the post band configuration

it would be legal under the controlling


the issue is how enforceable

is the ag's dictat right

yeah and i guess someone at some point

is going to have to become the test case

for that

and uh i don't want to volunteer but

maybe we have someone listening who

would want to

volunteer but uh you know the that's the

problem with the whole situation is you

know the whole enforcement notice was


and then it was backed up with oh and by

the way if you don't listen to us you're

going to be given a ten thousand dollar

fine to fund your prosecution

of such edict and you know i know i'm

off the

off the path of 3d printed guns or

polymer 80 guns but uh you know that's

that's the problem with the whole edict

is the fact that the enforcement notice

was against the gun dealer

and it was a double barrel shotgun of

fines and prosecution

um if you don't comply and so

you know those of us who have a business

to run

don't want to fall on the sword and not

be able to feed our kids

so you know we're in this weird thing

where we have to rely on the courts

and uh you know through legal challenges

which is moving about as well there were


yeah there were attorneys generals who

were looking to block

3d printer guns by blocking the software

for the printers themselves

and that gets into first amendment

issues as well as

second right yeah there was that whole

thing a couple

years ago about the uh the ghost gunner

and the

uh the software that they put out on the

open source on the web

and then there were people saying oh

don't even open the file

you'll be committing a felony if you

just open the file or download the file

or whatever

which is just a bunch of crazy and now

states i believe new jersey was one of


uh attempted to sue a 3d

printer company in texas and if memory

serves that was thrown out of court just

three weeks ago yeah

well unfortunately when when we have to

rely on court systems to get our rights


it's a slow and expensive process

um unfortunately that's just the way

that's just the way it is and uh it's

better to not fall into that in the

first place by

electing people who value freedom

and and don't want to see our rights in

in further infringed upon but here we


that's neither here here we are yep

so well you're breaking up badly toby

and i know you've got the rest of the

show to do

so try my uh video clip i'll simulate my


voice clip for the next intro and we

will talk to you next week

sounds great thanks thanks so much keith

as always it's been great and uh

if you guys want to reach out to keith

langer if you

need to uh get a hold of him we will put

his contact info in the chat

and uh you know hopefully you don't need

his services but if you do he's the guy

you want in your corner

i i know he's done a great job for lots

of people so

anyway there you have it there's no law

that restricts you from making

and manufacturing your own gun a friend

of mine is passionately interested in it


involved in it he 3d prints probably a

couple guns a day

and uh he's even hosting a gun makers


down in saint augustine florida so rob

pincus if it didn't

already happen it it's about to happen

but he's going to have a gun major

makers match

for all the people who are like hobbyist

gun manufacturers i've shot a couple of


3d printed guns and like keith said the

quality of them is

is highly suspect if you can get through

an entire match

with your printed gun you'd probably be

doing pretty good

uh i asked a couple of the guys down

there who were printing guns and i said

so how reliable are they how long do

they last i got 100 rounds out of my

last one

i said oh wow that's that's remarkable

yeah a whole hundred rounds

so it's more of a hobby than a


uh you know type of firearm that you're


have and to hold for from now and


it's probably not gonna happen it's

probably gonna last i don't know

50 to 100 rounds maybe not even that

many but

it's still fun and it pushes the

boundaries of what is possible

and it'll it'll keep getting better no

doubt about it

um building an 80 pistol or rifle

bob says is expensive or just as

expensive or

more and definitely more time consuming

than buying a new or used gun at a gun

shop and uh what criminal would go

through the effort when it's way cheaper


uh a trunk sale in dorchester right well

that's that's a good point

