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Ammo is Just Around the Corner!

Talking about the huge ammo shipment expected soon, legal advice from Keith and your questions answered. RECORDED 05/19/2021 AIRED 05/22/2021 Download Episode

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i'm toby leary from cape gunworks i'm

passionate about all things second


well i love to shoot going hot

there is so much more to guns than just

pulling the trigger

a free and armed society is a

responsible and self-reliant one

join us to talk all things guns freedom

and self-defense it isn't just about




it's about being responsibly

so load and make ready this is

rapid fire

good evening everybody this is toby

leary i'm your host of rapid fire i'm

co-owner of cape gun works in

beautiful hyannis massachusetts and we

are bracing for a very busy summer down


and if you haven't been to cape cod

works yet join us anytime we're open

seven days a week

from 10 a.m to 6 p.m in the showroom 10

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on sundays and we would love to see you

and if you can't make it down

you can always join us at you can shop online

we have a bunch of ammo online now for


purchasing pleasure if you happen to be

in massachusetts we can

uh figure out how to hold it for you

when you

so you can come down and pick it up

because we're not allowed to ship

ammo in massachusetts go figure but um

we'll certainly be working on that uh

as well but we have a big shipment of

ammo due in any day

and we're really excited about that we

will have more ammo

in stock than in the history of cape gun

works at any given time before so

during the biggest ammo shortage that i

can ever remember

that's kind of like bragging rights it's

some serious uh

serious social cred out there right some

street cred so

i'm pretty excited about that and i

can't wait to share with you guys when


order and shipment finally comes in we

may even start taking some pre-orders

for that but i don't know we'll see but

we got a lot of

nine millimeter we have the elusive 380

coming in

the elusive 5.7 coming in for although

we sold probably 25 uh

fnps 90s in the last couple months and

you know at the time i didn't have any

five seven ammo so it was really tough


sell a gun without ammo but i said look

throughout all of history i either have

the ammo

or the gun i've never had the two

together at the same time for some

strange reason

or not in any significant qualities

anyway so we have that coming in we have

some 30 30

which hasn't been in stock in well over

a year

plus a bunch of other miscellaneous

uh calibers 38 40 45

357 so yay plenty of five five six

um all the good stuff so

i can't wait but it's gonna be here soon


fret not there is hope on the way

we're gonna see a brighter day and uh

but anyway

we have some beautiful weather on the

cape this week and it's been great uh

and this friday the 21st was

the uh top shot invitational golf

tournament that we

sponsor and by the sound of this

or the airing of this show it'll have

already taken place

uh but we are really looking forward to


this is our third annual with a coven


we had this would have been the third or

the fourth consecutive but we skipped

for coveted reasons last year

and this year the the tournament sold

out so it was

awesome uh everybody did a great job

you know getting signed up and this year

we had a venue change instead of

sandwich hollows it's down at bayberry

hills and i think everyone is just ready

to get outside

ready for this mask mandate nonsense to

be over

and even if you like masks you know you

can still

wear one right no one says you can't so

by all means um i think all the

businesses in the area are really ready


get down to business and open up and


start uh you know getting things back on

track so

really excited about that um but also we


a pretty cool supreme dis court decision

last week that

smacked down the uh basically the

red red flag-ish laws of rhode island


keith who will be on later in the show

by the way uh

aptly reminded me the name of it is

community caretaking so under the guise

of community care taking like wellness

checks or

you know somebody says i haven't heard

from so and so in a while so

they could go in and check on somebody

and then all of a sudden they could

rifle through your drawers looking for

guns and whatnot so

the supreme court in an obvious

violation of the second amendment

and the fourth amendment had one of

their rare moments

where every one of the justices all nine

of them

aligned together and said no this

is not the way this works you're doing

it all wrong

rhode island so that was a good thing um

anyway we're really happy to see that


that gives me a glimmer of hope as a gun


and uh an american who's seen a lot you


all of us who've seen so many of our

rights kind of

up in the air in the last year like

stuff that was

obvious uh stuff that you never used to


happen happening like you know take two

weeks and stay home and stop the spread

and then all of a sudden you know a year

later there's still businesses not open


people out of work and out of business

and out you know

really hurt harmed and hurt a lot of

people not to mention

there were people who were hurt and

harmed by you know this disease going

around or there's virus

and so you know long and short of it is

i think we're all

really excited to kind of put this

chapter of our lives behind us and


things will return back to normal

because i've said throughout the entire

year and whatever year plus that we've

been living under this

is we all take acceptable risks we all

take risks

and we all deem them as either

acceptable or not so some of us

don't uh you know like to take

risks you know more you know all of us

have a risk tolerance or a risk


and some of us are like bob wiley from

what about bob right you know

you're just gonna stay in your apartment

you go outside and see the bus you

want to run back in the apartment and

stick with your goldfish that's cool

that's fine that's good for you you know

if that's your tolerance of risk have at

it you know

but you might want to make an

appointment with dr leo marvin and get

that straightened out but

anyway even driving to work every day

you have

risk like that's the number one killer

of americans is

the highways trees that line our

highways cars hitting into trees

and so we all know that we have a better

chance of probably dying from a car

accident than pretty much any other

thing that we could do but yet we all

get in the car and drive to work every


but all of a sudden you know this

disease comes along or this virus comes


and we have a 99.7

chance of surviving it but we're gonna

lock us ourselves down for

months and cause major financial

hardship and

uh ruined kids you know school years and

hockey teams that that was one that hit


close to home my son uh his hockey team

won the state championship

and they were going to california for

the nationals which is like every kid's

dream to play on a big stage like that


guess what cancelled so

anyway i digress that's my end of rant


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all right don't go anywhere listening to

