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We Have Oil You Need!

FULL AUTO:  The Cape Gun Works Blog By A.K. Arbalest May 13, 2021 We Have Oil You Need! Modern firearms, using the latest in materials technology, tend to require less maintenance than they did in years past.  That’s not to say, however, that proper cleaning and lubrication is not necessary.  There are several good products
Call from Keith G. Langer Attorney at Law and a call about renewing a firearms license and the court appliance question. Plus the questions you have.
FULL AUTO:  The Cape Gun Works Blog By A.K. Arbalest May 6, 2021 A Noisome Problem:  Hearing Protection for the Range Every shooter knows…or should know…how important proper hearing protection is.  Yes, guns are loud, and we need the best equipment we can get.  Good value for the money is important, too.  Here at Cape
The Vaultek SL20i Biometric Slider Safe is an excellent choice for staging a firearm in your home.  Fast access, using either phone, fingerprint, keypad, or keys.  This unit features an auto-open door to deploy your firearm in the ready position.  The interior is LED lighted, and your pistol is protected with high density foam.  A