and uh i don't know if you guys remember

but a couple of years ago there was a

gangster out in california that was uh

doing 80 percent ar-15s and then

completing them and he was having build


with a lot of the uh neighborhood

gangbangers and they would

order all the parts online and then he

would put the

unit into a cnc machine and he would

have the guy come over and press the


so that he couldn't be considered the

manufacturer of it

and it would final mill it out and then

these guns would go out on the street

and uh the the thing i like to point out

about that whenever people

point to that as the test case why we

need to control and ban 80 percenters

is they were breaking probably a

thousand laws already just by doing that

by being felons

and un and prohibited people who

can't purchase or own firearms in the

first place

so i don't care what law you create

to restrict me you're never going to

restrict him

the the gang banger law you know felony

felonious actor you're never going to

restrict their rights

or i'm sorry not their right but you're

never going to restrict their activities

if if they're you take away 80 percent


they can stick a block of steel into a


and manufacture a gun that way are you

going to ban raw materials are you going

to ban blocks of

billet aluminum and and billet steel

no that's ridiculous so to say that

you're going to

ban guns

and reduce crime is ridiculous as we've

already pointed out

so um and the fact that you're talking


uh that it can be more expensive bob i

would agree

in some cases though i would say it's

better than

what the factory product is produced you

know i

i really like the 80 lowers

by the glock 80 lowers by polymer 80.

i actually prefer the grip texture i

prefer the beaver tail on it

and i like that there's a little

triangle patch for my

finger to index on and i actually like

them i shot one in a mat

in a match up in new hampshire and it

was great so

in some cases you can actually create a

higher quality gun

than what the original factory gun is


and have fun doing it so there you go um

if it's not your thing yeah come on down

the store and we'll hook you up by the

way we have a lot of 80

uh glock lowers in stock if you want to

come in and check them out

they are the uh the 19 and the 17.

and so you can you can grab those uh

well we got them they're 149 bucks and

have some fun

and everything else you can order online

and like key said when it's all said and


register it take it down to the little

trophy shop and have them put in some

cool serial number

with your initials or your name or

something like that

that'll really make it yours or just

make up a serial number and uh

or at the very least register it with

nsn but i believe

since a certain date most guns need a

serial number so i think

if you ever want to be able to transfer

it you're going to want to serialize it


go do that um we also have for those of

you who are a little less adventurous

we have complete polymer 80 lowers not

complete but they're

they're they're considered a firearm in

the federal eyes

but not in the state eyes so in other


they are already a serialized lower and

they don't require

milling or drilling or cutting or any of

that so

yeah do that um

i think it's a fun project though so

there you go

and bob agrees on the texture of the

frame the slides are wicked expensive

and do we have any rmr cut slides for

g17s i don't believe so

we have a ton of slides for the sig 320

but the sig 320 fire control unit is

along the same ideas

as that polymer 80 uh frame that we sell

so you could build one of those if you

have a fire control unit

and uh it's a pretty fun kind of

hobbyist way to make a gun and make it


how you want it done so yeah there you


um tom's wondering if we have ever

gotten one of those

smith wesson l-frame 44 mags in and yeah

we have

we get them all the time i don't think

we have one at the moment

uh but we might one thing i do have

which is really cool is the smith 610

and it's the uh six shot 10 millimeter

revolver which is pretty hot takes those

moon clips so you can practice like

jerry mitchell

and have a really cool uh hot

hot shooter the 10 millimeter so come

check them out

and you're listening to rapid fire we'll

be right back after this break

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all right welcome back you're listening