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welcome back this is toby i'm your host

of rapid fire a weekly show about all

things guns

the second amendment freedom and

self-defense and sometimes a wild card

we throw in there and talk about

hunting or whatever else

gets us up in the morning so

let's get to some of your questions real

quick before i go on to a couple other

things but uh

we had one question is the tavor

mass compliant and this is a very good


we are part of a lawsuit that

some of you may or may not know about


it is a lawsuit against the attorney

general in which

we claim that she created a regulation

illegally and with her enforcement of

the assault weapons ban

and so in this we just said she didn't

go through due process and

you know and as a result it has created

a lot of confusion about what can and

can't be sold

even in her frequently asked questions

she says

um okay you know the gun manufacturer


i can sell a particular gun does that

mean i can

and she answers no absolutely not you

can't trust those pesky gun

manufacturers if they say it's mass


you can't trust them it doesn't mean it

can be sold blah blah

then two questions later it says how do

i know what i can buy here in


and she says oh that's easy check with

the manufacturer

or the dealer your local dealer and

they'll tell you what you can and can't

buy in massachusetts

and you know i'm not the smartest guy in


but that's to me is circular reasoning

when you say you can't trust them to

tell you what gun you can and can't buy

but then

two questions later you tell the people

go ahead and check with them

on what gun you can and can't buy that's

circular reasoning

so the reason she said that is because

they don't want to publish a list

well part of the outcome of our lawsuit

in the preliminary hearings and whatnot

is to force them to publish that list of

what we can buy

not that we think she is the authority

of all things can and can't buy in


but one of the uh they have agreed to


putting some stuff on there that you can

buy and if you go to the website it will

show you a list of guns that

okay we're begrudgingly putting this


it's not comprehensive it's not um you

know all of them but

here's a good starter list and the tavor

the iwi tavore

is in fact on that list of guns you can

buy so it's the ruger mini

14 and a bunch of other stuff so

hopefully that answers your question i

know that was a long answer for a simple


but the point of the matter is sometimes

this legislation or the i should say

this litigation

does produce some positives and uh

we would like to see ultimately that

it'll produce

gaining our rights back when they

ultimately lose and we win

so i'm hoping that's obviously why we're

doing it but

um so there you go

let's see uh and

yeah so there you have that

we've got another question here uh davey


makes a good point and that is that he

says without covid

i'd have never gotten my ltc too many

hoops to jump through when you're at

work six days a week

and that is one of the you know i guess


bonuses of the last year is that there's

a bunch of

new gun owners and a new a bunch of new

people that maybe

wouldn't even have considered buying a


other than they see their other rights


put on hold or or taken from them so


and now they're saying well geez you

know i was never a gun guy but now all

of a sudden i wanna

i think i'm gonna get a gun so yeah

there's that too

and uh billy is asking if if he's on the


and he buys ammo online will we hold it

for him until they can get over and the

answer to that is yes

um sorry i don't have any pricing and

quantities yet jake on the

30 30 ammo it is a federal

product but i don't know what the

pricing will be

just off the top of my head so hopefully

we'll have some of that info as we get a

little closer

and uh mo's wondering if i'm going to

bring in any of the galil

east gen 2 rifles which are not a copy

of the original galil

and that's something i'll probably

have keith langer help us with a zoning

opinion on because i agree with you it

is definitely not

the original design of the galil

unfortunately they have galil in the


really though it's the ace rifle and the

original galil was

imi which is israeli military industries

and iwi is the company that produces

the ace rifle the israeli uh

weapon industries so hopefully that you

know is a

and it's different enough designed to to

you know pass the muster here until

you know the lawsuit ultimately goes


so hopefully um

let's see uh we just got back

brendan and i uh from nighthawk customs

down in berryville

arkansas last week and this was my first

trip down

south like that i we flew into

springfield missouri

and we drove down to the northwest

part of arkansas and i gotta say i was

blown away

at number one the beauty of that area

it was just incredible the hills and the

ozarks and

lakes everywhere and beautiful farms and

cattle out grazing

and you know i i was like wow this is

this is beautiful country horses and

cows and chicken farms and

it was just gorgeous and uh we did a

tour of

uh nighthawk custom which we were

already a fan of their guns

but i was blown away at how beautiful

the the 1911 is when they're done with


and i learned so much

and you know the 1911 is a gun that had

lost its luster in my eyes

for a while as a defensive firearms guy

an instructor i felt and i used to carry

one for 15 years but

the reliability of them were so so you

know i had a colt

and it was like i had to get the barrel

throated i had to get

certain things tuned on it to get it to

function well

and it was designed for ball ammunition

so it didn't really like hollow points


and there was just this whole litany of

things that kind of made that gun

less than desirable as a carry gun and i

retired it a while back when i got my

first glock and i think a

modern striker fired gun without a thumb

safety is still my number one choice for

defensive purposes

but the more and more guns that we have

for sale here in massachusetts because

of our

ridiculous assault i mean not assault

weapons but uh

approved weapons roster a lot of the

guns are

thumb safety versions like the all the

sig products

a lot of the smith and wesson's although

you can get some of those with and


safeties the car k you know pm9 and p9

and whatnot had a thumb safety and it

was an

awful thumb safety so i'm thinking okay

if you have to have a thumb safety or

you're going to have the thumb safety oh

the ruger products

all of the mass versions had thumb

safeties of the ruger products as well

so if you're going to have a thumb

safety now

you introduce the 1911 back into the mix

and you have one that's reliable

okay i can start to entertain that

then i went to nighthawk and i saw the

process and i saw

seven members of the american pistol

makers guild there with their plaques

and the guns they made to enter the


and i was blown away and they have a


one gun one gunsmith so one gunsmith is

responsible for that gun from start to


they get the kit with the parts and they

have to

hand fit it all together to to exacting


and so i'm like okay well i've heard the

saying like the old gi ones that rattled


worked because they rattled around these

guns don't rattle

and are they too tight are they machined

to too high a tolerance

and then we shot him we went out to the

range and

we probably shot 20 different guns in 45

and nine millimeter

some suppressed some unsuppressed um

and i gotta say there was probably a

dozen of us shooting

for a good hour and a half i'm sure we

blew through a couple thousand rounds

and most of the guns that got shot a lot

probably had a couple hundred

300 400 rounds through them and i didn't

see a single malfunction

throughout any of those guns on that

range and that was impressive to me

because normally

i i'll teach a class and if someone

shows up with a

1911 usually they can't make it through

a class without some sort of malfunction

um so i was very very impressed with the

the reliability of these guns and so i

it started to get me to think again like

all right

if you're gonna carry a striker fired

gun that has a thumb safety

cool you know just get used to the thumb

safety you gotta practice with it you

probably gotta put in

four or five times the amount of work to

be as proficient with it as a gun

without a thumb safety

and now you want to throw into the mix

quality over quantity you know some

people like i can buy

10 glocks for the price of one nighthawk

yup you probably can

maybe not in this state but um in a free

state you might be able to

uh so but there's some people that

appreciate good quality

and now you just you're willing to pay

for the good quality you want the best

of the best

and so you're gonna pay for that then

yeah okay i can at least be brought into

the conversation of

if you're gonna have a thumb safety on

your striker fired gun

and a thumb safety on your 1911 all

right now i can at least

we're comparing apples to apples but i

still think a striker fired gun without

a thumb safety

has the edge overall because you don't

need to be as

you know devoted to working the thumb

safety in all of your regimented


but anyway um it made me want one let's

put it that way i want one i'm gonna get


i sold the one i bought for myself

because somebody had to have it and i

i'm in the gun business so i sold it but

i will be getting a new one for myself

uh and i actually placed an order while

i was there so

that'll be cool to get when it comes in

so you know

at some point in your life i remember as

like a teenager i was

all about like old country buffet and


you know getting as much food for the

money as i possibly could

right you just go gorge yourself 15 18

years old

i could eat for three men and and i

wanted a lot of food

but now i appreciate a good meal versus


and so that's how i feel about guns too

i'm like i want

i want some good quality guns in my life

instead of

a ton of them you know i'd rather just

save up and get a good one so

anyway that's the way i'm looking at

life right about now but

hopefully you are too but we'll be right

back either way

and uh we'll see you in a sec hold on

you're listening to rapid fire

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may your tag of a lifetime finally come



may the snow pile up and the elk come


may your socks always stay dry


may the herd bull finally break from the


and may your aim always stay true

welcome to the next level welcome to the


all right welcome back everybody this is

toby i'm your host of

rapid fire every week on saturdays from


8 on wxdk and on wcrn

am 830 so check us out

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and this segment is sponsored by

