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FULL AUTO:  The Cape Gun Works Blog By A.K. Arbalest What do you do if a gun’s not for you? Frequently, couples visit Cape Gun Works, concerned about personal and home defense.  Most of these folks happily complete the Massachusetts License to Carry class, and continue on to purchase firearms.  Occasionally, we find that people
FULL AUTO:  The Cape Gun Works Blog By A.K. Arbalest Your Gun Rights:  The Court Finally Takes A Case For the past decade, the United States Supreme Court has taken a pass when it comes to cases involving 2nd Amendment rights.  This week, they announced that they have accepted a major one, which could have
The Vortex Crossfire  10×50 HD Binocular is an excellent choice for field use, as well as all-around spotting, whether it be on the boat, or in the back yard watching birds.  This compact optical package is just over 5 inches in length, and weighs a mere 30.4 ounces.  The unit comes with a Glasspak binocular
FULL AUTO:  The Cape Gun Works BlogBy A.K. ArbalestApril 22. 2021 Democratic legislators in Massachusetts have announced another woefully misguided effort to restrict the rights of law abiding gun owners, and the rights of the companies that manufacture firearms.  State Representative Frank Moran and State Senator Marjorie Decker (Predictably, both democrats) are now attacking historic
Are you looking for cost-effective yet secure firearms storage?  The Snap Safe firearms lock box provides security exactly where you want it…At home, in the car, boat, or wherever you need reliable storage of a firearm or other valuable items.  The 16 gauge steel housing is pry-reisitant and durable, and there is a full foam