to rapid fire i'm your host toby leary

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uh make sure you go to

click on rapid fire to join the


uh don't forget to sign up for one of

our ltc classes if you don't

have a firearms permit yet and you want

to be a gun owner in massachusetts you

got to get a license for that

this state makes you jump through a few

hoops and we will help you navigate


stormy waters and uh incidentally i

today i went down and uh renewed

four licenses and one of them wasn't my

license to carry so

that one's still valid for another year

but i had four different licenses to

uh renew today to the tune of 300 bucks

and i think those are every other year i

have to renew those so

yeah it's not fun with all the

restrictions and licensing that we have

to go through and

all the please can i that we have to do

in this

country and i was just listening to a uh

speech the other day by

ronald reagan and he was pontificating


how we are the only country on earth

where we tell government how much


it can have in and over our life

and unfortunately we have gotten way

off the straight narrow path of that and


we are subject to government saying what

we can and can't do

even though the founders said oh no no

no small government is

a representation of the people for the


by the people and we tell them

how we want them to you know enact laws

and enforce them and what has happened

is that coin has flipped over

and now we're just like every other

country and unfortunately

you know we've lost our way in this


and now we ask permission for everything

i got a dog oh you need a license for

your dog i need to

build a shed oh you got to pull a shed

permit oh i live in this neighborhood

well you got to get your

color approved by the historic district

and make sure you have shutters and make

sure that you have

authentic divided lights in your windows

oh and uh i'm going to put a septic

system in oh you better make sure that

you meet the town regulation which is

different than the state regulation and


oh you need a variance because you don't

have enough dirt above the water line or

a dirt

above the septic system i'm just going

on and on because i i'm in the process

of building right now so these are the

hoops that i've jumped through

and the whole time i'm thinking where

have we

gone so wrong as a society where you


need to ask permission for everything

that you do

i mean everything if you want to have a

business if you want to

build something if you want to you know

have a dog if you want to have

you know any type of freedom

in this world you want to exercise your


god-given rights in the state well you

gotta ask permission for that you gotta

pay a fee you gotta take a class you


get fingerprinted photographed and

background checked

anyway i uh i digress

so we have a winner a winner for the

cleanse oil range bag

so anthony costantino

you are the lucky man to win this field

and range universal gun care range bag

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can fit your eyes and ears and your

the ammo that you buy at cape gun works

because we finally have some

so you can put all that right in the

range bag all right

and uh he's chiming in on the live chat

that it's his son so yeah you are the


so come on down we'll get you set up and

if you didn't win

don't lose heart we have another contest

this week for the horned day

cooler and i'm really jealous about this


so anyone who wins and wants to donate

it back to me i accept

but no i'm just kidding you don't have

to do that

but it is a really one-of-a-kind cooler

we've only had one of these and it's a

really high quality cooler with a bunch

of cool stuff inside

so go on and register

to win because we give something away

every week we want to

give it away just give it away a couple

things that we're not giving away right

now is ammo

although you'd think we are because of

the amount of people that come in and

buy it

because we can actually sell you a case

in a lot of case

calibers so that's awesome does he have

to be 18 not at all andy he can come on

down and pick up his field and range

and universal gun care range bag and

hopefully he'll use it if he's

under 18 he could use it as a school

lunch box just take all the cleaning

stuff out it'd be great it'd be cool

i'm just kidding you can do whatever he

wants with it but uh

it's a it's a great bag and and i'm sure

you guys will get

many hours of good use out of it so

register for that

take a class this is all this is all the

stuff you want to do around here

and uh you know exercise your second

amendment if you haven't got your

license to carry

then do it we had our top shot

invitational golf tournament last friday

that was amazing

and uh we had just such a great time

supporting heroes in transition and the

nicholas xaros fund

two awesome gold star families that

created these

amazing charities these home-grown cape

cod charities that are doing such a

great amount of work here in our local

communities and uh

one of the coolest things was when cindy

jones the founder of heroes in

transition was

talking and she said she was really

nervous the first time she came into

cape gun works

uh to hear about what we proposed

uh to have a charitable event to support

her foundation

she was very nervous and uh one of the

other um pillars of the golf tournament

a guy bo he grabbed her by the hand and

said come here i'm going to show you

this he's a former marine and

he took her for a tour around the shop

and said you got to check this place out

here's the guns here's the classroom

here's the range and uh by the time she

left she signed up for an ltc class

and uh and so you know she is now

has a license to carry so we're gonna

try and get her in to shoot

and uh so yeah some other cool stuff in

the store besides

ammo and guns which we have a ton of um

is we have some really great kick off

the summer

stuff we got coolers we got memorial day

weekend coming up so we got coolers we


beach chairs we got tumblers we got


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it was awesome we have tons of mosquitos