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amendment law

trusts and civil litigation keith is

available by appointment for

all legal cons uh consultation so please

call keith at 508-384-8692 that's 508

384 384-8692 or visit

so keith langer gun


and gun rights lawyer so

he is the man that's why we're gonna

have him on the show right now so

keith how you doing today bud thanks for

calling in i appreciate it

afternoon toby so you're the person who

is responsible for their no longer being

an old country buffet at the walpole

mall you personally ate them out of


yeah i think i'm more responsible for

the one in hyannis but yes

i used to go in there with that

objective to put them

out of business if every customer was

like me they wouldn't last long

and uh so you know that's that was the

18 year old me

but anyway welcome to the show keith and

you know i appreciate you checking in

with us again and uh

after last week's discussion where we

were talking about safe storage in the

home and whatnot

um i think it would be a perfect segue


ask you about safe transportation or

lawful transportation in the car

because i get asked all the time

and you know one of the most common

questions is

can i put it in the glove box or can i

put it in the center console and can i

you know slide it under the seat or can

i get one of those magnet thingies that

you see on facebook that

click it up under the dash so you know i


the nuance of it is just like every

other law in massachusetts

probably clear as mud so i figured we'd

get the expert on the line and

have you weigh in and set the record

straight for us

well the statute that covers

transportation of firearms

is 14131c

and the magic phrase what you just

raised is

direct control of such person

well who determines what quote-unquote

direct control is number one the police

officer on the scene

and then later if you really blew it the


saying that i would never put a gun in


in the glove compartment it's just a

fail on several levels

not the least of which is that it's easy

to argue that it's not under your direct

control it's sitting in front of the


not you on the far side of the vehicle

plus if you're like me

where is your registration oh wait in

the glove box

yeah let me open that with the gun in it

when the cops there

i don't think so right now

what does that statute apply to well it


firearm which in massachusetts being


means a handgun so if you've got a

loaded handgun it had better be for all

practical purposes

on your person i wouldn't trust any of

those magnetic devices

certainly not under your seat and a


is questionable because it's between you

and the passenger

but at least it's under your arm

basically if you want to be

safe it should be on your person but if

it's not on your person well then it

can't be loaded

and it has to be in a locked case

or the locked trunk of your vehicle

so your trunk better have your vehicle

better have a trunk

or you put in a locked case it also says

other secure container a lot of the new

sport utes

have locking hidden compartments

under the seat and as long as they're


that would arguably meet the locked case

or other secure container language

of the statute but the gun cannot be


sure this statute also applies to large

capacity long arms

so if you've got an ar if you've got

an m1 carbine your ak

anything like that it should be a locked


or your locked trunk but it says large

capacity so theoretically

you can throw your m1 garand on the back


or your side by side shotgun and

go off to the range i've done it but

then again i'm only going across town to

my club

i would not do it in any circumstance

where i would not be making a direct

trip nothing where the vehicle be

stopped no running errands

strictly a to b yeah there's also um

some question about like if you are

going from a to b

to the range and you do stop at the

local uh

convenience store to run in for milk

eggs and oj or whatever you're stopping


that is a different level or a different

standard right

than just driving across town at that

point the argument would be made against

you that you were not transporting as

soon as the vehicle stopped and you got

out of it it was storage and storage


something else note also that the

trigger lock

that is fine for storage does not


for transportation

so transportation locked case

locked trunk right home storage all of

that plus

any mass approved gun lock

so conceivably if you have a gun

and you do stop at the convenience store

and it's unloaded and locked

in a storage container maybe you know

maybe your center console locks or

something to that effect

would that in fact meet the definition

of storage

well if it's in your trunk you're

expressly protected by the statute but

in a locked case

you're expressly protected by the


quote unquote other secure container

could rationally apply to a

locked center console

and certainly the uh language would also

seem to apply to the

locked storage compartment

in the floorboards and fender wells of

sport utes

pickups theoretically if you had one of

the big

contractors tool boxes in your pickup

truck that

lock that would be a locked

secure container but the further you get

away from the

express language of the statute the

greater the area becomes and obviously

a gun case that's intended for that like

the hornaday

safe you know uh snap safes that have

the little tether that you can put

around the

seat of the of the you know passenger

seat or whatever you

lock it around that as long as the gun's

unloaded and it's locked in the car

and tethered to your seat or something

of that effect that would certainly

uh seem to meet the definition correct


the hornady safe certainly because

number one

it's a locking case specifically for


and then it's also designed to be

secured to the vehicle

so that would certainly suffice

cool the bottom line is theoretically

under the

language of the statute you could have a

locked case

on the floor of the back seat but that's

inviting a number of problems some of

which you want

right uh invisible is good in

these circumstances yeah i agree and for


unless it's in a holster on you should

be unloaded

yeah well that's great thanks for

clearing that up that's uh

certainly one of our frequently asked

questions in our license to carry

classes and

if anyone else has questions uh for

keith how can they get a hold of you


what's the best way best way is to go to

the website

uh and send me an email keith

and that way i can see what the issue is

and give you an answer and determine

what course of action

you need to take from there excellent oh

when you were talking about

the uh rhode island case which is out of


that was a wonderful decision by the

supreme court yeah but

rhode island is uh

trying to ignore another supreme court


the kaitano decision regarding stun guns

the state of rhode island is arguing in

court that

notwithstanding the express language of

the court a unanimous supreme court in

the kaitano case

that stunned guns aren't in common use


aren't protected under the second


wow how did they how did they even

appeal that i mean didn't the supreme


the supreme court is the one that

weighed in on that katana case so

how how right well uh

basically somebody's trying to get stun

guns and rhode island doesn't want them

to have it

so they got sued

and in a opposition to the plaintiff's

motion for summary judgment

and a cross motion for summary judgment

on their own argument

the state meaning the attorney general

and the

colonel of the state police are claiming


kaitano doesn't really mean what it says


stun guns aren't in common use and

aren't protected under the second


crazy well you know it

i guess in a state like rhode island

where they don't issue a lot of license

to carries

they don't have any type of restrictions


purchasing firearms like we do in

massachusetts like a guy with a driver's

license can buy an ak-47 for instance


high-capacity mags but getting a


carry permit is difficult there

and so it i guess it's along the lines


that that they don't want people arming

themselves for defensive purposes that's

kind of what they're saying by making it

so restrictive

and that goes along with that just like

massachusetts was for a while but

i thought katana well rhode island is

odd in that it's got two tracks

to a carry permit to the attorney


or through a municipality

and the attorney general's always been


and they've gotten even more difficult


attorney general always demands proof of

need and their

idea of need becomes more and more

difficult to meet

every time i have to deal with them and

the towns

vary some of the towns are pretty decent

others are charging up to 200

over and above the statutory application


wow and some are so inundated

because they are known for actually

issuing permits

that you can call one morning a month


like dialing for dollars the first 50


will get an application that month and

the rest have to wait jeez

crazy and then there are the towns where

they simply

make it almost impossible because in

some cases they refuse to issue the

permits and they get sued

they won't even give the application the

ones they are required by statute to


they weren't issuing and they were

getting sued and others are demanding

psychological tests

and some of them notwithstanding the

fact that there is no requirement of


under the municipal licensing statute

or simply aping the attorney general's

form and demanding proof of need so

well rhode island is a very interesting

place to try and get a permit from

well let's hope that the the new case

that the supreme court is going to look

at for the

you know new york uh case there will


set some good precedent for all of the

restrictive banned states

out there including the one we live in


we live in hope yes yes all right well

thank you so much

keith as always it's a great pleasure to

talk for the end we'll do it again soon

take care toby all right have a good day

all right getting back to some of your


thank you so much for clearing that up

and like i said clear as mud

is particularly the uh the situation

that we

tend to live in in massachusetts but um

bobby's wondering if i hit the waffle

house in arkansas and i said no

we missed that one i'm sorry but um

so let's see we're playing a mac man

uh train him earlier around the gun yeah

so mcmahon got a

belgian malinar uh for his family and he

doesn't want him scared of gunfire

he wants us to do a special event bring

the dog to range night i think that

might be a little much for the dog

um what we did for our dog uh was get


uh out in the field and kind of fire

over his head

you know from a little distance away so

that got him

pretty excited for gunfire instead of

scared of it and uh you just gotta

ease them into it you don't want them

backing down that's for sure but

uh yeah absolutely get them get him

trained early enough and that's the best

thing you can do but

start shooting not too early and not too


and uh he'll he'll get used to it so all

right we'll be back after this

you're listening to rapid fire i'm toby


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family owned and operated


legendary performance this

is hornady

may your tag of a lifetime finally come



may the snow pile up and the elk come


may your socks always stay dry

may the herd bull finally break from the


and may your aim always stay true

welcome to the next level welcome to the


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hey everybody welcome back you're