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it took a while to to get it so

we'd love to be your gun store so if you

haven't been in

come on down or check us out on the web


and we're looking forward to helping new


get familiar with their firearms we do

lots of privates we do

ltc classes we do intro to pistol


and we have all kinds of stuff coming up

and the second half of that top shot


is live you can register your team

for the september 11th shooting contest

so we broke the tournament up into two

tournaments so september 11th we're

going to be doing the top shot


shooting contest where you're foursome

you didn't have to play the golf

tournament to get

in but you put four people together to

form a team

and you're gonna shoot a 22 pistol 22


nine millimeter pistol and nine

millimeter carbine and the top shot

will get some great awards we're looking

forward to it

so have a great memorial day and uh the

show goes on even though it's

ending now just make sure you hang on

after the final break

and uh if you're listening online you'll

get the bonus

section so it's going to be cool we're

going to go out and shoot

so you want to stay tuned for that but

guys as always

it's a quick hour and i hate to see it

over so fast we got lots more to talk

about next week so

make sure you tune in and you know let's

think about the

people that paid the price in order to

give us freedom this memorial day


and uh you know my heart goes out to

families that have lost loved ones

and we're doing our part to keep those

charities around here

going for those who paid the ultimate

price and made that sacrifice so

thanks so much everybody for listening

and tuning in and being part of the show

we'll see you next time on rapid fire

i'm your host toby leary

god bless


all right we're back um

so yeah we're gonna go who am i shooting


uh sean sean uh-oh

they put me up against a ringer so shawn

and i are gonna go have a little shoot


and it involves two ten round magazines


three of nine millimeter 365.