listening to rapid fire i'm your host

toby leary join us every week

for a show all about guns the second

amendment and

freedom so i love talking about guns

here at cape gun works so

i'm one of the co-owners of cape gun

works and if you haven't been down

come on down what took you so long no

i'm just kidding

uh somebody came in today and said

they're from the other side of the state

and they said this is my first time in

and you guys are knocking it out of the

park here what are you doing and i said

oh we're just having fun man we like to

sell guns we like to shoot guns we like

to talk about guns

so it's pretty easy to go to work every

morning when you do what you love and

love what you do so

that makes it easy and so

let's get to a couple of your questions


matt says he has an ar pistol and 300

blackout and can i shed some lights on

light on what mods you can and can't do

you wanted to do a foregrip but it looks

like that's not allowed so

yes uh vertical foregrips are not

allowed on ar pistols

and hopefully your ar pistol is a pre-94

pre-banned pistol which they're very few

and far between but

they can be found out there via

a virgin stripped lower that's never

been built into a rifle you can always

build one in

to a pistol when you have one of those


you say you got it matt so i'm assuming

you bought it off somebody and make sure


if it if you're not law enforcement then

it has it's a fixed mag ar and it had to

have been purpose built for that

in the first place so otherwise if you

have a

detachable magazine ar

pistol that was post ban

you could be uh walking around with a

felony on your hands so just

uh you might need keith langer's number

handy if you do that

if you got one of those so i would

definitely fix the magazine if it's

not a pre-ban because

that's really the only non-violation of

the assault weapons ban is to have a

fixed mag

ar pistol uh otherwise the ar pistol

violates the assault weapons ban so

welcome to afghanistan so uh what i

would do is i would personally put a

um like a you know one of those pistol

braces on them while you can

anyway and so um the

pistol brace you know the sp tactical

the sba3

works on a regular ar-15 buffer tube and


you can adjust it for length of pull and

you can shoulder fire it until

further notice which you know which way

the wind blows this week

and uh the you can put an angled fore

grip like a magpul

angled for afg angled fore grip or some

of the other brands that make them but

you can't put a vertical fore grip on a

pistol so

there you go why i don't know but that's


federal thing not a state thing so and

duncan's late to the party but welcome

uh glad you're here and terry's

wondering if we have a kimber 10


long slide on order and the answer to

that would be no

because the only kimbers available

are the stainless target twos

and i believe there's one other one in

nine millimeter and 45 acp

but i do have a nighthawk custom

10 millimeter long slide on order so you

might want to grab one of those

uh let's see all right cool it was built

into a pistol

with a jc arms fixed mag lower awesome

yeah there you go so

that's going to be a fun gun to shoot

matt i'm glad it's a fixed mag i was

worried for you

and uh but that's all good and

uh yeah they make a good lower so no

problem there

and put a nice sba3 on it and uh angled

fore grip and you're good to go

you can put anything else on you want

like lights lasers

and thermals and whatever else you want


there you have it uh let's see

uh derek's looking to build a 365 custom

does it have an fcu like the 320s if so


uh buy a stock one then get a custom

slide and lower and blah blah

you don't have to re-register it you

only register it once you build it but

my recommendation is to try to just find

a lower and then

you can change it out it's not quite the

same as the

320 fcu but and they're certainly not

selling them separately

but like i know we have a 365

frame here at the shop and that is the

serialized portion of the gun with the

fire control unit in it

so you could always buy something like

that and then build around it

uh you could get a nice glock uh the

gray or the tan

and in what case so um

yeah and you can there's the nice zev i

think makes a 365 slide now

zev customs in conjunction with sig so

there's some really cool things you can

do to them

you can also do the xl grip and the

regular 365 slide or go the other way

have the 365 grip with the xl slide if

you want to do a romeo red dot or

you know i like those romeo zero red

dots on them and i have one of those on

my uh

365 xl so there you go

oh the terry says the target 2 comes in

10 mil

i know it does but i don't think the 10

mil is approved i'm gonna

look that up uh for you uh let's see

so i don't give out bad information here

on the air i want to set you guys

straight but um

we'll do that on the other side i'll

look it up and uh don't forget to sign

up for our giveaway because we're gonna

draw the winner on the other side

right now so uh when we come back we'll


our giveaway winner and uh get you

signed up for the new giveaway

all right we will be right back stay

tuned listening to rapid fire

this is the first focal plane

diamondback tactical

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value the diamondback tactical first

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the xd optical system and fully

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purpose built to extend your effective

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the diamondback tactical comes equipped

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unbelievable price and it's covered for

life by the vortex vip warranty

all right welcome back this is toby

leary listening to rapid fire

and before the break we were talking

about the kimber stainless target 2 and

i stand

corrected you were correct terry that

those are

mass ok and 10 millimeter in the long

slide version so

we could do a special order for you if

you want to give us a call

we will get one on order so just gonna

put a deposit when it comes in we'll

give you a call so

that's pretty cool i'm excited about

that i didn't realize it

and uh hey you learn something new every

day right so

there you go um so

the giveaway we got a giveaway going on


we are giving away this week the

franklin armory bfs

1022 uh binary trigger

and so the winner of that is jeffrey


bunkent bunkunt how do you say that how

do i always get a tongue twister of a

last name

can you draw someone who does that i can

pronounce no

jerry bunken all right jerry jeffrey


you're the winner winner winner chicken

dinner all right we'll

we'll get a hold of you so you can get

your uh franklin armory 10 22 trigger

and this week we're giving away a

cool range bag from cleanse oil and it's


everything you need in there it's it's

got all the chamber brushes and bore

mops and

everything there you know rods and uh

cables to pull through and whatnot and

it's a range bag so you can

use it for going to and from the range

and then you can clean your gun

when you get home right right right in

here so it's a really nice

uh bag from cleanse oil and it's got all

the cleaning product in it

and everything you need to get it done


we'll be giving away those that's a 70

value and

uh so that'll be next week's giveaway so

make sure you get signed up

and uh we will we will get it for you so

um looking forward to that uh

matt they don't make all right so we had

a question from matt

if fort scott makes any 25 acp yet and

they do not so we uh

hopefully they will someday but i just

don't know if there's enough call for it

in that round but they we will be

getting the 380 and the nine millimeter

if we're currently out of stock we

should be get i just got notification

from them

yesterday they have an order coming our

way so we're excited about that

so uh let's see can i sell

davey a glock 20 frame really want to

glock 20 not interested in the polymer


oh man come on davey be bold do


awesome and make your own gun while you

still can in the polymer 80 but

i can get you a glock 20 frame uh if you

want to do a special order on that

we should be able to find you one and uh

i don't have any in stock at the moment

we had one for about 20 minutes last


we had the glock 20 the glock 21

uh slide and a glock 20 slide

and it had the mektec carbine kit that

went along with it

and a pre-band 10 millimeter mag and a

bunch of 45 and 10 millimeter

10 round mags and it it went in about

30 seconds when it hit the hit the case

out there

it was used obviously but went for a

good price had a nice seymour sight

on it and uh so i'm not trying to rub it

in but they do come in

uh so you'll want to uh you want to get

on get on that

and just do a special order and we'll

we'll be on the lookout for you

um but i think you should do the polymer

80 because i think it's cool

personally um

anyway that's i digress that's my own uh

my own thing so matt bring it in

he's got a 23 and uh you're not sure the

production year we can check it out for

you so

just come on down and we'll we'll look

into it for you

um the funny thing is you know

if if a police officer that you know has

a glock pistol you can always do

a private transfer from one of them uh

you know i get i got a call the other

day from a gentleman who just moved here

from ohio and he said

i don't know what to do i have a and i

forget what gun it was it was like a

taurus or something like that i have a

taurus you know whatever

and it's not mass compliant so i don't

know what to do about that i said

well all that means is i couldn't sell

it to you if it was brand new

um but or used for that matter but

because you already own it you're fine

you don't have to do anything

and he said oh really i thought i

couldn't have it in the state i said no

there's no law that says you can't own

any pistol so you can have the pistol

it's just i can't sell it to you so go


um but anyway that's the way that works


uh you know it's it's like i said clear

as mud

so um we're starting to get more

defensive ammo into and i got a

boat ton of nine millimeter defensive

ammo coming in which is really good

so i can't wait can't wait to get all

that ammo

and get you guys all geared up with some

bulk ammo for once

but we do have some ball camo up on the

website now so

check that out and we're getting uh

our car wrapped in a a cape gun works

car and a

full-on wrap i'm kind of talking out of

school here

so don't tell anyone but maybe we'll try


set it up so we could do some local

deliveries of ammo for people

and that'd be pretty cool so um

yeah bob says he's heard local police

departments prohibit their leos from

selling their own privately owned glocks

per chief's policy i don't know how that

could be prevented so that doesn't even

make sense

uh i could see if it was a department

issue gun you don't

want cops selling the department issue

gun but how do you

prohibit them from selling their own

they're legal citizens of the state they


go ahead and do a private transfer of

their own gun but

obviously they can't do the high cap

mags but there you go

derek says if you do the form one tax

stamp you're not walking around with a

felony if you have an

after 94 lower correct