do i have a microphone

all right any other questions andy's


come down this weekend to pick up the

field and range bag

and melinda thank you for tuning in i'm

glad you're gonna tune in next week

that'll be awesome

um yeah uh

let's see tom's gonna be coming

back to the range soon that would be

great tom we look forward to having you

back in store buddy

and uh what about you guys think about

this mask mandate ending coming

to a close this weekend i'm i for one am

extremely happy about that uh my lungs

will thank me

um because they no longer will be

breathing through a

arbitrary piece of cloth or paper

and doing absolutely nothing except

breathing my own

carbon dioxide so you know

love it or hate them whatever i'm not

going to get off on the virtue signaling

aspect of that but i am glad that it's

coming to an

end and at cape cod works you will not

be required to wear a mask

so we will be happy to see people's

faces again

and i heard people are saying it's not

really ending what the heck are they

talking about have you heard anything

about that

that it's not really over because

there's people that are going to be


uh making it still a problem

uh or obviously private companies can

always uh have a mask mandate

and you know i was on a zoom call with

other business people and

some of them are very concerned about

the governor

ending the mask mandate now they have to

be the police

to enforce mask wearing and i'm thinking

to myself

why do you have to enforce mask wearing

if you believe that strongly in it

okay ask people to wear it

if they don't you can deny them service

wherever you are or whatever you're


but um i didn't understand

the logic there like i'm not going to

enforce anything people want

to wear a mask they're welcome in my

store if they don't want to wear a mask

they're welcome in my store and so i

don't understand

what the heck the point of that is uh

marco wants to know if we have any

female instructors for private lessons

we do

brenna she is very booked up i think

so um you might want to call and ask to

speak to brenna but

she's in high demand she's the hardest

working girl in

in the private instruction business

we keep her pretty busy so um but yeah

we do

so she might have some openings in her

calendar you can go on the website and

check that out

are you ready to go mobile all right

let's go mobile

going mobile all right you're going to

stay arlo sorry buddy

um you stay all right

so let me get my eyes and ears do i have

i had

my surefires but i'm gonna have to wear

the big goofy

i'm gonna wear the uh mickey mouse ears

instead they don't look as good on

camera but

that's all right so um we're in here

yeah the skunk works room yeah where

professor claw plays

in his day-to-day uh all right you got

what you need all right poor people are

going to get seasick

um you want to show them all the ammo we


all right

hey how are you guys how's it going all

right lost my friend

so we got lots of goodies hey

yeah hey good to see you

all right yeah i'm still having trouble

with my uh

m10x when i'm done i'm here i'll come

out and help you with it

yeah i'll check it out jimmy can i get

some glasses and mops

where's shawn uh he left he left

uh let's see maybe joe

oh you yeah to go shoot

huh is it because i have a handicap yeah

no actually we do need to reload so you

probably shouldn't be the candidate

uh what's up

yeah um you wanna

all right so you need a 365 with two ten

round mags

and uh inside the waistband holster what

are you shooting

do you have an extra mag

all right let's just grab your uh let's

just grab

a 365 with two 10 round mags actually

i got one all ready to go just stand by


here hold this we can talk

uh what's going on in the gunsmith world

right now man

uh mass compliant work cleanings

and a lot of ar work right now we got a

lot of ars in for

work whether it be upgrades for rails


i got a lever action i'm actually pretty

excited about working on

and then we got mag pinning

a lot of stuff so sean knighted tim and

tim's all ready to go

okay we'll get you next time

and he had too much fun shooting at the

iraqi vet 888 888 shoot all weekend so


i don't feel bad for him so let's go

all right yep and i'll be out in a few

minutes give me about

10 minutes okay cool all right so

where'd tim go

uh i don't know all right

there he is cool

oh boy look at that

all right all right so you gotta you

gotta pick a color or flip a coin here

go ahead

you can

green is my favorite color all right so

you got a coin

where are we shooting from we're gonna

go down yeah

all right uh heads it's pink tails it's


tails it's green but i you flipped i

picked all right i'm green he's pink all


so you're gonna be up you're on this

side then

we're gonna cross this up

i shoot the green one he shoots the pink

one then what

now it's going to be last one

okay so we got to shoot the four

balloons the three pins

and then we go for our colored pen yes

all right all right and we have

20 rounds to do it should be

should be good all right

yeah we'll go from the ready position

high ready position all right

i gotta get rid of my death dealing

hollow point

so stand by

all right a little linty

all right i'm going to put this back in

my other pocket so i don't confuse it

all right so i got my huh

places places people all right so we got

four balloons three pins and then our


and tim's is pink all right

shooter's ready








i had i had one round left

i did it i had a malfunction too did you

see my

huh see if there's a spin because i saw

my boot

no it's got to go down ah

here i'll show you go down ready

maybe not now i really am out of ammo

those are hard to hit from here

well you took your time and i had a

freaking malfunction in the middle of it


that was fun but that's life

that was a pathetic piece of shooting

demonstration on my part but guess i'm


all right well that was fun good job

now i'm gonna go back well hold on a sec

before you go down

stay down stay right there

all right go ahead you can go down

no i'm not going to shoot it because i

don't have any more uh

i don't have any more ball ammo do you

are you out

okay so he ran out i got mine on the

second to last shot i was pretty

pathetic but

i got a little rattled when i had my uh

when i had my

malfunction in the middle of the first

magazine so

i would not be that hard to beat let's

put it that way

but there you have it

i had to close an eye about halfway

through i said forget this i was just

punching out kinesthetically

both eyes open and i wasn't hitting so i

finally started closing in high

maybe we'll set it back up and have a

second time

almost almost only good in horseshoes

and hand grenades but

all right let's go back

all right well that's the way the ball


i am definitely not the king of shooting

when it comes to that

mess but hey guys thanks for tuning in

let's see if there's any extra

questions here to become a member does

the year start from the date

or do you guys have a set year and

adjust the price too uh great question


if you're a minimum member it's

basically the date you get your

membership card and all that so

i'm i think we're done so um

i'm gonna go back out on the floor and

help so there you have that

all right guys god bless and have a

wonderful day we'll see you next time

take care

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