it depends is it a pre-94 i mean a


you know i don't know the the point of

the matter is

like i said clear as mud none of this

has been challenged in court yet

and there's lots of lawsuits right now

there's i think

three pending to get

clarification or to just see that the

enforcement notice of the attorney

general's office

is thrown out altogether because of the

18 years of precedent

where we sold these guns legally and


in a post ban configuration and now all

of a sudden we have to comply with some

enforcement notice because somebody woke

up one day and decided to change the law


nobody challenged her on it so that's

what we're at

right now so yeah

i think uh you know that's the way it

was how much time does it have to pass

for a transfer to not be a straw

purchase i don't think there is an

amount of time davey

it's just a straw purchase is when you

go in and purchase a gun intending to

sell it to somebody else

that is a prohibited person so or the

you know gun that they can't own so

that that is i don't think you can put

it could be two years later and it could

still be considered a

straw purchase so i don't think there's

a magic time element

if a cop bought a gun for himself and

his personal use

and he took it to the range shot it

hated it and was like oh i don't like

this gun

there's nothing that says he couldn't

sell it tomorrow

uh to somebody else but um

unless i'm wrong about that but i i

don't believe i am

i don't think there's any you know

statute of limitations or something like

that so

yeah um so the

store hours someone wants to know is uh

seven days a week 10 a.m to 6

p.m and uh sunday's

11 to 5. so we'll see you there or see

you online

and don't forget the giveaway and don't

forget to get signed up

and be notified so we will be on for a

little while after the show ends here so

if you're

online you can stick around if you want

a few more of your questions

answered uh that's another good reason

to get signed up at

rapidfire the bonus content right so we


some some talking to do left so uh

but for those of you on the air thanks

so much for joining us we appreciate

your input and you listening and we will


we look forward to talking to you again

next week and so

stay safe out there god bless and we

will see you next week

i'm toby leary listening to rapid fire

all right we're back cool so

let me see i want to try and get to some

of the other questions that i glossed

over pretty quickly

um john's wondering if any fcus are in

stock are coming in

and i don't have any in stock uh at the


but we definitely have some coming in

and juul is asking a stupid question

what are you able to purchase with an

fid and mass

the laws are very unclear so you can buy


excuse me non-large capacity

semi-automatic rifle or shotgun

or any bolt action lever action pump


slide action single shot rifle or


you cannot purchase any pistol

or like lower that could be built into a


with an fid card so and if you look at

the large capacity weapons roster

on the uh attorney on the state of

massachusetts website you go to

and you look up the approved weapons

roster there's a

like four different tabs there's a

formal target roster which we looked at

the kimber

stainless target twos earlier and the

super match

but also the uh

what do you call it the there's a

approved weapons roster and then there's

the large capacity

roster and then there's the olympic

roster so on that large capacity arlo

stop what are you doing

the dog is freaking out here

the large capacity weapons roster has a

list of guns on there

it hasn't been updated in a few years

but you can see

what's legal for sale and what's not

legal for sale based on that

so go look at that

and uh let's see uh nice to meet you too

erin thanks for

coming in and introducing yourself uh

let's see i think i got all those

and steven wants to know if the heiress


is mass compliant and i don't believe

so i've looked at it several times but

i would love to get those because

they're super cool and if you haven't

seen those they're basically like an

ar-15 with a

monte carlo stock wooden stock on them

or synthetic stock

and they i believe come with a five

round magazine

and the lower is very different than any

type of ar-15 but the upper is very

ar-15-ish and i believe any upper can

snap on to their lower

but it's a sporting style rifle

and uh but because

it could be readily modified i don't

know you know it's got a gas impingement

bolt action i mean uh bolt carrier group

although the bolt carrier group is very

different from and it wouldn't fit into

a regular ar-15

that might be another one we have keith

langer doing a legal opinion on for us

because i would love to sell those

they're super cool

and uh i do not have any sons of liberty

anything bob so i apologize

uh from that so let's see here

and matt just looked at the gps if you

leave here you'd get around

here yeah that's fine um yeah come on


we'll take a look at it and uh no


so yeah

that's pretty good um derek getting back

to you on that tax

that form one tax stamp um

if you have an sbr i don't think that

supersedes the

mass assault weapons ban again i could

be misinterpreting this wrong i'm not a


i don't play one on tv but uh based on

from what i see

the federal tax stamp doesn't supersede

the state law and it still meets the

you know definition of assault weapon

under the state ruling even though it's

got a barrel shorter than

16 inches but i don't know you know


and i've read all the forums of people

who opine on this

you know layman who say it

it it supersedes the state law

and other people who say it doesn't i

honestly don't know

and i wouldn't want to steer you in the

wrong direction so

i would say give keith a call if you've

if you've done it but honestly if you

have a

form 1 done and an sbr i don't think

anyone's going to bug you

and you know give you give you a problem


oh wow we still have a scar 16 out there

that's a miracle

um we have one scar 16 left guys uh

it is a sweet gun it's in flat dark


and i put a nice vortex razor scope on

there for

your viewing pleasure the vortex 1 to 10

which is what i have on my ar which is

somewhere right there by larue i'm not

gonna touch it because we'll get bounced

off youtube but

uh and i don't want that to happen by

the way

yeah we'll start going back out on the

range a little bit uh probably get some

good video

esther shooting too and uh esther did a

little gun review the other day of her

tp9 so we're going to edit that and get

that up for you

and we'll have her start showing you

guys what she's learning from

uh the former

top 10 women's champ

in her last weekly lessons but

anyway uh so yeah that was basically

what i wanted to cover today

uh the 9-0 ruling from the supreme court

the nighthawk custom trip which was


and uh you know hopefully if you guys

don't have a

really good quality gun save your

pennies and get a nighthawk that'd be


um so yeah

uh leighton if you want to do a special


you can do a uh you know i'll special

order you a kimber

long slide custom target uh in 10


that'd be cool yeah we should do an

employee shooting competition good

good call alex that'd be fun uh one of

these days we'll have to do attorney of


you know we used to do that and it was

kind of fun we didn't it didn't last

long but

i would love to do that again where we


like one of those competitions that we

set a course a fire

and we'll have all of our employees go

through it and then you can come in at

your leisure

say on a monday through saturday or

something or even do

seven days it doesn't really matter and

you can pay

five bucks or something and get the

target for that week's course of fire

and shoot it and beat the top gun in our


you'll win something i think that would

be cool we'll we'll have to mastermind

that because

it would be beat the beat the cape

gunworks staff and win

and uh i'm sure we would end up with

some sort of illegal gaming activity and


sentenced to 10 years in prison for

doing that but

it would be cool

uh that is a 22 machine gun up there i

don't know can they see it is that what

you're pointing at yeah

that's the one we were waiting on for a

long time and it's finally come in

it was in a little tough spot i had to i

had to work on it

it's not good to go so it is uh it came

missing some pieces and parts and i

literally had to make a part for that


so i got all tony stark out there in the


in the gunsmith room and i manufactured

a part for it that works

flawlessly i must say

i don't know like i'm this is the second

gun in a row i bought from these guys

that didn't work and i was kind of

i wasn't too happy about it i still

haven't got my belt fed going so

uh i have to go tony stark on that next

and figure out what's going on with my

belt fed but

um i heard there's links and

issues blah blah blah i don't know we'll

figure it out but

i'm going to get it running and it is

going to be a part of full auto friday

so that'll be fun it would be great that

was how he carried talking in the


yeah i know howie carr is going to be

here on what is it

july 9th july 9th july 9th yeah he's

going to be broadcasting live

here july 9th and and in august but

on july 9th we were joking it's going to

be a friday and we have full auto friday

now so

he'll be sitting here on the air in the

classroom doing his show and there's

going to be like full auto gunfire in

the background

it's going to be you know all right you


it looks like somebody else is running

over again there we go

nothing like the sound of freedom in the

background um

maybe we can get howie to shoot the

machine gun that would be cool

that'd be really cool all right well we

got lots of stuff planned

and lots of guns in the shop if you

haven't been in the shop lately you're

going to be blown away because we have

so much inventory and ammo

and everything else and so yeah bob i'm

gonna have to try and get them both to

shoot that'll be cool

um but i mean we are so well stocked

right now

compared to any other gun store around i

know of you know especially

i was at you know the big box store at

gillette stadium and

and uh they had two handguns and our

cases are pretty full right now so i'm

feeling good about that

and uh it's not for lack of sales either

i mean every day

a lot of stuff gets sold but we're still

getting it in so we're relentlessly

working on keeping inventory levels at

an all-time high

and we do it for the people we do it for


so hopefully you'll you'll uh

reciprocate and come on in and take some

of this inventory home with you so

um those of you who do we thank you and

those of you who don't we hope you do

soon so

there it is uh bob's saying bring in


and his fried clams from arnold's and uh


howie loves fried clams no doubt about

it we've got him some fried clams before

when he's come and uh so it'll be a fun

day it'll be a great weekend

uh and we'll have a good time i don't

know if grace is coming but

hopefully she will and she'll broadcast

live here too i don't know

we'll see how that goes but all right

guys hey it's always a pleasure

good talking to you and uh we'll pick it

up next time

so god bless and have a wonderful day

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